This has come somewhere pretty far, as in the men’s fashion is so, so far, so far that it’s running so fast towards the women’s fashion and in attempting to grab it by the voluminous dresses or, at least, touch the heal of the women’s fashion it falls. It’s not a tragic fall, however. It’s just like a kid hampering, getting up and back on the race lane again.

And that is good. Great. It means fashion for men is growing and we might have to deal with its puberty any time now.

What? You know what. You’d visualised it already.

Especially if you have an Instagram account and even if you are not (let’s say) so much interested in the men’s fashion, I am sure it has gotten to a point where you can no longer ignore it. I mean, look:


And this is not about the fact that I am not interested. I am! In men more than in men’s fashion. I could explain this just by saying that, to me, coloured men’s pants and super coloured ties or bow-ties matching the socks when wearing a suit (or jumpsuit!) is a total turn off. Not that everything a man wears should be a turn on, then what would this world be turning into?

Love. I would say. Ha. Ha-ha.


To extend the answer (as if, presumably, you’d asked me a question), I would say that when a man is trying too hard (stylistically, otherwise nothing wrong with a man trying too hard. This is arguable, tho’, I kno’), it is just the same as when a woman is trying too hard. In any way.

But what is wrong in trying too hard? Hm. I think it takes part of yourself, the part that wanted so much to wear a bandage dress that it just makes you act so very much differently from your
naturally-wearing-a-pyjama-at-home persona.

So what now? We should all wear pyjamas? No, but acting like when you wear one is the key to someone’s personality and, frankly, personality is what turns me on. And this does not mean, in any way, that I do not like men’s fashion. I love men just as much as I love women, so I love
everything about them, which means fashion, too.


And I love some good fitted (depending on the silhouette) trousers or jeans on a man. Or a crisp tailored suit. White crisp shirt. Clean hair. Teeth. Hands. A powerful blouse. A flattering print on it or on a sweatshirt. Or jacket. A “hugable” jacket. A super worn (as in many, many times, not dirty duh) t-shirt. A t-shirt you (his better half), “accidentally”, slept in once. Or danced a whole night in. Natural, touch-appealing fabrics. Comfy, yet always-sort-of-in-the-fashion shoes. His kind of sneakers. Or slippers. Or Oxford shoes. “So him!” kinda shoes.

But, but! This is just me. You be you in whatever turns you, him or her on, but, just for a second, question yourself about yourself (or about your better half) in pyjama mood. And a pyjama (man!), can make you feel oh-so-fabulous. And it can only be his t-shirt.

Or none.

Or everything is happening in men’s fashion now. Whatever the category above you come from, you rule, in the first place, and should check this out, in the second place: Spring 2017 menswear happening right now. You gotta keep your eyes open, remember?

Thom Browne Spring 2017

IMG_5493-1 IMG_6046-1 IMG_3827-1 IMG_1447-1 IMG_0817-1 IMG_0400-1

Paul Smith Spring 2017

IMG_3304-1 IMG_8117-1 IMG_3023-1 IMG_5847-1 IMG_3084-1 IMG_6236-1

Lanvin Spring 2017

IMG_6424-1 IMG_3468-1 IMG_1672-1 IMG_0307-1 IMG_5120-1 IMG_8795-1 IMG_7605-1

Acne Spring 2017

IMG_8172-1 IMG_8391-1

Balmain Spring 2017

IMG_7029-1 IMG_4011-1 IMG_9211-1 IMG_5402-1 IMG_3146-1 IMG_3707-1 IMG_3652-1 IMG_1994-1

Hermès Spring 2017

IMG_8749-1 IMG_0182-1 IMG_8632-1 IMG_9526-1 IMG_9197-1 IMG_8819-1

Dior Spring 2017

IMG_2408-1 IMG_5992-1 IMG_2508-1

Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2017

IMG_3695-1 IMG_8407-1 IMG_4964-1

Maison Margiela Spring 2017

IMG_0183-1 IMG_8462-1 IMG_4995-1

Dries Van Noten Spring 2017

IMG_7243-1 IMG_4732-1 IMG_0208-1 IMG_5340-1

Photos via voguerunway.com.