Mask up!

December 07, 2014

This is not your usual cup of tea selfie in the bathroom mirror! It’s the complicated one, when you struggle to unlock the phone and press the button with coffee all over you the place. Coffee? Yes.

bathroom selfie
It is rainy and cold outside, so what better to do than cozy up at home and just indulge yourself? Once in a while, at least. So do something you love to do, something you don’t usually have time to. Have your favourite snack and coffee near you. Coffee, you say… Throw a party for your face and body. A homemade mask, I mean. Hey, it’s super easy and literally anyone can do it.


coffee grounds (no sugar)


coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil mmm.

Whilst this, bundle up your hair in one homemade mask, too. Oh yea, hell yea!



coconut oil

argan oil

1 egg yolk

And now you’re ready to go. Somewhere only you know. Haha. The bathroom, that is. Unless you want to vacuum your entire home for coffee grounds which isn’t really the plan from above. You need to stay like this for as long as you can, 10 mins at least. If we’re talking about 30 mins (like I did), well then you’ll have time to also dance and lip sync to the music you love.

And THEN you’re ready to go. And party. Whatever that means to you.

oz jumpsuit

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