It is everything you think of it to be. And more.

Just when I started to think I knew it, it just dawned on me that I don’t. Something new is always just around the corner. And something will happen for the first time for sure. The best Eggs Benedict in Camden, 4 years ago. The Alexander McQueen exhibition at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum this March. The stealing of my iphone in Notting Hill (yes! Both the movie and the classiest neighbourhood in the city) 3 years ago. The first dance with my (now two years old) niece 1 year ago. The outing to a pole dancing club (?!?!) in Shoreditch on last Friday night. Totally random.



British Airways is, by far, the nicest and the wine is good. So from the beginning you get the vibe. Of butter and tea. Still, it isn’t all about the journey all the time. Sometimes it is about the destination. So whatever the means, just get to the point. I will, too.

The thing with London is it is going to get you going. Moving. Saying. Doing. You feel cozy and too lazy to get out of the house? All you need is to get to Piccadilly Circus and the tv in front of you will pop as a shampoo bubble above you. As in it will disappear from your mind/sight.

oz home

oz selfies

The thing is you never know with London.

Jamie’s Italian. Now you see? Jamie Oliver is the most famous chef. He is English. He cooks Italian. The whole world knows this. His people love him, it. Are you following? This is London. Not a care in the world. Because you just have to be cool. Genuinely cool. Genuinely you.

And that’s pretty tough here. A lot of rides with the tube (the English for subway) and a fact my friend shared (123 pounds a month a tube pass just for zone 1 and 2. There are 9 in London) made me think about all that crowd. Suddenly, only hundreds of pounds started popping out of their heads. You can’t be doing nothing over here. You can’t just waste time. Only the queen does it. A rent for the tiniest flat in zone 2 is 600 pounds. One in zone 6 for a house is 2000 pounds. So, get your butt moving, ya know?



Yes, I like chewing on my cup. And straws.

A lot of figures above. Still, everybody (everybody) is cool and smiling. And yes, work is work. But then again, fun is fun. And most often the two entwined. Because they got it! And because life is worth living. Even there! Where it is expensive to even breath. “30 pounds? Eh, that’s nothing!”. But it is something when talking about… Air. I’m kidding. And you’re getting it. And people in clubs are smiling and dancing and talking and goofing around. No muss, no fuss. No tight ass. Ha!

And the tea is THE tea. Great tea. Big cup. Honey (well, that’s just me). Fresh bread. Slightly salty butter. Less is more indeed when the less is perfect.

And Hyde Park. Well, is always Hyde Park.

The most hip and touristic places to go out at night is Soho. Still, you must be with a resident only to find out that Shoreditch is the new Soho. And the place for Vietnamese food. Is good. Aaand for the clubs open until more than 2 a.m. A pub. The Vietnamese restaurant. “The Book Club”. “The Blues Kitchen Club”. And the pole dancing club. From 6 pm up until 2 am. Just a Friday night out and about.

No picture from the pole dancing club.

Hip not hip, I still love Soho. A stroll is enough for you to get the “y”. And not enough for me to get bored of it. This time around? The “The lobster and burger”. Literally. Since the only things on menu are Lobster, Lobster roll and burger. Almost slipped into the guiltiest of guilt and order the burger when the classy sassy part of me won and I had lobster. For the first time. And it was good. Another first.

10 am on a Thursday. Perfect time for a museum. Victoria and Albert is beautiful. Especially on a sunny day. I am by myself and yes, this is a first for me. Feels great. The walking to it. The visiting it. The Harrods near it. I am not alone. It’s the city right here with me.

Coffee shops. Around every corner. On every street. And there are a lot of corners and streets in London. Early morning, coffee to go in Hammersmith (“Antipode” is an Australian coffee shop where the coffee quality is let’s say like the distance to its destination, big!) or Covent Garden (“Monmouth” is as posh as Posh is). So first and first. Again.


That Saturday morning moods. And coffee

That Saturday morning moods. And coffee

A visit to a museum on a Saturday morning feels so movies alike. The National History Museum in right here, in the centre, near Trafalgar square. Entrance free. Just pass by and you will see. The Grayson Perry, “Who are you?” exhibition is on now. So, who are you?

Just be you, whoever are you. Be you!

The look on that man's face hihi

The look on that man’s face hihi

My look when I saw him haha. Neah. Kiddin

My look when I saw his face haha. Neah.

And I thought I wrote all “the firsts” in the first paragraph. At least I can say for sure there is only one “first” paragraph.

Written by Cristina Pavelescu