Liverpool Inception. As In The Movie

May 26, 2015
Because it really felt like the movie. With the buildings and stuff. Only it didn’t collapse. Yay! DiCaprio happened to be there, though. Right.

oz liverpool

oz liverpool 1

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It all started with the big poster right at the entrance of the airport which said: “Liverpool has the greatest nightlife”. They even have websites (as in plural) dedicated to this only. Nightlife. Interesting, huh? It actually all began with the party for my second, the 9-months-old, niece at the Leasowe Castle. Yes, castle. So we all flew there. All queens and kings, obviously. My family, basically.

oz liverpool 9

oz liverpool 5

oz liverpool 5

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Since I am already a packing boss, it took me just a couple of minutes to put together my most recent favourite stuff and an outfit for the party. Little did I knew then that I did not put any heels in my luggage or, at least, this is the version my parents know. No, but I really didn’t. Know.

oz liverpool 10

And this is how I ended up walking down the streets with my Nikes on the whole trip. In fact, for a whole month already. Because yes, I am a shoe addict (the fun shoe addict, as in the shoes has to be fun). And when I have an addiction… Uh! I wear it.
And so I did every day of the journey.

oz liverpool 11

So, all I knew about Liverpool was that it is recognised by Guinness World Records as the World Capital City of Pop . Nope, I didn’t know that. But I knew it is the birthplace of The Beatles. You bet I should know. My brother used to put me to put me to bed to this (amongst others):

And look at me know!

oz liverpool 12

I’m keeping the Beatles tour for my next time there. Yes, I am a pleasure delayer. Or smth. The glasses below we got from the Beatles store in the museum are a preview and my cousin and I were excited. Or smth. No, we were!

oz liverpool 13

And he laughed a lot at this.

oz liverpool 14

Beats me why. But then he got me a coffee.

oz liverpool 14

And then took me to The Eeeeeye. Aw. Time with family, you know?

oz liverpool 15

And to the docks. Albert Doks and Pier Head are some of the most popular places in Liverpool.

oz liverpool 16

oz liverpool 17

oz liverpool 18

oz liverpool 19

oz liverpool 20

oz liverpool 21

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And shopping.

oz liverpool 33







You know what they say about the weather in UK? It’s sunny most of the time. Haha. Or at least when I’m there. A little bit of clouds and rain never hurt nobody. It just makes it more romantic. Or so I hear.

But my favourite part (no connection with the above) is the ocean. On Crosby Beach. While in Liverpool. Or so far, at least. With my mom, dad and brother. Almost unbeatable.

oz liverpool 24

I told you it was sunny! And these are some statues. The statues on the shore. Yup.

oz liverpool 25

And this is where the ocean sleeps. And this is where I sit.

oz liverpool 26

oz liverpool 26

oz liverpool 27

The reflux made me do it. And everything there made me stare. Made me breath. Made me dream. Made me wish. Made me not to want to leave. And live! 

oz liverpool 27

oz liverpool 28

oz liverpool 29

oz liverpool 30

oz liverpool 31

Oh, and the Fazenda restaurant. Maaaaan, the steak there! M, m, mmm! And the bathroom. Lol. Beautiful, cozy place. And staff.

And waking up to this every morning.

oz liverpool 35

My brother (above) is gooooiiiiiing to kill meeeeeee! But 👇🏻

oz Natasha 1

oz Natasha 2

Well, let it be!

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