I think I could leave it all on the continent and move onto the island.
walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine

Just forget about the whole everyday madness, the crowded places, the anxiousness of the city, the roads people wander rapidly on without even knowing exactly why, the high expectations that come and then go when you realise things aren’t the way you dreamt of them to be. And go on a beautiful island where you can take it one day at a time.

one day

1 day

Working, I’m not saying otherwise. But differently. Having the most beautifully lighted bar on the beach, with the most friendly people, fun mood, tasteful food, loving crowd, great music and only happy thoughts in our free minds.

let's move here!

Let’s move here!

It’s not about the job. I love what I do. It’s not about the family and friends, love them (obviously), too. But just for a brief moment here I dream of living in the most cozy house on the beach, next to the love of my life. And we have “that”.

I am writing this while on the ferryboat that takes us from Skiathos back to the continent and I cannot stop staring back to the island and dream. Of a totally different life from the one in the city and the one I have always wanted myself to have (or at least I thought I wanted). Is this for real or is it just the sad idea of leaving the vacation temporary home?

don't want to leaaaaave

I don’t want to leaaaaave.

Or the island…?

Skiathos came to become more than I would have expected it to. We made plans of where to go and what to do and see. Yesterday was the last day spent on the island and we realized we didn’t even get to Lalaria, the most famous beach in Skiathos, nor to Skopelos (the island where Mama Mia was shot), nor to Windmill (a popular place to eat in the town) and I didn’t get to do water yoga. All because of the coziness we felt at the Skiathos Princess Hotel we stayed in. And we are not even that type of tourists.

I'm looking at you

Hey you.

We did most of the things on the agenda in the first days: riding the boat, eating in town by the tripadvisor.com rankings and sightseeing in the meantime. Then we, kind of without even acknowledging, slipped into the most chillout mood lately. Sometimes all you have to do is just go with the flow (?!?!?)… The breakfast was fully enjoyed every morning along with the large view over the sea, a chocolate crêpe and beautiful people in the restaurant. Rania, Christina and Yani, hello! Told you I will write about you. You (and the whole team) rock!

Off to the hotel’s beach or pool. It’s paradise.

And just when it was too hot, off we jump into the car, straight from the sun bed to see the surroundings. No plans, no nothing. The road was our guide to the wildest beaches, through the most beautiful pine forest (I wish I could attach the scent of it), with views that took our breaths away.

Megalos Asselinos beach

Megalos Asselinos

this is the way

this is the way

the ring above my head

The ring above my head.

this is our beach! Platanias

This is our beach! Platanias.


We formed our little, magical universe between the hotel area (beach, pool, beach bar, pool bar, lounge) and the splendid island neighbourhood, so at night we didn’t even bother to get out in town, we just stayed in and it was perfect. The hotel’s Pipeira (à la carte Italian fusion restaurant) turned out to be the best place to eat in Skiathos (that’s if you want to take a break from Greek food). The Leto restaurant is nicely designed and we picked a table where we could look at the chef while cooking for us. The chef was great and the staff the best. (Ha! You again!).


It was a full moon on the last night. Cannot even put into words the mixed feelings…

how can I make this moment last forever?

how can I make this moment last forever?

Well, I’ll try. My eyes weren’t dry in the morning when we left at 6 a.m. to catch the ferryboat I am writing this from.

the sunrise over Skiathos as we leave :(

And the sun is up again… over Skiathos

And I’m back…

On my arrival, my dad: Aww my chocolate is back! On my tanned skin.

Me: Yeah, I should be more on holidays! Just to be get the whole tan on the planet and by tan I mean the whole experience above.

Dad: You should! That only depends on you… 😉