Jump For The Jumpsuit

July 11, 2015
Because it is the coolest. When in doubt of what to wear, throw on a jumpsuit and you’re done. You’re not. You’ll feel like jumping. Actually you won’t, but your mind will for sure, since the dressing up problem will be so-o-oh solved. Jump into one and you’re done. Now this is the right order of words. Oh yea!

You can actually wear one from morning ’till dawn until you’re done. See my point? You had your whole day for working, walking, waking (lifting-shoulders-rising-arms emoji) in your jumpsuit, playing it cool, playing the je-m’en-fiche, just playing (since you’re in a jumpsuit!) and your trainers. Unlike myself; I am still looking for my perfect pair of traineeeers. My perfect white pair of traineeeers. With stars on the sides. Carelessly-whistling emoji.


Until then, since I haven’t found the much-wanted tassels around my neck, I will wear them around my feet. Approximately. Slipped into them, too. Uhu. The white trainers so could’ve worked it better. They will.


The straps are supposed to be tied around the neck. Instead I X-ed them, as X-ibit does. Why? Lotsa skin. And not so much time to pick up any necklaces from home. The straps did the trick. See above.

The hair? Don’t care!


You are trying not to look at your phone too much. But you can hear it ringiiing. Yup, your girlfriends are calling you out on the playground Remember the times?  and you so want to goooo. Done. Done. And done! Mess up your hair and you are ready to go, my friend! If only it would be that easy. It can be, you know? Still, I feel like heels. Tadaa! I have them with me.

I am either wearing these if it’s hot I almost take a shower in the streets.


Or these if it’s that lovy-dovy-windy-summerishy we all love that we almost kiss in the streets. We can still do this even when shower from above is involved. Uh!


Either way, I have my earrings on! Something to rhyme with on.


And my party mood on. On and on. There.

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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