Thumbs up to you, too!

What did this gorgeous woman just do, right?

Can you imagine? My imagination is running wild as we speak. I mean the va-va-voom on her and the universe around her. Her OZ around her, you know?

People from cars watching her and not getting it (and her not giving a fuck). Neither the mood, neither her. Look at the guy in the car. He’s like “Dafaq?“, but has no idea that she could turn his world upside down. Or, at least, shake the bubble he’s used to living in and maybe break it and make him get out of it and into a whole new universe. OZ.

Her smile, air, run, coat (dress?) seem to be all part of a Snapchat filter. You have to, first, levitate and, only after succeed in doing so, the filter recognises your face and body and – boom! – you have a snap!

This snap.

I mean, those glasses must have come from Snapchat. They look like from another planet (she might be an alien, you know) or directly from a surgeon’s face (and she has just saved one’s life). Or maybe she just won the biking marathon.

Either way, she rocks and no filter in the world could stop her. One could be dressed in literally anything with an attitude like that! It is called style. All thumbs up for you, groovy lady!