This is exactly how I feel now and not that it matters to you, as you probably jump with joy and have a great spring day, hooray to that, but don’t you ever do this?

I do, too, in fact, have a great day if I dress like this on a so and so day and I dye my hair red. I don’t lol. But if I magically could be any colour, I would be… Nope, still blonde.

And I am not dressed like this today. I’m wearing a black jumpsuit while typing this. But it’s the position and mood in Nylon magazine Instagram account‘s photo that got me writing this anyway. Cause I totally feel her. Or the photographer. Or whoever thought of it.

When you dress cool and all and you go in front of your bed, or tv, or tub, or you know and bend as seen above. You dooooon’t? It’s so good. Bend. With your head hanging, your hands on floor, your eyes closed, your mind still (good luck with that!), your thoughts flowing in and out. They were supposed to stand still, yes. See below. And your heels on.

That’s when you feel the #mood best. Heels, heels, heels.

Oh, and go out afterwards. Otherwise you could just do it in your pajamas and that would be that. And then sleep. Oh, sleep. But it is about that moment when you are nearly on your way out and you stop and do this.

Or after. After going out. After drinking vodka.

Kidding, mom.


A-ha, this tune just kicked in. It’s sort of the tune that you listen to in your headphones while at office and bending. So what if people are looking?

F*ck it! They want it, too. They just don’t have the guts to.