Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!

#neverbasic January the 16th. A special day in our calendars to mark the birth of someone who ever since appearing in media, has not ever owned any social media account and who just sits in a coffee shop at a table

Consuelo Castiglioni Leaves Marni

Oh no! But who knows, we might be in for an interesting surprise. Francesco Risso is appointed as her replacement, so therefore the first man as creative director at Marni, a brand “so female based” as Lucinda Chambers, fashion director of Vogue UK, said herself.

When The Voice Meets The Face.

Alicia Keys got the keys. And myself from “Hello” which was her “Fallin’” which was her “rising”, actually. Into stardom. I have been watching her ever since and, just as she is not one of the flashy stars out there, I am not one desperate groupie. With Alicia is

#nyfw Red Alert

This obsession with red is slowly taking over the fashion scene and we can not but become passionate about it. Carrying red around is like carrying your invisible balls around. If you didn’t even know you have a pair, put on a red dress and you will suddenly grow one. Put on a top, pants…

The Fabulous And The Ever Inspiring Lauren Hutton!

You just can not skip the video from above. It is our tipping point in getting to know a woman alike very few on the planet. In fact! Do they make them anymore? A divine force makes them for sure, they are amongst us and they, most probably, are our moms and girlfriends or women…

A Case For Chokers

A choker is a statement and a responsibility. Either as a simple black strap or with a cross or heart attached to it, it seems like the whole planet has been wearing the choker and taking it for granted. But you see, clothes are not just clothes

Bohemian lemonade

The premiere of Game of Thrones got all of our attention this past weekend. It didn’t?! Jk. Of course it did not. Not as long as Beyoncé is, you know, Beyoncé and masters a Saturday like no other by launching not only a video, but all the videos from her sixth solo album, not only an album

Our little Prince

I was 10 or smth when my brother was pretty tipsy on his birthday and it was only after all the guests left that he lifted me up on his shoulders holding my ankles (you know the drill) and danced with me. Danced by himself with myself attached to him. “Purple rain” was the song he