Summer Sun

August 22, 2015


All I am seeing these days is a lot of skin. A lot of nakeeed people. Phsshhh. The I am touching you and could fry an egg on you kinda phsshhh. That is how hot you are. And I am just putting into words what phsshhh means. Not that you’re not hot or smth. I am sure you are! Uuh, you are? Let’s be friends.

Point is this:


We are here:


and besides the fact that I keep on forgetting where my phone is, I can not really look into it because yes! I am a sun lover and not just looking at it, but being in it. The sun is hot and “he likes my skin”, Texas would say. So, I was saying. Yeah, so you can not really see. See the phone screen. Or you can, but you just don’t wanna.

And at night, well? The hashtag about last night cocktail did the trick and I fell asleep (coughing) before researching for this. And now this.

Today’s “Look of the day”? Eh, just forget about it and indulge in the sun. Fashionably, you bet. I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean. Or in the rain, back at home. In your favourite sweats. Or nakeeeed.

Let your love, mind, soul be your look today.



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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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No Muss, No Fuss

August 21, 2015
Hey, so I heard it’s getting chillier. Or that Autumn is as anxious to get into town as I am when going to the beach these days. Hip-hip-hurays! You know the drill: hotel breakfast, beach, coffee, lunch, beach again, shower and this before dinner that is, with all the people smelling of baby oils and perfumes (the post beach drill).

Don’t you miss this kind of outfits? In fact, I can’t wait to come back and wear them. Nope, that’s a lie. I do not wait to come back. But I do long for this kind of outfits.

No muss, no fuss.

When in doubt, always wear this and you are guaranteed to be the s*it. A simple white (nicely cut, good fabric, loose enough) t-shirt, the classic jeans (some vintage found Levi’s), a beautiful trench (this dark blue one is so chic!) and your personal note of the scarf. To follow the no muss, no fuss routine, you should choose a cool coloured scarf, an almost no colour scarf, an almost invisible scarf.

The burgundy nails and your loose, out of bed hair are there to crisp the whole thing up.

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August 20, 2015

Because I’m on vacation. And because love. Everyday. If only vacation would be everyday and making out in cars would be like cheek (not chick) kissing.

How beautiful are these two? Very. It’s all in the fire. To be read “smiles“. To be read “love“. And when it’s love one doesn’t need any trick to look somewhat. Or let’s say that that somewhat looks a trillion (gillion, catrillion) times better and a pop up comes out and spells “awesome“.

And we want awesome!

Rule: a simple, flowery, strappy summer dress, happy hair don’t care, a pair of boots (perfect outfit for late summer days, btw, ok add a loose fit jeans jacket), a hand in his hair and you’re done. No, not done.

Kiss. Now you’re done and ready to rrrrrumble. Through the day.

PS: he is not bad either. He’s in fashion! It’s the love. And the t-shirt. And the hands. Or the smiles?


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This Dress And Underneath It

August 19, 2015


Dots are fun. Dots are everything. When you rock them the way they rock you. You know? So rock, you! You, you.

Dots make one wonder: Hmm, there is something more to you. You are fun. You wouldn’t wear them unless you would be. So, you’re fun. Let’s hug! And partey!. Now think about it. You have to be somewhat to wear dots. Because once you do, you are exposed! Everyone will know who you are. A party rocker. At least on the inside. And my friend! Hey, friend!

The dress from above. You gotta rock that! The attitude (always), the hair, the movement of your hands, the mani-padi, the shoes, the bag, the glasses. This dress is anything but whatever. It’s the allever!

Whenever (if ever) you don’t feel that extravagant, wear the dots in one piece and one piece only. When you feel both extravagant and super fun and rocking like there’s no tomorrow, well then wear dots from head to toe and from toe to head all over again. But only when you… Yada yada.

Going to museums and wearing that dress, just saying? Do it with the naked flats also and you are about to set the museum on fire! My friend.

I got a feeling we are gonna win!, said dots to you and Chet Faker to… someone.


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That Smth On Tuesday

August 18, 2015


You know what it feels like when the sun is still hiding, yet you have to wake up and make breakfast, and get dressed, and get out of your home where everything felt so cozy you just don’t want to get out of? On mornings like this, I love to wear things I feel indulged in and make me feel free, yet smth, smth.


Can you tell from the picture above (@jxxsy) what I mean ?

And by smth, smth I mean those pearls on the back. Oh well, and the cut. And the tone of fabric. Yu-uh-hm!

The bun is done, the sneakers are the comfiest (barefoot rules, though) and the string on the back is just that smth. Nothing more.

All you need now is that one that touches your back. Nakeeeed back.

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Do Smth To Turn Your Monday Into Funday

August 17, 2015
It’s Monday and it doesn’t have to be one of those Oh God bla. It’s just another day in paradise and this is just a title of a song, hardly the reality. Or who knows? Maybe this is the paradise. You see? Thoughts like these come along on Mondays.

When I dress on Monday morning, it’s either greys-and-blacks-and-I-am-living-by-myself-on-another-planet or I-am-so-having-fun-today. Believe it or not, clothes do do the trick, regardless of you being into fashion or not. It’s like lipstick. Once you put it on, you know you are on. And this is how a new post is born.

Now! Imagine you wearing the below today. You simply can not wear this top with these pants and be grumpy. You will, at least, be smiling on the inside.


Is this too much for you? I feel you. But not as in “Too much things at once”, but as in “I would just mix them differently”. If so, see below. If not, do it how you feel it (if you feel it) as long as it feels like you. You know, you?

So, you are looking below. Ow ow!

Keep the lipstick, the top, the pants and the bag and wear these for daytime:


And theeeese for the party, if any (lucky you!).




Oh, and theeeese! Because you never know how dirteeey the parteeeey is going to get on Mondeeey.



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Never Too Many Stripes

August 16, 2015


I could write an odyssey on stripes one day.

I mean, look!



You may be sailing on a beautiful yacht or strolling through Paris or going for a coffee on a Sunday noon morning and feel like “Holiday” is tattooed on your forehead. Ok, wrist. One can never have too many stripes.

Nor too many Holiday tattoos.

Let’s say you’re sailing and you are passing by these three ladies (who are sailing, too, duh) and you attentively look at each and every one of the dresses  and observe the attitude of each and every one of the ladies matching each and every one of the dresses, look, look! I could wear them all together at the same time. I like them so much that it doesn’t even seem too much.

On yourself, as against to your closet, you can only have one striped item. A t-shirt, dress, pair of pants, hat, bag, pair of sneakers. But it always depends on how much is too much for you. You can cover yourself up in head to toe stripes and if so, send me a message. I would love to be your friend!

via vogue.ru
via vogue.ru
via vogue.ru

Extravagant much, though? Mix your one striped piece with a fierce pair of sandals and throw your hair up in the air.


Or with the most unexpected bag.


You and your boyfriend/girlfriend both wearing stripes for lunch on Sunday? Well, that is too much, regardless of how much is too much for you. Neah, if it still isn’t, you really have to hit the Contact us button!

Stay tuned. And in love.


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Julia Is Running to A Party!

August 15, 2015


Julia always seems to have a party on her own. On herself. Yes, on. By herself or with anyone else, it really doesn’t matter. She’s all about the “whateva’, man, whateva'” or this is, at least, the mood she is trying to induce. Or whateva’. The clothes on her, on the other hand, are dancing all the time.

Fun, fun, fun.

Just the right amount of vodka in her cranberry juice, the perfect music, the coolest crowd, the awesome mood, the hands in the air, your crush there. This is the perfect party Julia is always setting for her clothes. Lucky clothes. No. Lucky Julia.

The way she mixes the colours, the prints, the cuts, the textures, the fabrics, the accessories (or the absence of them), the heels, the no-heels on her body is the way that very few would succeed in doing. Yes, the colour of her skin and the hair are the pepper and the salt in the equation.

Damn, I gotta get a tan. Fast! #firstworldwarproblems

When really wanting to wear a crazy skirt (and by crazy I mean a colour like that or a print like… Crazy!), pair it with the simplest t-shirt in the right hue and the simplest heels or sneakers. Or go wild and pair with whatever the level of craziness you feel like reaching today. Just don’t forget your smile (or better yet, laugh) and your attitude. Ever.

Hey, Julia, say cheese! Or pizza! Or give me your clothes and I will smile like there is no tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. And so on.

Hey, it’s Saturday!

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Let The Grin Rule

August 14, 2015


Not even Sarah Jessica Parker can hide the Friday smile on a Friday. Friiiidaaaaay! She is trying to concentrate and stand still, but she literally can’t hide it. She is almost dancing. Easy breezy. Her posture says “Grab my bag, I’m gonna have a little party on my own here on the street whoop, whoop! Gently!

She is wearing a jumpsuit and a jumpsuit is always having a party on its own anyway. This one almost whisperingly sings “feeling-super-comfy“. Obviously paired with Converse which, just between us, is a bit outdated for the moment, but they’re classic. You can wear them almost anywhere and they’ll fit. It’s like with the white, nit sneakers that are so “en vogue” right now and you can see them everywhere and I WANT A PAIR.

She’s not wearing any accessories aside from the bracelets and the sunglasses and this makes the look even more a not-a-care-in-the-world” look and you can almost hear her:

The moment I come home on a Friday night and easily get rid of everything on me and lay down with the smile I had earlier in the picture. Oh, you know the smile. Oh, f*ck it, I’m grinning just like the grinning-with-all-its-teeth-out emoji does! It’s Fridaaaay!

Now! If you are not going home and you want to go out at night, this jumpsuit is that kind of jumpsuit. You can wear it with the most funky shoes, fill your arms up with bracelets and get a smaller (similar) bag or don’t (you have pockets) and let the Friday begin!

ozinparis-shoes ozinparis-shoes

Careful when choosing the bracelets. It depend on the shoeeees.

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If You Can Do This, You Are Wearing The Right Clothes

August 13, 2015


The look and the attitude. And the t-shirt. And the jeans. And the hair. And that 90 degrees angle. Ooh!

It is Friday in August. And you know how you just miss jeans in late summer? It’s not late yet, but almost. Anyway. I do! And God knows I’ve been looking for the perfect pair since I can’t remember… A lot!

These seem like the classic 501, Levi’s. Only ripped. Oh, the day I’m gonna find that pair! Praying emoji.


Try not to barefoot, though. A pair of super naked sandals would do the trick. What? The ones that don’t really dress up your feet. They are just being sexy while hugging your feet and make you feel naked. And, well, help you walk. And not be barefoot.

They are there just to let know how good and whatever you feel like today. You are having fun on your own. Like Stella does here above.



You know the drill when these babies come in. Roar. And I am talking about the stilettos, not the tigers above.



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