The shoes we’ll dance all winter in.

November 24, 2016

When cold weather kicked in one Saturday afternoon not so long ago and I knew I had to kiss the slippers goodbye, I still could fool it with a sweater instead of a jacket + white sneakers from summer and felt like doing this forbidden – but assumed – act of dressing up. (more…)

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White Thing

November 22, 2016

American Music Awards just happened and the thing that stroke us most was Chrissy Teigen’s dress. Not for its design or for the smashing host of it. But for my brain having to twist left and right as to understand why would anyone wear it? It is fab, don’t get me wrong! But it comes with baggage. Or none, to be precise.

As in going commando the Joey Tribbiani way.

Is it the marketing of promoting Yousef Akbar, the designer? Could be. Is it Chrissy’s purpose to flaunt her incredible post pregnancy body? We knew she got it from her momma. Or is it a game she’s playing with husband John Legend in public? This would be cool. Haha.


As she herself named her “hooha” on her IG. The Chrissy Teigen way all the way. We all laughed at it and even loved her a little bit more.


This came just in time after we all goggled our eyes and print screened her dazzling last week’s attendance at Glamour’s 10 years anniversary party. Then stalked her other red carpet appearances and found out she’s the queen of white ensembles she not only prefers (apparently), but also succeeds in making the most of them. Check it out.


The view could be pretty “more” (from the “less is more”), but then her smile, make-up and coat did the trick to make it all look glam. Jam.

“All white” is a big thing right now. It has always been, in fact, and for good reasons. It has a lot of  the “je ne sais quoi” flowing all over, but can be rather risky if not well accessorised and fitted. Chrissy here does some great white outfits we can all learn something from.

That is if we prefer the safe side and by “safe” we mean the outfit below. A total understatement when it comes to Teigen, though. Rrrr.


Maybe just loose the purse. John has some room in his pockets for her phone and lipstick for sure.


Gorgeous. But safe. But gorgeous.


Ready to dance. You go, girl! Hopefully the dress has pockets. It would give the fun twist to the outfit when loosing the purse. Again. A girl has to dance.


Put together. Safe. Good. The smile and wave did the trick here.


There’s something about shorts and long sleeves. Something really good.


The lack of accessories here rules like never before.


Very, very cool.


Elegant. These sandals… Man! Every gal should own a pair of these. Great with almost anything in this world.



The clutch is too matchy, matchy, but the tan and hair not only save the day, but fit this dress very nicely.


Body and smile rocking.


Absolute favourite! 

Oh, hey John, hey Luna!

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Just Do It!

November 15, 2016


It is said that if you are thinking of beginning to exercise at home on a daily routine, you could start by putting the athletic apparel on and you are guaranteed to have better chances in actually working out. To some point, at least. Versus thinking about it and lounging like never before in your pajamas.

We all know just how much we all crave for the feeling.

But also the one we have after a workout of any kind. Like, for instance, at the time of writing this, it is super early in the morning and along with the writing here, my mind is warming up in parallel just near me, hoping for me to put my running shoes on, get out the door and run.

Like Forrest.

Or like Anna Dello Russo here.


Because track pants and sportif stripes never felt cooler. Obviously, we are not talking about the real pants and hoodies we take out running, though this would be even cooler. Taking your real workout apparel – which you’d just mixed up in not only the comfiest outfit, but the truest also – to town sometimes feels like taking your whole home with you.


This is about one of this fall’s and winter’s trends some of us really appreciate. Athletic inspired clothing. Not the best time to display the ring above our heads, since we have already been not only embracing, but marrying the whole wearing-sneakers-all-over-the-world concept and living happily ever after, it seems.

– sky high heels and the silkiest of the silk shirt along with some wooly blended pants (or the Adidas Originals I am sure you own from back in the years) that make your legs look longer and slimmer thanks to these stripes that stretch from thighs to ankles

– a hoodie or t-shirt you wear over your sequinned or pleated skirt and heels (or sneakers)

– your Adidas Originals or Nike (or whatever sportswear) tee with just about anything

– your Adidas Originals track jacket over a super fancy dress and sneakers (or what you feel like walking in)

– a blouse or pants you have recently purchased and haven’t even noticed the stripes inspired by athletic apparel: near the zippers, cuffs or hemlines

– socks you can wear with cropped flared pants or dresses, or skirts that have those horizontal, sporty stripes (like Vetements do at a ridiculous price) or the Nike logo


I’m in my pj’s still. It’s 7 a.m. and my fingers have just crossed by themselves and look like grinning emojis here “:D”.

Ok, so there’s no time for getting out to run now, although having written about it already felt like closer to “the act”. My feet are already putting the leggings on, though, and taking my body and mind to yoga in the living room now.

See ya!











Someone must have done the exercising! 😀


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The Muss, The Fuss

November 01, 2016

Of finding solutions to not get into the coat or jacket forever (because this is what sometimes winter feels like, right?). Still.


Why are we so reluctant to wear a jacket when we really must wear one? When cold weather knocks on our doors literally. It’d grown hands especially for the occasion. It “whooo-whooos” at it every night. Pay attention to the mutter tonight.


It is about us not letting warm weather go and along with it the freedom that comes with it, of just dressing in whatever and not carrying about the weather. However! There is also a bright side to it, to fall, in which we can dress in whatever and then nonchalantly throw a big jacket on.

It’s like escaping from a scene in a movie where you were imprisoned to stay in pajamas all day (the torture!) – I don’t know what kind of movie can this be like, but anyway – and, all of a sudden, you find a way to get out of it. Of the pajamas prison. Still, you don’t mind wearing it forwards. Magically, a coat comes out out of nowhere and covers you and the ones imprisoning you (in the movie) are, in fact, dwarfs from the fairytale. Only you’re not Snow White. You’re Sleeping Beauty. Hey, it’s my movie.

You are in the real world now and are dance-steps walking.

The intermediate step, though, between not wearing a jacket and wearing one is a plastic jacket. Not only is plastic protecting you from the rain, but it is also a thing this fall. And when it comes in transparent, it becomes a thing to you, the one who refuses to cover it all. Or whose sense of creativity does not want to be put to bed?

We are so vaaain.

These transparent trench coats were on the trends list in 2012-2013 and I don’t know whether it’s my latest tricks list of fooling around with fall, my belief of the classic power this PVC can get or the research I am doing on the style icon Véronique Tristam.

via New York Mag in 2015






Coming back to present though, PVC is very much present. Below, at Wanda Nylon.

Fall 2016.


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017

And during Paris Fashion Week SS17, Natasha Goldenberg:


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Head To Toe Print. Comin’?

October 21, 2016

This just might be the trip you’ve always wanted to adventure yourself on. It is for me. Inhale, hold your breath, observe the surroundings, close your eyes.


We are now diving into the most mind blowing print, mind-head-neck-shoulders-arms-chest-waist-hips-butt-feet-toes-blowing print that takes our bodies on a trip and does things to it as very few can do. A print that makes our bodies lose it while being perfectly safe and sinking into the very calm, turquoise waters. Makes our bodies go with the flow while having full permission from the mind.

Can you hear the stillness? Underwater.

We then slowly surface, pull our heads out, open our eyes, but keep on walking through water. Slowly. Everything is very slowly floating.

And we’re out.

Into the world. Ruling it or smth. What else to do in this Balenciaga outfit (I would move into anytime)? Because it is about the bright head-to-toe floral Balenciaga outfit from the Spring Summer 2017 runway. The moment I saw it on Instagram while #fw, I dived. Not died. Dived.

It not only elongates the body and makes anyone look crazy – jk – but also creates a close friendship with Alessandro Michele. I am a fan of Balenciaga’s deisgns and Demna Gvasalia’s designs here, but with Alessandro is something else. It’s a story. It’s passion. For fashion. Enthusiasm.

Demna must have went on the trip underwater himself, got inspired by Gucci’s maximalism and not only dived, but also met Michele.

In the deep.


The Indian model (the first ever to walk a runway for the house), Radhika Nair, was there to take them out and show us all how it’s done.


Photos via elleuk.com.

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#lfw2016 The Kitten Heel: Who Does It Better?

September 27, 2016

“What does it better?” sounds closer to the truth and to the truth we must be heading when trying to answer it. “Who does it better?”, though, kind of sounds better. It does?

The “battle” is between the fashion shows and the street style when it comes to launch a trend. Not that trends are the dictators, I think we passed this phase when we all realised that personal style prevails fashion trends.

But. But!

When we all seemed to have calmed down with the trends va-va-voom, post fall 2016 fashion shows a half a year ago – due to the fresh emerging clothes down the runways – boom! You can ignore the previous “fresh”, because it is nothing (and we all thought it is impossible; nothing is, apparently) compared to the fresh trend that has just emerged for this fall, during the Milan Fashion Week in progress.

Off the street style.

Courtesy of Natasha Goldenberg, Pernille Teisbaek, Annina Mislin and so on.

– The queen of kitten heels is Emmanuelle Alt

Or that of Chanel, Mansur Gavriel, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Prada, Valentino and so on?

Both. I guess it’s chemistry. Chemistry is everything (and sometimes, not this times, yes, timing is a b*tch). Ladies and gentlemen, the kitten heel!

Its popularity started with Audrey Hepburn back in the ’60s as a rebellion against the stiletto (?!)(?!). The oh-so-small heels were introduced in the ’50s for teenage girls as trainer heels (?!), whatever that is. Nowadays, the white sneakers are used – by the whole planet, not just teenage girls – for training, if by training we mean running from show to show. Fashion shows. Because this is where the kitten heels have been reinvented (again).

It makes sense, they’re comfy. And the sneakers mania has to be in the shadow for a bit, just in time for the big revival. The big trend.

Well,  it seems like the kitten is here to stay. Just like the stiletto. And the white sneakers. That’s not just chemistry, that’s ménage à trois. Whatever that is.

P.S.: mind the red top Natasha is wearing.

Eeeeooooeeeeoooo! The red alert.



Pictures via vogue.com

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#nyfw Whenever, Wherever

September 19, 2016

An attire to be worn everywhere and everywhen is something everyone would be so nice to own in their wardrobe. You never know when you have to rush out the door to #nyfw and look your best. Without mussing and fussing about it, though “best” sounds so for fashion week.

Overdressing for fashion week, also, feels so. At least from looking at the pictures on social media, where everyone seems to want to be someone. But why is “everyone” so wrong when “everyone” means yourself?

Is this the reason behind for us all when always getting down to jeans? Or is it just me (still!) looking for the perfect pair of jeans? For ages. From my mom’s belly. I am not kidding and, until further notice, I am so wearing my mom’s jeans. Why am I still looking? For the times when my mom wants what’s hers.


If only Tamu here and I were friends. I would wear hers when my mom wants mine. Well, hers.

Three chicks here and only two pairs of jeans. Lucky me, I like wearing other people’s jeans.

@tamumcpherson was photographed during #nyfw and Tamu was so being herself. In her (or her mom’s, maybe?) perfect-shade-of-blue jeans.

The aura.

Everything fits so harmoniously on her, it must have took ages – or was she born like this? – to find all these timeless (and oh-so splendid) pieces, but hey! At least there’re timeless.

At least? It’s everything!

A kimono is timeless, it became timeless nowadays. Two years ago I don’t think many of us would have said this, though the kimono, my friends, dates from the seventeenth century. Men – in France – used to wear them as indoor gowns, when, due to their exotic features and relative rarity (they were coming from Japan, after all, in the 1700 something) they became status symbols of wealth. Now on we know.

The mules, well, let’s see if they become timeless. Until then, they look so.

A good white t-shirt is almost as good as a good striped t-shirt.

The bag? You make yours timeless and put a whole lotta stories in it. Just like Tamu here does with the pictures in her camera.


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Red Alert

September 15, 2016


This obsession with red is slowly taking over the fashion scene and we can not but become passionate about it. Carrying red around is like carrying your invisible balls around. If you didn’t even know you have a pair, put on a red dress and you will suddenly grow some one. Put on a top, pants and shoes and grow two. Pairs.

Solange Knowles. You can sense the balls. You can not see, but only feel it. It’s in the hair. It’s in the smile. It’s in the posture.


In a silk, flutter-sleeved top and matching pants with buttons down the sides (both by Prabal Gurung), Solange managed to make the House of Peroni New York launch (during New York Fashion Week) her own.

Wearing a single color head-to-toe elongates the body and makes it into a universe on its own. A movie on its own. A Superman movie. The way the superhero grabs the collar of the cape, looks deep into no one’s eyes (?!), flaunts it when no one is seeing him and then flies away and does his magic is well… Magic! Precisely what happens when working a monochrome. Black, dark blue and white excluded, duh.


No wonder our blood (and wine) is red.

From now on, it’s Superman and Solange. One expert in saving the world, one in working a monochrome. The world needs both, no? Just make sure your show (off) is invisible, too. No one invited wants to (actually) see your balls, yet everyone will appreciate them and you get to be your own superhero.

And fly.

via vogue.com
via Tumblr
Sincerely Jules via Facebook
Bella Hadid via Tumblr
Lily-Rose Depp via Instagram
Hillary Clinton
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#nyfw Alexander Wang Is So Trending

September 12, 2016


Humans, horses, and orangoutangs are among the few species that may grow their head hair very long. So very few of us on the planet here can actually grow long hair. Around 7 billion reading this and then, well, the horses and the orangutangs. And we take it for granted.

It all started with Alexander Wang’s Spring 2017 Ready-to-wear that just happened during New York Fashion Week when not only the hashtag “surfboard” seemed to come back to life (his Spring 2017 collection is surf inspired) from the time when everyone was singing Beyonce’s “surfboard, surfboard lyric in “Drunk in love” – a “Lemonade” is pretty good indeed when in a hungover -, but also the power of persuasion Alexander Wang got, got all of our attention.

It wasn’t even the clothes that mattered no more, although we are in the middle of the #nyfw and the collection was totally “Wang”. He deconstructed the basics we all love – board shorts, bra tops, black lace, coats and otherwise – and turned them into looks that look fun for grown-ups to party in and for children to play in. Or, at least, want to. No?

Backstage he called this show, “50 Shades of Grey meets Lords of Dogtown.”. So, still, much to do with sex, but also with beach vibes. Hashtag. He is from California, therefore a silk gown coming out of the bikini and a revival of the crop top seem like natural to happen. Writing this from (on) the beach – hashtag – makes me say “I feel you, Alex.”

No. This was more about hair. And we do get hair. And we do love hair. And, God knows how, Alexander convinced all of his runway models to cut it. What? Yes. Because hey, he knows that beach hair – hashtag – is not about perfect curls, nor straight lines. It is more about “blurred” lines. Lol. Blurred in salt and wind. And, apparently, length. Chin-length, as together with Guido Palau they cut and bleached some hair.

– “I walked in thinking I was going to get a trim and they chopped off probably 20 cm, gave me bangs. It was a natural blonde and now it’s platinum!“, said newcomer Vonnahme, still in awe of having her above her shoulders for the first time. “Just watching the hair fall to the floor was enough to make me cry – I’m really happy with it!” – via vogue.com.

It almost was enough to make me cry.

Hair length and quality can act as a cue to youth and health, signifying a woman’s reproductive potential. Moreover, it is said that long hair has some sort of sensors that help you detect and feel things you wouldn’t genuinely feel.

Sometimes, though, it may feel good to just let go and don’t feel that much anymore. Just live. And surf. #shorthairdontcare

Let’s all be men, basically. 


Or Lourdes Leon, who in spite of the temperature pushing 32 degrees outside, was every bit cool, arriving in a fluffy angora (!!) turtleneck sweater from Wang’s Fall 2016 collection, emblazoned with the word “strict.”

Or. Or! Alexander Wang, who, so cheerfully, cheered the audience with his (now) long hair.

East Asian cultures have traditionally seen long, unkempt hair in a woman as a sign of sexual intent or a recent sexual encounter, as usually their hair is tied up in styles such as the ponytail, plait, or any bun.


Someone must’ve had a good year, since the fashion show ended with an Adidas collaboration. Someone’s the only one smiling.

It must be the long hair.



Kylie Vonnahme from above:












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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

August 11, 2016
You never know what you’re gonna get.


R: Morning!

Myself: Wow, you look so nice!

R: It’s the dress! I just put it on and run.

Myself: High five, this is my “Run, Forrest! Run!” thing.

Although, it is highly advisable not to run too fast whilst in slippers. You loved the movie, I’m sure, you just don’t have to end up like Forrest the child, tho’, you kno’?

There is music you could listen to at any hour, in any place. There is, also, an outfit (or more, if you’re lucky) you could literally wear anytime you have to be out in like… Yesterday. Let’s say you have a 9 a.m. meeting and you are in your pyjamas. I never do that, people. I just heard of people doing that. But wouldn’t that be nice? If you smirk at this, you don’t even know what I am talking about. If you (at least) smiled, you know the feeling and I feel you and you feel me.

Hey, you who still have the frown on your forehead, you are lucky and therefore can smile, too, now. You can think of your Run, Forrest, run! outfit and when you will have to run, you will be Forrest, the adult. That’s right, thank God for getting that frown off, pfew!

A top you find fabulously low key, your favourite pair of jeans, the it bag you love so much and the shoes you know will do the trick (cool sandals, sneakers or the slippers).

See you on the shrimp boat!

This below looks pretty much like Forrest though, huh? I loved the movie a bit too much, I guess.


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Set The Lips On Fire

August 09, 2016


Remember how we were all head over heels for the lips at Versace Fall 2016 Haute Couture? Everything was hot and haute and all, but those lips made a fire on their own, no doubt. And it wasn’t a camp fire. Nope. It was a catwalk fire. Boom.

The lips detached from the faces of the models they were on and started walking on their on. Created their mini catwalk. Boom. And this is how it all started.


The model closed her eyes and prepared for the good bye.

And so will we, thanks to the newest launch from Pat McGrath Labs: Lust 004. Now it’s only us (that is if you, guys, feel the lust, too) and the glittery lips on the planet. The collection features three lip kit options: Version Bloodwine, Version Flesh, Version Vermillion Venom. Each one includes two matte lipsticks, vinyl gloss, metallic gold pigment, and microfine glitter to mix and match just as you wish.

A glue seems to miss from the kit. We have to get one and stick the lips to our faces. Other wise, they will literally make a world on their own and live on their own.

And then what? How will we kiss?

Panic! Someone better get a fire extinguisher! Or glue, duh.


LUST 004 is available starting Tuesday, August 30th at patmcgrath.com and select Sephora stores on Thursday, September 8th. Boom shake shake the room.

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Yeah, Baby, Twist!

August 03, 2016

There are days when you have to leave in the morning and you have no idea when you’ll be back and you need an outfit that you know is going to make you feel like the rockstar that you are. Through the whole day.

On the inside.

Because yes, this is what clothes can do for you.

You can be anything you want to. You can be anything you want in life anyway if you work really hard for it. Sometimes, though, lip syncing on Snapchat in the car won’t do and you have to stick to the thing you, apparently, love more. And ultimately do more.

Because otherwise, you would be a rockstar fo sho’.

In fact, everybody is one when in the bathroom, singing in front of the mirror to the song one is obsessed with that started on the phone one carefully put near the window, so it won’t sink in the bathtub when one lipsinks. Wink. It is a long phrase, but one has to perfectly catch one’s seconds of fame.

So the day I wanted to rock just as much on the outside as I rock (meaning I literally sing rock music) on the inside, I wear a 100% cotton t-shirt and classic Levi’s jeans. The rest of the outfit depends on the twist I feel like and the place I am going to. And when I say “twist” I am talking about the scarf I seem to can’t let go of and twist it all over my body. At any times and places.

1.In the mornings, it could be the office or the coffee shop. The t-shirt, the jeans, a cool bag, a pair of block heels and the scarf wrapped on the head.

2. It all changes on the outside (one remains a rockstar on the inside) when the scarf goes on the wrist and the heals turn into flip flops (flip flops one can carry in the cool bag).

So basically, all you have to do is play with the scarf and carry a pair of flip flops in the bag.

Because hey, it is summer, and you never know how you will end up on the beach.






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