Ooh-la-la! Lauryn Hill Is So Good Right Now!

August 12, 2016


As she’s always been.

And we couldn’t be any happier to nod and clap in front of our computers as we listen to the above. As soon as I saw the post on Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Facebook feed this morning, I couldn’t help but notice, at first, the va-va-voom. The top, the turtleneck underneath, the skirt and the aura.

I clicked.

Her voice, then, took me back to the time when I – a kid – loved to mingle amongst my – teen then – brother and his friends in our living room having a party like there was no tomorrow just as soon as my parents’d left for vacation.


I was not only supposed to not spill a word about it to our parents (which I did), but also go to sleep (which I didn’t). Hallelujah, for I would’ve not written this now if not for my “I don’t want to go to bed alone” line I always used to pick on my brother.

And it worked! Big grin emoji.

It were the mid-’90s and they were The Fugees and seemed to have so much fun on MTV where I used to stalk them. Obviously, I was a huge fan of Lauryn’s. And her style. Always lush. True. Fun. Boyishly flamboyant. Always different, yet always herself.

Today, the video of PBS proved the “Once a (true) star, always a star” phrase if there ever were one, from “Ready or not” to “Doo-Wop (That thing)” to “Ex-Factor” and now to the Austin City Limits performance.

Yet another childhood living room experience. It’s these kind of things that shape us. “Great, the parties!”, one shall say. I don’t know who. “Hello, you!“.

The eyes, the ears, the heart.

Wide open, folks!

PS: by min 37:16, I guarantee you enter the weekend just the way you should. See ya.

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Who Run The World? Pineapples.

July 27, 2016


And we need to celebrate this. Or better yet, become pineapples! What? Oh come on, we know the drill, we know our imagination, we know we like to talk metaphorically here. It’s us! Come on, go to your room/bathroom or magically do it on the spot. Let’s do it together, in fact.

I already closed my eyes, have you closed yours?

If you still haven’t (hey!) it is for the better (only this time), because you get to see why we are so keen on becoming pineapples (luckily). Unless you hadn’t thought of it already, in which case comment below, write on Facebook or Instagram page or e-mail me, we have to be friends!


Now that we are both pineapples and we kinda rule the fashion scene, we get to coffee and chill and just talk and see how we got here. It all started very naturally. One pineapple here, one pineapple in our fridges (I can not believe that you don’t have any in your fridge right now), one pineapple there and, without any sort of fancy explanations, everyone wanted one. In our stomachs, on our t-shirts or desktops, in our bags casually flaunting its leaves. Because hey, it’s cool! and it is!

Why?, you would ask.

Because it is this weirdo, in the end, I would say. It had the guts to be different. Who knew? When it’s been here all along, with its unconventional shape, waxy leaves coming erectly just from the top of it, a shell that is not only rough, but so couture and all shaped and, as if these all weren’t enough, the inside of it tastes so unique and sweet. Jees, someone must have had a lot of fun making it.

And myself eating, you would say, since in a 100 gram serving, raw pineapples are an excellent source of manganese (44% DV) and vitamin C (58% DV) and it comes from Costa Rica, Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and India. This is too serious for you to say, but you probably read Wikipedia.

I, for instance, know that it’s good to eat it after meals. It burns fat.

And I also know that Candela Novembre has pineapples all over her Instagram, Leandra Medine wore some on MR‘s Topshop collab, sincerelyjules just wanted to have it on the floor, beside her, Vogue Paris put one on the bag (told you so).

You: I mean, think of “Pineapple Express“, which was named after a real cannabis strain.

I: Sweet. Dude. Sweet.

You: That’s another movie, girl!

And I would then kick you in the head with the freshest and coolest magazine in town, Celsius magazine. You wouldn’t get hurt, tho’, you have your crown on, remember? I covered the fashion and I had a lot of fun working for it.

It has a pineapple on the cover. You see the connection here, don’t you? Pineapple, magazine, fun, fashion, tasteful, healthy, cool, unique.

And you would say: Dude! Sweet!

But I have just read that grilled slices of pineapples can be used in a hamburger. Ladies and gentlemen, gtg!

By now you must have put your slippers on and are ready to go grocery shopping. Just stand tall, wear your crown and be sweet, because you are already stylish duh you have your slippers on.

Well, that is in case you forgot about our magic from above and have transformed back into a human being.

Of course you haven’t. Who does that?





ozinparis-celsius-magazine-statement-gucci ozinparis-celsius-magazine-peach-echo-isabel-marant






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When you really, really like something

June 22, 2016

What do you do? Can you do this?





It seems like this tee under whatever has kidnapped me and has made me do some things I never thought of doing. Jk. Like having a bunch of white tees. The same tees. Told you I was kidding. Like running from security and then bonding with it. Pf!

Like doing this. Can you do this?

ozinparis-tee-under-dress2Yes, you can!http://www.ozinparis.com/freedom-wisdom-welcome4Whenever I discover something I like, I can no longer let go of it and I absolutely love it. Wear it. So I wore it once out of necessity. I couldn’t find a bra. But go figure how one thing leads to another (I wore the tee instead of the bra) and nothing happens for no reason anyway. You get my point.

I find this tee under the dress so fulfilling. Literally. For me, as it hugs my chest (am I really writing this?) in a more profound (?!) way, as the fabric not only covers my chest, but also hugs my back and shoulders and waist. A full hug! Told you it is profound. For the dress, as it makes it feel complete. Aw. Likewise for the camisole and the jumpsuit. Remember?

Apart from that, when you truly like something, you feel like, not only doing crazy stuff for it, but also sharing. You see how loving turns into sharing and again into loving? So I wanted to share this with you.

Not only this.

But also the love for fruits. And not only in a bowl, but also in ears and on fingers. Deliciousness. Everything you ever wanted in rings and earrings.


The security must have felt the smell since it almost instantly warned me about the impossibility of making pictures around the building, but it was too late and nothing is impossible anyway; we had already done them ta-da! We even waved and smile. While shooting. Ta. Da.

Wave and smile. Wave and smile.













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This Is Whatever You Want This To Be

June 21, 2016


You know?

I know.

When thinking of what we can see on the outside when, in fact, what is on the inside is what actually blows our minds. What? That is if you are an adrenaline (or answers) seeker or you have a very rich imagination that wants to be explored.

There, where only you can see inside of you. And that one (the one) that sees right through you. But that’s chemistry and we’ll get there one day.

So I said I know, so I’ll go. My mind is constantly in this turmoil to do the right thing or to do a lot of things; it is battling, in general. It overthinks and overanalyses. And I stop for a bit and retreat in my head – in the parallel world – on the inside. This is where love comes in and, even if just for a glance, calms all my thoughts down or makes them vanish away and I feel like breathing again. Living the moment. The present. The magnificent. The running no more, Beyoncé.

But then there are moments like these. When it feels like I need to get away, so I take some days off from almost everything, yet the anxiety is still here and it feels like I should be doing something and all I choose to do is being here. Being here makes me the most sane, so yes, this is me being sane, hello.

Maybe it is just the fact that I skipped my yoga for a week and now I miss it. Maybe this is all what this should be about. Finding something that makes you calm. Being here makes me.

Cheese anyone? I know. But it does!

I find myself in situations where friends tell me that I am worse at messaging than the people they are in relationships with. It takes a while. Do you know the Durex commercials where the spermatozoids are trying to get to the ovule and they all bang their heads towards it when trying to penetrate it? This is me. The ovule. And there are few friends who get into. And we have babies and the time of our lives and we live happily ever after. You get my point.

And meet my imagination.

It just feels like I don’t want to escape the feeling of feeling. May it be hugging, talking about the universe, reading a book, magazine, watching a movie, having a youtube party, eating, writing. May it be laying in the sun on a Sunday afternoon with a best friend having a deep conversation about life over a glass of wine and yes, maybe at the end, Snapchatting, but Snpachat makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

And it can get contagious, too, which makes it even more of a happy tool to me. This is the thing with Snapchat. I just do it for myself and doing stuff only for myself is so damn rare that I cherish it the way Madonna cherished the love in the 90s. It is the parallel world we were talking about earlier. And from, let’s say, 20 videos made at traffic lights or in bed I would (maybe) post one, but the rest of them are for my own party. On the inside.

Instagram is for inspiration, for finding out stuff, for being in touch (live sometimes) with the parallel world I choose to live in. Fashion, feelings, stories, music, movies, travelling.

Twitter I just used once when ~ stealing ~ a thumbs-up from Melanie of All Saints herself (!) on writing a piece about them. I’ve always been a fan and when I like, I love. And Melanie did like it. Ooh.

Facebook… Well. Facebook makes me noxious. Oh-so noxious. Still, it is the most useful tool when you want to get to people and I want to get to you and if Facebook is the one that brought you here, then Facebook… I love you and I hate you at the same time.

So where do we live? In which one of the worlds? I think we create a world we love inside of us and then get it into reality (hopefully) and continue to create it. To dream with our eyes open. To live. How we want to live.

Ok, now I am running (running, running) to my yoga, Bey.


Back. Back from yoga everything seems different. Clearer. Cleaner. So, the point is you find your thing. Yoga, running, singing, fitness, dancing (!) and free your mind. Start again. Again and again.

At other times, though, it can be an apricot that takes you back on track. An apricot and boom, you’re alive.

Yes, this is personal, but everything these days just seems so unpersonal. What’s wrong with personal? You be personal with yourself.

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Go make yourself memories. Genuinely

June 15, 2016


“I would find you in any lifetime”, said Kanye and says I to this jumpsuit and, this is not just a jumpsuit aficionado talking. Flamenco dancing emoji.
I can not get bored of it in this life, it’s hard for me to even think of any other life. But just in case, I would if I had to.

Do you believe in before and afterlife?

The funniest thing about clothing, though, is roleplaying. What? As in exploring your style up and down, left and right and beyond. Where? Anywhere. For instance, since I can remember myself, I have been keen on finding the most comfortable (there were very few exceptions to the sort of rule) and luscious pieces of clothing which even meant going through all of my family’s wardrobes to find bargains. It’s like having your own vintage shop within your own home.


I was too young to buy stuff myself or I didn’t even know I cared too much. I just did things. No strings attached, no emotional attachments, Antonio Banderas would say. Use the same tone.

Growing up, on the other hand, has been a lot of fun. Only don’t grow up, it’s a trap, you know the drill. I started buying things and having boyfriends which meant… More closets! And I kind of though I knew my style, but there are moments like these (when I emotionally attach, Antonio) and then realise I actually don’t have just one style. It is continuously changing.

It’s the playing, told you. And it doesn’t stop once dressed up. It’s just getting started. Starteeeed. When I do find a combo like this, I could play (and play) for hours. For days. And so I did this past weekend, when from Saturday morning till Sunday evening I went through hosting a brunch, going to my nieces’ turned-into-grown-ups-super party to attending a wedding and then kissing at a family dinner in it.

A viscose jumpsuit, a linen tee, loose hair and leather slippers. Give’m the twist you need according to the event you are attending by accessorising (earrings, bag, scarf, shoes, barefoot mmm).

And you don’t even have to necessarily not sleep at home just to have an excuse to wear it all over again the next day (days). It amplifies the amount of memories you can gather in that same outfit. You know? As if the memories go all into one beautifully wrapped box (a.k.a. outfit) that will, eventually, be delivered to your mind and soul.

Uh. Yeah, I know.

But it does!


Brunchalohic or smth.mp4




The party no one had any time to take almost no pictures. <3


Wedding thing turned into mouth thing.


Told ya now.mp4







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Our Little Prince

April 22, 2016

I was 10 or smth when my brother was pretty tipsy on his birthday and it was only after all the guests left that he lifted me up on his shoulders holding my ankles (you know the drill) and danced with me. Danced by himself with myself attached to him. “Purple rain” was the song he
so passionately sang along on. On repeat and I loved it. Our moment. Our song.

And he kept on telling me stories, best friend stories, while singing and slow motion dancing.

Years later I knew what sorrow in love tasted like (any kind of love) and some more years later (hey, mom) what tipsy was like and what the combination of these two can do to you on “Purple rain. When memories kick in and dreams drum all over.

I remember of loving my brother so much back in the days that I not only forced him to take me to all of his parties, but I would not go to sleep anywhere in the house but his room, with him and his music in it. Prince was there to help him put me to sleep. His friends are my friends, you know.

Later on – teenage on – “Cream” was on and my then boyfriend tried to turn me on. Jees, what am I saying here? And I am so sober.

But you see?

This is what music does to us.

It is the soundtrack of our lives.

Then there is this day when your mind won’t stop and nothing feels right and then “The most beautiful girl in the world” starts in your headphones and you can actually feel the sun rays on your skin, your hair breathing and your lips softly smiling. I’m sure it works for men, too. You think of your crush as being the most beautiful girl in the world. You. Us.


It is something about this. It is something clean. Natural. Genuine. Kind. In an era where everyone seems to pretend, very few remain true.

And make us fall in love with love.

I am no good with disappearings, it impresses me too much and it feels like words are too small and everybody says things when all I feel is just shutting up. But when overpassing the overwhelming grief at some sort of level deep inside somewhere in the echo and soul, all we really should do is honour this lovely human being, hold our loves tight, sing, create memories and watch this little Prince bathing in the rain.

Start to love the rain.ozinparis-prince

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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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Do You Like To Do It Yourself? #selfie

March 06, 2016


I really don’t see that much of a difference (in fact none) between taking the picture yourself prior to posting it and having someone taking the picture of yourself and then posting it. Wherever. If you are going public with it, then it really doesn’t matter. Debatable on hashtag selfie, though.

Unless you’re Kimye, then hashtag selfie like there’s no tomorrow. But you’re not, you are you and you can take whatever photos you want to of you, just:

ozinparis-jim-carey Using an edit app is cool sometimes. Vogue does it all the time. And as long as something, anything, can be improved, why the f not? I tried it once, it erased my signature mole on the cheekbone, felt like cheating and it was over for me and the apps.


My dark circles still hope for a reconciliation, though.

Hashtag hoping hoping.

My partner in kissing would rather parachute jump with me – no, not that, would rather go to a couples massage (and he is not quite into massage ***I know***) with me than have me asking a stranger in Paris to take a picture of us. It got to the point where I don’t even know what I like most. Having our picture taken with the entire (if possible) Jardin du Luxembourg, in the background, by a stranger ***ooor*** having to see his face when I tell him “I’m gonna ask this apparently fun and kind man to take our picture”. Right after him taking the shot after stretching up his hand and finding the perfect angle to fit our heads in the frame of the selfie. What? To be sure we have both the selfie and the whole deal.



High five for taking the situation in your own hands, literally, and then taking your own picture. Why wait? You would have to act all cool, strike weird poses in front of someone who can not wait for you to decide upon the poses and, ultimately, pretend there is no one, in fact, taking your picture.

Now paparazzi… We all love it when someone randomly takes our pictures and doesn’t tell us because it’s precisely then when we don’t even have to care of being photographed, we don’t have to try to act cool, we don’t have to wine about the fact that we don’t like the light or whatever and so on.

The Truman Show. You know the movie? That was not cool what they did to Jim Carrey. Yet, we all kinda slip into the studio from the movie together with Gigi, Kendall and the gang. Come on, you must have an Instagram, so you do like the “studio”, you can not say you don’t.

I just love being photographed. It makes me smile. Since forever. Selfie or no selfie.







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New York Fashion Week FW2016

February 28, 2016

The shows. Both on the catwalks and on the streets.

I wonder what’s the heaviest nowadays. As in on a scale. What the models flaunted on the catwalks or what Lena Perminova (or alike) wore on the streets. You know what shoes to buy for the upcoming summeeeer! Mira Duma wore them. So you open the very cleverly made title of the magazine’s post that, obviously, won’t show you the shoes right there and then. Click and then you’ll know. So you click. And boom, you know. Now you know!

No judging, this is what Internet is all about. Clicking. Seeing. Dreaming. Wanting. Working for it.

I don’t know why I intentionally cut that.

About that “wanting”. Let me show you something. You will want. And work for. I feel you, ma’ friend. It’s about the shows and their drama. Or ours. In the good way, of course.

As humans are still going to get cold, when it will be cold out in about 8 months or so, they can check what the designers from New York Fashion Week suggest for them to wear in the (my) selection below. You can do it, too, if you are a human. Hello, human!

And for the fashion week cover up there must be the shows, the outfits of the designers (which is becoming a hit) and the street style, so ta-da. Let me explain.

The cool-girl mishmash stylings of Clare Waight Keller at See by Chloé mishmashed or just mished or just mashed with my mind, too. What? And I loved it.

ozinparis-10-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-12-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-04-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

Rosie Assoulin I would just wear anytime. All the time. Wouldn’t you? Yes, the entire Instagram community and us.

ozinparis-23-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-36-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-34-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-25-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

The easiness of Creatures of Comfort may both give you the right kind of comfort and can make the right kind of creature out of you. Yu-hu.

ozinparis-creatures of confort ozinparis-creatures of confort 2

Proenza Schouler just launched this bag trend (or were just being protective of burglars lol) and did a heck out of a feminine layering.

ozinparis-proenza schouler 1 ozinparis-proenza schouler 2

Carolina Herrera‘s. Now these may look like very rich night gowns, but these are not. Still very rich, only day gowns. That is if a day gown is a ball gown to you.

ozinparis-carolina herrera 3 ozinparis-carolina herrera 1ozinparis-carolina herrera 2

Suno. Because beautiful, clean, twisted and so-oh feminine.

ozinparis_MON0158 ozinparis_MON0681 ozinparis_MON0090

Rodarte shooowed us sooome cuffs! And chokers.

ozinparis-rodarte 1 ozinparis-_ARC0388 ozinparis-rodarte 3

The Row had me at this picture.


But these were pretty cool, too. Very.

ozinparis-the row 1 ozinparis-the row2 ozinparis-the row 3

Victoria Beckham is very interesting to stalk. Especially at the end of her show where she wore a sweater and no bra.


Ralph Lauren who somehow outshines even the models of his shows.


Pictures via Vogue Runway.

Oh and Zimmermann‘s backstage Instagram picture had to be in your account if the dress is still not. I have the picture on mine. You may have the dress. What a deal!


NYFW Street style, everyone! Via Vogue.com.

04-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 03-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw16 02-street-style-phil-oh-day-2 nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-7 25-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 12-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 08-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw1603-street-style-phil-oh-fw16


Top NY fall/winter 2016 trends are: velvet, ruffles, high necks, luxurious details, rich cuffs, extra large everything, extra long sleeves, dusty pink, shades of tan, shiny fabrics, checks, turtlenecks under anything, dresses over pants, checks, pantsuits. It all tends to be extra. Extra this, extra that. You choose your extra. Be extra. Extra what you want. What do you want?

All from the above or just Diane von Furstenberg‘s words at the end of her NY show: “This season’s collection is full of love power. It’s about great clothes, fun clothes, layering, but it’s, more then ever, clothes that are the girls’ best friends.”


by Cristina Pavelescu

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How many is too many?

January 25, 2016

Times you can wear an outfit or that one item you can not go not noticed with on.

I love wearing black and not giving “a fack” just as much as I love to wear pyjamas (although to me it is kinda the same thing) and just as much as I love (more…)

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Gurl Crush. Alicia Vikander Rush.

January 21, 2016


Or whatever it is called the thing you feel when you are a girl and you really like a girl and you are not gay. You don’t even know the girl, because she is Alicia Vikander and if you don’t know who she is, then… Neah, I’m sure you know who she is.ava

Yes, I guess you can call me a groupie. But, actually, I feel like I could be bffs with her. Like Gigi and Kendall. Like Ben and Matt. Like Chip and Dale.

And hey, it’s Alice-ee-ah, not Ah-LEE-shah, because she is Swedish and this is how Swedish people roll. Their tongues, that is. Lol.


Alicia came into my living room playing the role of Queen Caroline Mathilde in Nikolaj Arcel’s historical drama, “A Royal Affair”, alongside Mads Mikkelsen. Beyuuutiful film to watch under the blanket in pyjamas and on red wine. You might be doing the same thing, maybe just change the wine into… Let’s say sushi. Or do them both. And see Alicia in Joe Right’s romantic drama “Anna Karenina”. You don’t get to see Alice-ee-ah that much here, but you do see a lot of Kee-ih-ra. Yum. Yes, yum.

Now you can see your friends and watch Alex Garland’s science fiction psychological thriller “Ex-Machina”, where Alicia plays the role of the the android with artificial intelligence, Ava. Hold tight to your friends and watch Guy Ritchie’s action film “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and prepare to fall in love with Vikander all over again. “A Royal Affair” was the first time. This will is the second, I promise you. Looks, brains, humour and talent.

Ritchie’s film made me want to have bangs again after trying to keep it long for two whole years. With or without Alicia, it was one of the best decisions of the late months, ’cause I still have fun with it. With the bangs. The bangs.


Don’t watch the trailers, please. Get surprised. It’s a movie. You’re not moving in with it. You just watch it. You can do it! And besides, I have only told you about the great movies that I saw and she starred in. “The testament of youth”, let’s say, didn’t quite make it to the list. So, there, you see? I like her (a lot!), but I still wouldn’t have you watch something just for her. You see, you see?

Go see the movies and dress like her in “The man from U.N.C.L.E.”. Jk. Or like the guys, guys. The point is that in Ritchie’s film was the first film where I saw the blink in her eyes while wearing the stuff that she wore. Oh, she enjoyed it and I googled it.





She is a style star and she was my favourite at this year’s Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards (she won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Danish Girl”, can not wait to see it!) and not only because I like her (a lot!), but because she shined. No muss, no fuss.

In Louis Vuitton
In Louis Vuitton
in Mary Katranzou
in Mary Katranzou

And smiled.

Like that.


Jk. Like that.


OZ 21st Annual Critics Choice Awards Alicia Vikander

So, there, how not to fall?

Should I call?



The Elle Style Awards 2013 held at the Savoy - Arrivals London, England - 11.02.13 Featuring: Alicia Vikander Where: London, United Kingdom When: 11 Feb 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/WENN.com











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Bring It On, 2016!

January 03, 2016


Beware of your thoughts for they become your words. Beware of your words for they become your actions. Beware of your actions for they become your habits. Beware of your habits for they become your character. Beware of your character for it becomes your destiny. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Now. I have been having just the right words for this, but only in my mind while taking baths, driving, drinking coffee, working. It were all just perfect with the right intonation and stuff. Because, btw, you should intonate while reading, it’s much more fun. What? Try it.

Oh, I so missed this. Starting with something and going through otherthing and back to something and having fun about it. I really hope you are having it, too. It, it, it.


2015 is gone now and I can not say that all my past year’s resolutions were completed, but I can tell you one thing. While having those intense moments at the end, like 10-more-days-3-more-days-aaa-last-day-of-the-year-aaa-! moments, I didn’t think of what hasn’t happened, but rather of the beautiful things that randomly (and randomly is the greatest) made the year. New friends, new places, new coffee, new hugs, new looks, new books, new designers, new revelations and being here. In Oz. Our Oz in Paris or wherever. It makes me the happiest.

And I intend on “seeking out what magnifies my soul” (according to brainpickings.org). Uuh, I know, sounds pretentious, but it is not. It is as simple as that.

Be my guest whenever you feel like escaping, smiling, fashionising, finding, learning, laughing, dreaming. It’s our time to make magic in Oz.


When it is about magic, why the efing not?

I will do my best in writing freely, in researching, in letting my mind (and help yours) free, in flying, in taking you places, in making you smile. Without you, it wouldn’t be the same. Though I can have fun on my own, it is always the coolest when it’s shared.

So, let’s share. Sharing is careing. And so on.

Off we go.


A friend once told me that he loves to read the messages he receives from me because he feels like I am talking to him live, like he is not reading my messages, but he can actually hear me talking and that it makes him smile. I loved that. And I love to write. And if that puts a smile on your face, then… This is it!

Now I started with a quote. Which started with a thought, which led to a word, which led to an action, which (I HOPE) led to a habit, which let to a character, which led to a destiny.

Are you following me?



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To Be Read At Night, To Be Done Daily

October 21, 2015

It is night, late in the night, you are in your pyjamas, you had already showered and put your coconut oil on. And on. Right. You had brushed your teeth. I know. The hustle. At last, you are on the couch and you intend on laying there for just 10 minutes which are never 10 and all you can think of
is, is, iiis a small square of chocolate. One. Dark chocolate.


But you had just brushed your teeth, god damn! What to do?! Eat the chocolate (!) and brush your teeth. Again. Yes. Because how could you not have the chocolate?



Now you can go to sleep. Or smile and by smile I mean kiss your partner in crime. Kiss, kiss as in not just kiss. Or dream of the one! And then well, then smile! Both in bed (definitely in bed!) and the following day.

They say that teeth are like diamonds and they also say that diamonds are a girl’s (and now boy’s) best friends, but I guess all they really wanted to say was that teeth are our best friends. You see? They stand by us literally. In us, actually. They are there when we say “I want you” and they are here to bite. When necessary as in when eating, hey.

Btw, did you know that kissing reduces anxiety, stops the “noise” in our minds and increases the levels of oxytocin, the extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of high… I’m thinking… “High for this”, as The weeknd says).

This is not trivia, but did you know that by smiling you put to work 13 muscles, whereas by “straight facing” you put to rest 65 of them?

The point is, brush your teeth and smile. Isle, isle!


…To kiss, well… You gotta be a pro! You gotta have fun! Go to your bed now (to be read “bed”, not “couch”) and listen to The Weeknd. Haha. Listen to be read “

In your mailbox would be ideal, yet in your e-mail is pretty close, yay!
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