A Sucker For Light In Paris, The City Of Lights

April 16, 2019

Could I ever be friends with someone who doesn’t like Paris? How could you not like Paris?! Are you OK?, I’d be asking myself on the inside and you could definitely see a big exclamation mark on the outside. Paris has that something that one has to discover by oneself some time if not the first time. We know anything is possible. There will be a time, though, when one will find. Not out the beauty of the city (that was conspicuous), but the light. Finally! His, her, theirs.

The light!

Paris is romance in its most pure form, I now come to understand. It’s romance in so many ways, that for someone running as far away as possible from their romantic ways, Paris can become too much for someone to be able to come. Paris can become a mirror for some.

This word play.

The mirror effect a city, a film, a book, an evening or a morning, a song, a soul can have on someone is a sign of light and signs are so romantic! If you see them. By now, you’re either smiling and already see yourself in Paris or you’ve raised your eyebrows so high that you started to tickle the clouds with them. So maybe you just like the rain, but guess what. Rain can be so romantic… And this is how we all hide some romance within ourselves. It is said that we’re all looking for love. Wishing for love, in fact. And I don’t only mean the classic half, although after self love and the love for love, the classic love is shared ideal.

Oh, come on.

Sharing food for French – according to Geraldine below – is about social life, not necessarily about feeding yourself. Food is sacred and the point of a meal is to have a good time with your friends and family. To be together – a thing you’re either used to from childhood or dream about and get the chance to adore in Paris. Wherever, bien sûr, but the smell of good bread and warm croissants all over the city as in Paris I have never elsewhere experienced but home, home when I was a child. Not to mention the made-on-the-spot crêpes with jambom et fromage (and a variety of other salted things) or Nutella (and a variety of other sweet things) on almost every street.

Ladies and gentlemen,
meet Geraldine!

About food at 5:27.

The smell of good food, not too heavy or greasy, but tasty, not too dry, yet not too juicy, when you enter a home that feels like home… Oh. It’s inevitable to not sense it when walking in Paris and not think of home even just for one second.

Walking in Paris, in April, admiring the sky above the Jardin des Tuileries while eating a croissant or a pancake on the way home with a bottle of red wine (in your bag) to drink in the evening with a loved one feels like home.

Viennoiserie ❤️

And maybe, right now, you are not romantic. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to be romantic, it takes a doze of naivety that makes you get on the biggest roller coaster there is. And lose control for a bit (though, in my opinion, it is precisely then that you find it), only to feel the warm adrenaline running through your veins and strengthening your trust.

Romance seems to be something we are all born with and we can all, further on, place in everything we do throughout life. In everything we wear, because romance is style. Regardless of genre, style happens the moment you see yourself in the mirror, in a film, in a book, in an evening or morning, in a song, in a man.

Paris is as romantic as Nietzsche’s quote is: Life without music would be a mistake.

Speaking of music, might my affinity for French come from school where our French teacher used to teach us French
after Joe Dassin’s Et Si Tu N’existais Pas…?
I also used to hear
at home…?

Please don’t just listen to it in the background while at home on a sunny Saturday breakfast, but in the car (or in your headphones on the subway), with the volume up when it’s raining outside and it’s April.

Pont Neuf + rain = 😉

Oh, how romantic the summer evenings Alex used to teach me French through Mylène Farmer’s lyrics were. Until the coffee shops closed down at night, haha!

The French language only completes the essence of Paris. The tone is firm, yet warm, doesn’t (fundamentally) depend on the hour, place or occasion. It’s not as sexy (sexy in the best way) as Portuguese or Spanish is, it’s warm. Even the news and the news anchors on France 24 are warm, regardless of the subject.


Since we’re at music, a French artist I have been following at home and listening to with friends at our parties for some time now is Christine and the Queens.

About friends, I have friends who say about them that they are anything but romantic. I don’t believe them, but I don’t say anything. They think they’re cool or something (they are cool as in cool, they are not though cool as in cold) if they say it. And there comes a day and they tell me about a city, a film, a book, an evening or a morning, a song, a man. And my smile can’t hide. It doesn’t want to! My arms, without any prior approval, head towards them for big embrace. Of joy! And not necessarily for him or her, or me, but for the champagne flutes clinking somewhere between the clouds. Held by the sun rays or something. Ok, ok. Jesus! Jk.

Some clinking happened between our ears, also, whilst in the Notre-Dame, for a concert like I had never heard or been to before on a Sunday evening.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris ☀️

Resembling the French duo’s, Justice from last summer or U2 with my brother from last fall.


Humour is romantic. So romantic! Romantic af romantic!

Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.

The toilet entrance at Notre-Dame is 2 Euros, but – hey – you’re being pthotographed while you do the pee-pee. Before or after, let’s suppose. There’s a coffeeshop in Montmartre called Coffee, Pee-pee and Me where you make your own coffee and you pay 2 Euros to go to do the pee-pee. One can tell the level a country’s at by its toilets also and yes, subway sometimes smells of pee, but it’s not about how perfect Paris is here, because it’s not. A romantic wouldn’t be looking for perfection anyway, perfection happens in moments of grace. And maybe pee-pee and grace are two words not expected to be found in the same phrase, but are as natural.

Care este fața voastră când sunteți la toaletă, haha?

The smell of blooming trees in Paris in April…



Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world – according to Wikipedia – but it is expensive without being pretentious. Paris cares about its allure, about everything Paris is cognisant of representing. It’s the setting for millions of films and I don’t mean cinema. It’s rich without shouting it out loud. It’s clean when observing both the sneakers or shoes people wear in the streets or on the subway and the lives in them. When observing the frankness. Frankness is one of the city’s je ne sais quois.

You see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear. It depends on how romantic you let yourself be. Free.

You can just feel it when something’s not honest here. You can just feel it wherever in the world obviously, but in Paris, if you’re not honest with yourself first, you can just feel it; maybe the reason behind the fashion style in Paris. The fashion style wherever. It’s not about a certain rule or unanimity, it’s about authenticity. It could be in your pair of Converse while stroking the foot you’ve just cuffed your pants up to your knee on, having your coffee and croissant and thinking of your day, everything at once in the morning sun. It could be in a pink skirt with pink roses, heels, with your favourite bag rushing to work. It could be a white collared black leather jacket and black jeans over the espresso at a small-small table outside, at the corner restaurant. It could be anything as long as the thing is you.

Women (and men) with a flow in the morning, with an underestimated joie de vivre, a certain joie de vivre about their own world, the world they like first, their OZ. In Paris.


The style French have doesn’t (fundamentally) depend on the hour, place or occasion in their day-to-day-to-night life. They remain loyal to their style and adapt it on the go. Easy, free, elegant. An elegance coming from the inside.

Because it’s not ever about the clothes only and clothes are so much more than just clothes.

And heels are more than just heels.

To be able to observe the style in real life in Paris, not only on tv, on Netflix, in the Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent) French show is as lovely as spreading the butter (and a bit of plums gem) on the bread while having black tea or coffee in the morning. I let its episodes play (replay) in the background for its glittery energy while I work or almost anything I do, in fact.


In Paris, the ideal company is one that walks with you at least 16 km a day from morning, with beautiful stops for coffee and croissants at Cafe Francoeur (in Montmartre) towards Le Bon Marché through Jardin des Tuilleres, after admiring Louvre from afar, another stop at Le Saint-Germain before Bon Marché. One you could share white wine and tea at the corner resto with, a pain au chocolat in between, stands still for two hours in Jardin du Luxembourg with you until the park closes at 8 (at dawn, the park closes, yes) and walks back to Place St. Michel, where skaters dance and sing in the sunset’s light, under the vanilla sky. One you could sit on Pont Neuf and talk about the universe with at the end of the day.

After having just arrived in Paris the night before and walked with a crêpe to Sacré-Cœur.

The next morning, we head to one store – after croissants from the 1 minute away boulangerie and coffee in bed – and get to another, yet both (Elena and myself) find the pair of black Nikes we’d both been looking for for years. They were even better than we’d imagined them to be. Starving, we eat a mini burger at a restaurant in our neighbourhood, at small tables outside, in the Spring sun, on Rue Joseph de Maistre. The restaurant seemed more of locals than of tourists. At hotel, we eat a Paris-Breast with espresso, because – hey – it’s the traditional desert. We change and run on the subway to get to Hôtel du Duc, the location of the Vogue Paris conference, just near to Opera Garnier, through Boulevard des Italiens. I tell Elena about a nice guy I once met and is now a chef at Ibrik and we go there. He’s not there anymore, but we have red wine and some delicious appetisers.

Only to start the third morning with La Vie en Rose (after having croissants and coffee on the go) sung in the streets surrounding Sacré-Cœur and just chill on the hill (the highest in Paris), grab (again) something juicy (a crêpe for myself again, the best one just down the hill). We then take the Big Bus to hop on and off through all of Paris, see REX (the biggest cinema in Europe) on Boulevard Poissonnière. We toast some rosé on a bench, just near Tour Eiffel on a Sunday splendid afternoon before heading to Notre-Dame and hop back on the Big Bus. To toast the same rosé (which is mos def not randomly called Joie de Vivre) at sunset on Champs-Elysées. We eat some Chinese (Elena’s favourite dish) and go back to Tour Eiffel to jump under at 10.30 at night until the lights go off. The lights on “The Iron Lady” which, actually, feels like silk to me.

A company you have the freedom to separate from for an unplanned, yet so pleasant meeting on a Monday Spring morning at Café Beaubourg with a view to Pompidou. A company you are glad to reunite with only to delight together in Centre Georges Pompidou and look forward to come back with to L’atelier Brâncuși just near Pompidou. A chocolate crêpe through Marais and the wonderful clouds back to Sacre-Cœur make the hotel check-out easier.

Yves Klein
Grande Anthropophagie Bleue, Homage to Tennessee Williams, 1960

Oh, ouais, and stay with that ideal company in Montmartre.


Whether it was Montmartre, or Marais, or Saint-Germain, just near the Grand Palais or Champs-Elysées, the buildings people leave and work in in Paris… I just know I love to look at them and not loose myself each time I come to Paris. The eyes are relaxed, inspiration flows, calm settles in.

Home Sweet Home

Just in time for me to play with Tour Eiffel on every corner or street when I see it and I smile. It feels like playing hide and seek with Inga and Natasha. It feels like Christmas every day and the 324 m tree lights up each night and the home is Paris.


I only took favourite things to wear with me to Paris. My closet, lately, started to be filled with favourite things only. Pfew! In Paris (just as at home), I mixed the clothes so much that two other “outfits” made at home just an hour before flying off to Paris never even left the hotel’s closet, but I sure did carry them in my 11 kg carry-on on the subway. We wanted to have the whole Parisian experience with RER B, the most efficient means of transport from and to the Charles de Gaulle airport. Moreover, the funny jokes with the flight attendees at Air France only sweetened the (already sweet) tiredness of the road back.

The meaning of it all is for each and every one of us to find it out on ourselves. About romance, about life. Regardless of genre, the meaning happens the moment you look at yourself in the mirror, in a city, in a film, in a book, in an evening or a morning, in a song, in a man and you see yourself. The most beautiful meaning happens in the most beautiful light.



Romance is truth and truth is always sexy, because truth is love. And forever.

Can you imagine Alicia Keys singing Empire State of Mind for Paris? (!?!?!)

Well, she did it 🙂
at minute 19:16.

Apple or Nike or Ray-Ban and so many other seem so romantic to me and they’re not French. I see romance in my ever growing fun, cool and most truest relationship with my brother, in Pharrell Williams’ Gust Of Wind. In my Written Press’ (back in TV School) professor’s attitude, Ferenc Vasas or Miss Dacian’s back in primary school. Honey! The way the bees fly from flower to flower and make the honey which ends up in jars and in ourselves afterwards. Solange’s Stay Flo. Romance is in the smiles and beautiful contradictory talks in the family, in my father’s fate and the talks with dad in his car. In Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend, in a coffee with something good at any time of day with mom, going to good movies since childhood with mom, in the exquisite dress my mom used to wear 20 years ago I now wear, in Pierpaolo Piccioli’s collections, in laying on the beach with any of my two close Elenas in May or August, in Adrian Oianu’s Not Cool 2010 fashion show, in the rain that seems to be starting, in the eyebrows that won’t let the rain come into our eyes, in Quentin Tarantino’s and Leonid Gaidai’s films, in Yuri Nikulin’s talent, in Mircea Eliade’s Maitreyi, in the dance we lose ourselves and, in fact, find ourselves. The list continues for each of us, because romance doesn’t care about space, nationality, age, religion, gender, school etc.

Romance has that je ne sais quoi that the French are aware of also and enjoy it to the fullest in Paris ❣️

Just like these two here.

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Do This Kind Of Fashion Commercials Come Back?

March 15, 2019

What kind? Kind. Back when fashion seemed not only elegant, regardless of clothes, but fun also. When fashion represented the art that fashion is and moved something in people. Regardless of clothes.

What to wear now?

Shop before it’s too late.

Buy more, save more. 

The last two almost didn’t make it here. They did, though, only for the balance to go so high for the opposite good part, that Buy more, save more will not be ignored, but pondered upon. You know what they say… Stars can’t shine without darkness.

All three are the latest headlines in my e-mail which is, thank God, still far away from Instagram. Do you feel the need of a balance here also? In a world where it is only necessary to open our eyes and – boom! – everything opens up along with them, it feels only natural to pay attention even more to what we are actually looking at while creating our OZ. Seeing a form of art that feels like art (true art would be a pleonasm, just like true love would), feels not only fresh – as art always feels like – but also liberating. In a sense in which fashion doesn’t scratch your eyes, but moisturises them.

A lot of see and feel, no? It must be a sign.

Don’t just buy more. Feel more and you’ll save yourself.

An emphasis here and there never hurt nobody.

I don’t even know whether I wish on ever buying (not the important part here) any of the things I saw in the Prada advertising campaign – though those headbands, I must admit, did some sort of tiny trick to my mind – yet I can not but appreciate the work of both Prada and the team creating the ads. Enjoy the passion everyone put into it without it scratching anything anywhere. Passion is doing the moisturising and we get to choose our favourite flavour. Or discover a new one.

It only depends on the intention, in the end, of anyone anything anywhere (the important part here).

An emphasis here and there soothes something somewhere. No?

The ad creates a space between the brand and the consumer. Might this space be the art? That would be wonderful! That would be the liberating from before. The love everywhere.

I know you feel me.

Directed by Willy Vanderperre
Style by Olivier Rizzo
Creative Direction: DJA

It’s Prada (Prada), structured clothes, structured hair and make-up, yet there’s an energy that feels first. An energy that transcends both the pages of the Vogue Paris I am holding in my hands right now and the fashion media nowadays, metamorphosing itself into inspiration. It might also be the excitement in me talking. Of meeting people who share the joy and wisdom of creating beautiful moments that tap into an energy that makes someone who is seeing them right before falling asleep, dream sweeter. And I don’t mean fashion. I might, though, mean style.

Intentions much?


Art is just another form of prayer (Rainn Wilson) just crossed my ears the morning after.
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Ride With Us

October 13, 2018
Girls, this is for you just as much as it is for you, boys. A song that seemed to had been written by Shawn Mendes for his crush came out in the classroom as a song that celebrates fun isn’t fun unless it’s authentic and authentic means fireworks. Man, do Jimmy Fallon and #forevercrush work so good together in a sentence or what? But woman, isn’t song-Shawn-Mendes-crush-classroom-fun-authentic-fireworks-Jimmy-Fallon-and-forever all we’ve ever wanted?

And it all orchestrated by The Roots.

Why for you, boys also? Because why not! The song might just as well be for you, but I know you and you wouldn’t admit of even dreaming of it. Let’s just take a close look at the guy right behind Jimmy. Pretty sceptical and barely moving in the beginning, yet really into it by the end, singing and dancing. I bet you, in front of the computer or with your phone in hand are pretty much the same. Busteeed.

I admit I must have watched the video for as many times as guys in this video and the fun I had doing it is close to riding a chill rollercoaster on a Spring or Autumn day. Either a short rollercoaster I ride on and on again, no cue or anything ✨ bliss ✨ or a really long rollercoaster surrounding the whole amusement park with trees, waterfalls, sun around 3 p.m., smiling people all around, ups and downs, a spin here, a spin there.

We’re riding.
Love everywhere. And now the boys go awwww. But I know you, relax, we all dream of it and what would be the fun without it?

The video starts easy, everyone aside from Shawn dressed in black and being very cool at that. All focused on their classroom instruments. But then minute 1:00 hits and Jimmy strikes a note. Shawn bursts a ✨ so ✨ genuine smile it actually turns air into fireworks. Take a look at our guy behind Jimmy, he’s our rollercoaster emoji throughout.

We’re riding.

By now, Questlove is tapping his mate’s head, the gentleman with the piano in his mouth is laughing, we’re all set.

The seatbelt is on.

We’re riding.

This classroom word is not for nothing here. It’s everything. We all went to being kids for a bit. If you are not smiling by now, play the video 7 more times and you will. Hey, hey, hey, don’t leave, do it!

FYI: Jimmy Fallon is 45, Shawn Mendes is 20 (I’m only saying this to prove a something) and they seem to have the (same) time of their lives. Chemistry always plays a part, #foreverkids is one of the best grown ups’ hashtags ever and the rhythm is forever.

And so is style!

All but Shawn are dressed in black and black might be common, yet the ways people use it can be so different that it totally differentiates one black item from another as to figure out style of each individual. Please observe below, it’s all in the little things. Which are never little, we know, we know.


On to the next.

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Jack Antonoff Is One Of Us Believers

January 18, 2018


You just want to find that one song that really touches you. When you do, you have a split second of release. It’s insanely competitive and ambitious, so much to the point that it drives you a little crazy, but the trick is to stay only competitive with yourself, because nothing else matters. I just know that if you let yourself be inspired by others and stay really competitive with yourself, there’s a lot you can discover.

It is very rare that I can not take my eyes off of a man rather than of a woman. I know, I feel you. Jack Antonoff caught them – the eyes – after he managed to caught my ears one Friday evening over home cleaning and MTV LIVE playing in the background.

Chemistry. You can not put up with that no matter who catches what. Or who. What?

Someone must be having fun writing in the stars.

I was peacefully wiping the shelves and everything prior to simply turning on the tv on MTV, holding on to that LIVE near that MTV sign. Somewhere in that very distant thought, I wished for that LIVE to represent the ***LIVE*** I am always craving for. But you know, I continued the wiping and everything. ***Oh yeah!***

It is just recently that I came across the channel and now I want the sweatshirt with the funky MTV sticker on. Back in my mind – that is – because I never bought it in the end, considering myself a VH1 (until a couple of years ago when it started to get nasty) chick post being an MTV one.

But that LIVE, man…

And that man. Haha.

It was long before me finding out about him being – back in the days – Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. And I liked Girls, so I like Lena. Nevertheless, it is Jack that got me writing this now. Or him being a song writer and producer for Lorde, or Pink, or Taylor Swift.

It’s the style and I don’t even mean clothing. Yet! It matters, too.

But what do I mean, right?

It is this performance that made me turn my head towards the tv.

…After minutes of just listening without looking while overthinking everything, basically, while cleaning. On a Friday evening. I know. It was already dark outside. What? Well, it’s that. Moment of the day when it feels right sometimes.

I didn’t know what was on MTV LIVE when I turned it on. I just saw LIVE and I just saw UNPLUGGED and I knew. But little did I know then though.

I heard his voice at first. Clean. No muss, no fuss. It was somewhere in another very distant thought you don’t pay attention to at first. But then he sang. The band played. The audience intervened and suddenly I wished I were there. I stopped from cleaning and listened and sang and, most importantly, danced.

Slowly nodding.

Coincidence or not, the name of the band Jack Antonoff is the front man, writer and producer of is Bleachers. And I was cleaning my new, very me home.

The stars.

So, Jack Antonoff is someone I randomly heard on MTV LIVE, the channel I bumped into and threw a party for it in my soul for it is the channel that presumably airs live shows ***oh yeaaah!*** and glimpsed towards. I sat and not only listened and nodded, but also watched and instantly wanted to hug. Wanted to be friends with.

Little did I know then yet again. While writing this and being super excited about it and not being sure whether to look at the fireworks inside or at the words being typed outside, at some point, everything around froze. It was when Jack talked and it felt like he was literally talking to my mind and I knew I needed to be fully present.

This is not a groupie speaking. It’s just that when I really like someone, I tend to fall in love. The people I’m most concerned about are the people that are paying attention. That’s all that matters. Precisely these are the people I like. Love. I want to know more through their art, at first, obviously, but then through interviews also or talks in my living room (haha). Fun, genuine talks. Real, imaginary.


The process is exactly the same. So that’s why I don’t like to be in really big studios; I like to be in a home studio or the hotel on tour. And to be honest, nothing I did had any team involved. I made my records at home. The Lorde and St. Vincent and Taylor and Pink were just made with the artists. There were no focus groups, no test audience. If I had the same year and less people noticed it, I would still feel pretty great about those albums. I love those albums. They mean a lot to me, and I loved making them. There’s no need to change that. There’s no better way to do it. There’s no first class of writing.


The only way to make someone invest emotions into any kind of art is to succeed in understanding that something that felt so not understandable by that someone.

Then I later on read in an interview:

It’s like your first panic attack. The first time you get a panic attack, most people think they’re literally having a stroke or a heart attack. They think they’re dying because they’ve never felt that way before. Whereas no one remembers the first time their knee hurt, because who gives a shit? So, I think that is the feeling of having interesting collaborative relationships that work. You find another person that understands this thing that you feel is not understandable. That’s also the feeling, to be honest, when one person or a billion people like or connect with a song you wrote. You get this moment of clarity that makes the world feel a little more connected. 

You find another person that understands this thing that you feel is not understandable.

Mm, just like in life.

Then I later on saw this another live act and did my yoga routine on. Am I weird? Guess so.

– Hands in the air –

I only have a problem when the mainstream assumes that we’re stupid. So, if you hear a song or watch a TV show that you think is stupid, I think, essentially, you feel bad because the creator of that thought you are stupid. […] But then when Daft Punk and Nile Rogers or Pharrell is on the radio and it sounds amazing and it’s a brilliant song we love hearing it at the airport because it makes us feel smart, because we are smart!

– Hands in the air –

Then it’s his discussion on shorts and since this is a website that started out of passion for fashion (a.k.a. style in OZ), this is the passion for fashion this websites salutes. The one you dug deeper for.

Passion, basically.

The audience is getting actually more than they bargained for. It’s a gift!

It’s passion.

The only way to master this is by totally being yourself. In every effing way. Otherwise, clothes are just clothes and fashion is just for the sake of fashionistas, but the eyes, chico, they never lie.

I never wrote songs because people wanted me to write songs or because the world said I was great at writing songs. I wrote songs because I felt like I had to say something and see if anyone else felt that way. When I started writing songs, it was for two friends. The feeling of playing a song for two friends and them saying, “Oh, I know what you’re talking about” is the same feeling as when the entire internet says, “I know what you’re talking about!”


Art (and love) is when you do your thing and forget about everything else. Get lost. Be free.

Art and business, just like love and fear really have nothing to do with each other. You can not make art because it’s good for business, you can not truly love when you you’re afraid. You can make the thing you’re excited about, you can be with the one that excites you. That’s the only way to be fair to people who are not only investing money, but also emotions into your art. That’s the only way to be fair to the one you love and loves you back.

I can only make the records I’m inspired to make, because if I’m not inspired to work on it and I work on it, why the fuck should anyone care? If I don’t care, why the fuck should anyone care?


If you want to just listen (when cleaning up, hooray!) here’s the link for the whole Unplugged gig (in case you’re just as weird as I am and have your own Youtube party whenever you feel like; do you want to meet?):

In the end, what matters most is to be with someone who loves like you do. Smiles freely when feeling or thinking of it.

Things shift and I think it’s an exciting opportunity to dig even deeper. 

One thing leads to another, so all you have to do is wish and honestly work for. This is how I discovered NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.


Of course I finished up the cleaning sometime at night on that Friday. Enthusiastically.


PS: Watch out, a Friday is always just around the corner.

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REAL. Lady Gaga and Howard Stern Are Two of The Very Few.

October 09, 2017


This is on Lady Gaga’s newest Netflix documentary, older and superb interview with Howard Stern and Howard Stern’s everything and film, Private Parts.

… Is one version of the intro.

Live life on the edge, halfway between heaven and hell and let’s all dance in the middle, in purgatory, Lady Gaga a.k.a. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

… Is another version of the intro.

When minds and souls of the same character and charisma come together, not only synergy is being created, but also the world seems to become a better place to be. Both for those witnessing and for the minds and souls of the same character and charisma.

Lady Gaga and Howard Stern.

I believe in doing what you like in life. It makes you a better person. First, because you’d struggled to get to that what (and the struggle always makes you go through stuff that definitely makes you grow) or have been (you just can’t settle and the sweet and sour struggle is your middle name) figuring out what is that what. And, secondly, because once you’d just started to wonder, you’d already become a better person.

Just like with clothes. They do have the ability to make you feel better. Come on, you most certainly can think of at least one combo of yours that made you fly one day or, moreover, you’d figured out what is it that makes you better and fly and you wear that all the time. It is called style and it is similar to finding that what that you like.

In purgatory.

Theoretically, this is how we grow up, but in fact I think that this is just an excuse for us to get out in the world and play. We do the homework and then we play for as much as we want to. I mean why the fuck not? We only live once and most of it in our heads and you know the drill, make sure it’s a nice place to be. Just like the world.

So there’s the what we love doing, there’s the style and then there are the things that light up fireworks inside.

One of the coolest experiences I have lately experienced was going live on a radio show. With the heart full of fireworks in my lungs. Yes. It was something that I have always wanted to try out ever since I was a kid and saw Private Parts.

It’s one of my all time favourite autobiographical stories. Being true to your heart at all times definitely can not only get you to mental orgasms, but also the people around you. Literally for Howard Stern, metaphorically for the most of us.

Years later, when Lady Gaga attended Howard Stern’s show, in 2011 while on The Monster Ball Tour, fireworks popped out of the magic the two created. Beware, it might aim your heart! 👇🏻

It is pretty often that I play things like 👆🏻 in the background when at home and this is how OZ is being created.

True to your heart. Once true to your heart, always true to your heart.

Orgasms (above).

Multiple, just like in Private Parts. The first orgasm is made out of one of the best love relationships I have ever seen: Howard Stern + Alison Stern. The second is made out of one of the best work relationships: Howard Stern + Robin Quivers. The third is made out of Alison and Robin’s personalities. The forth one is made out of the best, the funniest, no muss no fuss relationships: Howard Stern + Fred Norris. The fifth is made out of the best chemistry at work: Howard Stern + Robin Quivers + Fred Norris + Gary Dell’Abate. On one hand.

On the other hand, there’s Lady Gaga, real as ever – the reason behind her ability to have worn whatever it was she dreamt of, regardless of comments or praises back in the days. However, now Joanne looks different in Gaga: Five Foot Two. She plays and sometimes hurts herself, yet she continues to play and be Gaga.

Be real:

It all goes back to me, loving who I am. 

I have integrity.

This business is full of the most fake ass mother fuckers you will ever meet and they will sit here and kiss your ass and then the minute that you have no more ratings on your show, they don’t want to talk to you anymore. 

  👉🏻 Once Gaga, always Gaga. 👈🏻

We grow up and let things make us grow just so we can feel as kids again. The wiser we feel we become, the more playfully we allow ourselves to live.

To dance.

Stefani and Howard dance, you bet! Lady Gaga broke record with Monster Ball Tour (one of the top 10 highest-grossing tours of all time) for Debut Headlining Artist. Howard Stern leads the pack as the world’s highest-paid radio show host. They are both real and do what they love.

And have done two more interviews since the first one in 2011.

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It’s All About The Smile

July 17, 2017


***This is on style, too.***

And eyes, yes. The eyes, however, you have to see them live in order to see how alive the one looking at you is or to see straight intro their soul and know, you just know. The smile, though, you can see it from afar and whereas live, circumstances permitting, is the most wonderful way to do it, on tv is not that bad either when it is Roger Federer the one who’s smiling. 

This said at a time when the media is head over heels for Federer’s record eighth Wimbledon title. Roger Federer stands tallest of all as Wimbledon’s history man, The Guardian. Roger Federer, the greatest-ever athlete across all sports after Wimbledon triumph, ABCThis was Roger Federer’s best ever Wimbledon… Now it is undisputed he is the best to ever grace the game, Daily Mail.

Moreover, it is something else in the air. It is him being so genuinely human rather than him breaking down records or mastering a super technique or having superpowers. It is a fact that he is considered today, at 35, the greatest tennis player of all times, but it must be his realness at heart that got him into all of our hearts. He is what he is and he does what he does at the highest frequency possible.

Even when he smiles. Or it is rather the smile that makes him the kind of man he is today.


Because a smile can tell everything about someone if one just pays attention and and if the one paying attention can see through someone while someone smiles and one, too, likes paying attention, then someone and one are both lunatics and that’s a great, yet rare, yet great thing. Staring is not even involved. It’s a couple of seconds. It’s a feeling. It hits one. All of a sudden. That’s a situation.

Another one is just like the one in the video.

In any of the two, a smile creates a certain energy that is being released into the universe and it creates a moment of synergy. Something one can not fight and only possible when everything comes genuinely. Just like when we were all kids and didn’t have any barriers or fears. If you now say “Worries, too, hello!”, please remember that smiling and being human is always available, regardless of the circumstances, inside of you.

The video above dates back from 2010 and Nadal was climbing up the ladder. He succeeded in reaching the top – he is one the best, too – but once there he seems to have lost his way to find himself on the same chair next to Federer and stupidly smile. Metaphorically speaking. Sadly, his nowadays smile is not that genuine anymore. Why? It affects friendships. It affects relationships. Think less, stupid more, a brand once used to say.

Rivalry can not even be considered as an option for the answer.

2017. Roger Federer wins the trophy at the Australian Open.

May it ultimately be about the love of life? Or the passion for what we’re doing? Or the person we come home to? Or the world we create around us? Or is it just a matter of genetics? If it’s about anatomy only and we are energy and smile is energy, we can be who we want to be and we can do what we want to do.

Obviously we can not ha-ha at all times, but we should never forget how to smile from the heart. And then bump into the lunatic we can laugh stupidly with. Or just be.

And obviously it’s not a matter of perfect teeth – though taking care of them is a must, they don’t call it diamonds for nothing after all – because smiling is also about sparkling eyes, is about losing control, is about butterflies, is about the soul. Hello.

It’s light.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it might be someone or something that takes one places and one finds oneself smiling inside out like one has never before. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it is someone or something that “sees” in one a thing not even one has seen in oneself before. And it’s not even about how good or bad the jokes are. It’s that something else.

La luna.

For Roger, it is tennis that makes him so passionate and thus one of the very few who does what he does out of pleasure in the first place. Because the rest of Federer is wonderfully shared by Federer himself with the world he chooses to live in. In the meantime, we can see him perform, being as humble as ever, smile and giving fun interviews. Below.

***And, of course, we can believe. We can dream.***

Roger Federer has style and we are not even talking fashion here.

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Emmanuel Macron Is The Romantic Trooper The World Was In Need Of.

July 12, 2017

The word need is the short term for a wide concept of order. Things have to fall into place and the order the Universe is constantly taking care of will come. It’s about an order. L’amour.

It all started with Brigitte Trogneux’s blue Louis Vuitton suit (more…)

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Fridaze From The Heart #4

January 13, 2017

Today I’m saying let’s not wait for the evening to come to feel it’s Friday. It’s Friyaaaay (!!) and no matter what we do in day to day life or what our job is or how much we enjoy the rest of the week’s days, Friday is a day we all share joy at the same time. Even if not always jumping and dancing all day long or making aerial tricks at home, but always having at least the teeny tinniest party somewhere in our souls.

Come on!

This is how synergy is created on Fridays and synergy is the best! Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term “synergy” comes from the Attic Greek word “synergia” from “synergos”, meaning “working together”.

Synergy would happen if we would all watch at the same time the videos from the latest “The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon” with Michelle Obama as Jimmy’s guest.

I bet we all now smile at the sight of these two people who – yes! – know television, but soul, humour, candour, honesty are things that get through screens or pictures.

We smile when we see souls. Or a smile. A heartfelt laugh. Heart! Sneezing is contagious but we all know how a smile is. A genuine one. It connects hearts.

This is what the First Lady has been doing. Spreading smiles all over the world, making the world fall in love with her. Just as Obama did. How not to?

And her being in love with him. Ooh-la-la!

A high position, maybe the highest in the world, does not only mean power the way we’re most used to. It, moreover, means the power of example. Which we all know, we just choose not to grant too much importance to, for one reason or another. It might be the lack of trust. In oneself, in the first place. The most important of the trusts, in fact.

Once we fill our hearts with the good – we wish for us and our closest ones and then, little by little, the whole world – it is very possible that the world becomes eventually a better place. A world of seven billion hearts. Imagine the synergy!

Let’s, therefore, look at first into our own souls and be grateful.

Do everything we have to do as best as we can and never forget to have fun.

Because it’s Friday and because we only have one life!

My suggestion for you on this day (and weekend)? As much Jimmy as possible!

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Sing Along, Watch "Sing Street" And Wear The ’80s

January 03, 2017

1st of January should be declared the hangover day (if one hasn’t already). A good kind of hangover that makes you loosen up your mind and laugh at every joke while wearing the most hugging-your-body clothes ever can turn the first day of the year into a day out of this planet (more…)

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Singing In The Car Is Gaga!

October 27, 2016

What would be the odds if you were actually in the car right now, reading this? You might wanna finish it and then see what.

They say that nothing on tv right now is real anymore. We are talking shows here. That all the dialogs and singing and everything that seems so spontaneous, in fact, it is not. Unpremeditated or not, there are shows that totally rock and others that not, so no matter the circumstances… F*ck that! Wether something is previously directed or not, who cares? As long as the result makes you feel something cool. Here.

Singing and, better yet, interpreting like that, with a brief list of people in the car is one of the best feelings. Ever! It takes just a ride, sometimes, to get one’s spirit high. A ride and some good music.

Improvising conversations on the spot with a even briefer list of people does not only get you high, but also on a boat which takes you far away into whatever you want to imagine.

Even during meetings. And this is the emotion this specific “Carpool Karaoke” triggered in me. Only to be tried if still able to be focused on meetings duh. Both of us laying on a blanket, forgetting about the world (with the world, basically, in front of us) on a side of a lake or having a cocktail we choose to share on a side of a pool, swinging legs very slowly – both in imagination and reality. We are in our own world then.

The s*it!

This is what Gaga and James did. They did their thing. Only in a car, alone, with just a couple of millions people watching. But who cares and who’s counting? There’s only one Gaga – that’s fo sho! – who can pull those “fashion fails” off and turn them into statements.

There’s only one you.

And one other thing trigging in me right now is looking forward to getting in the car and sing!

P.S.: it’s the brief list of people that has to be real af.

It’s hard to feel the ruuuuush, to brush the dangeroooooous
I’m gonna run right to, to the eeeeeedge with you
Where we can both fall faaaaar in love

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When The Voice Meets The Face.

October 09, 2016


Alicia Keys got the keys. And myself from “Hello” which was her “Fallin'” which was her “rising”, actually. Into stardom. I have been watching her ever since and, just as she is not one of the flashy stars out there, I am not one desperate groupie. With Alicia is sort of like – call me crazy – friendship. She was there with my first crush, then disappointment, joy again, memories, singing about New York.

I’ve been there for her when in love, singing, getting married, having a kid, singing some more live music. We’ve been through stuff together.

Now, after so many years of “relationship”, I look at her from a distance. Both metaphorically and literally, obviously. Alicia is totally herself, just like back in the days. It feels good and liberating. Somehow. For not feeling awkward for being myself (and playing with making the most of it in every way) in this very guarded and multi faced world.

If you watched the video – hey, click play – and if you smiled and felt like tiny fireworks were popping up inside you, then you know.

We can hug and have some cheese.

While listening to her live performance (below) from iTunes festival some time ago. It randomly started on Youtube.

Then, I go back to writing and you go back to yourself. Alicia is here singing all along, her voice goes a bit wrong, but in the most imperfectly, beautiful and human sound. Yes, she feels real and real is pretty rare these days, though reality keeps on striking us at every corner. See, now if everyone and everything were real, there wouldn’t be any more strikings of any kind whatsoever.

Except for the storm strikings all right. They’re cool. They’re sexy. What?

The voice is so warm, she speaks right through the speakers. These all and her riding this huge makeup-free wave she’s riding.

This isn’t really a big statement. She’s just loving where she is.“, the one-named makeup artist widely known for her organic ethos and vegan sensibilities, Dotti, told W.

She knows you have to invest internally for your skin to look great externally. It’s also about how you process your energy. She comes from a very strong place and she comes from a very kind place. That in itself is super important. But it’s about the choices she’s making and the products she’s using. It’s the work of a good team.

So it is a squad involved there, yes, but so is the energy, baby.


Right now, we’re doing a lot of ice work to tighten skin, bring the blood to the surface. To basically give it the pop that you need…I stick a jade roller in ice, so it’s basically freezing when I roll it over her skin. I really, really work into all those areas where I want blood and water and energy brought to the surface. It brings her skin to life, it practically makes her skin say, ‘Hi. I love you’.


I am going to stick my face into ice – my whole self, hopefully – put some clothes on that say “Hi. I love you.“, run out the door and make the most of it.


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The-Summer-Of-2016 Souvenir

August 31, 2016


A souvenir which, actually, wasn’t even made in 2016, but in 2012 and this is how fashion is not just about the nowadays trends or “musts”. As long as you feel a connection to it, go for it. Regardless of almost anything and by “almost” I mean you not being an asshole and you are an unicorn so you can wear whatever. #becoolbegood

A connection?, you.

Being a person is getting too complicated, it’s time to be a unicorn, me.

Can you believe I wanted the scarf because I really like Consuelo Castiglioni? Ok, the scarf and Marni (it is a h&m x Marni scarf), too. Yet, I hadn’t got it back in ’12 due to my belief that there’s always time. There wasn’t  any and it was sold out. Faith is, a couple years (!) later (4!), a dear person in my life offered it to me as a gift after me previously mentioning it. And she hadn’t even worn it.


And so now it was mine. Mine, mine, mine. Oh, and I have been wearing it.

The whole summer and today, on 31st of August, I do not show any intent of stopping.

Every summer I have this one thing I could wear over and over again. I just can’t get enough of it. I couldn’t have let the last official day of summer to pass and not give a round of applause to the thing that will always be the-summer-of-2016 souvenir to me.

The dots, colours, silk, prints combination, Consuelo or the story above, Idk. But it got me and I wanted to have it with me almost everywhere. Just like when you love someone and you want to take them to your couch on Friday evenings, to your kitchen for breakfasts, on a blanket under the stars and talk about the universe at 3 a.m.. Pf!

A scarf has been a very big deal in ‘fæʃən for quite some time now and it’s been everywhere suggested to be worn around head, neck, wrists, ankles. Oh, ankles! I haven’t yet checked them, but am going to. My summer vacation is just about to get started. Can you believe it? Me neither.

Anyway, I bet you are already on your way to the closet to get that one piece out and I am yada-yadaing here by myself, but hat’s all right.

Now you are making connections and I get to be an unicorn!












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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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