Fridaze For Real #1

This is the first out of what is about to become the Friday routine. Feel free to join anytime. And also the perfect time for you to read this on Friday. Fridaze for real. Free Fridays for real. And so on. Doesn’t Friday make you want to do things? Things you normally do howsoever during the…

4 Ways To Wear A Sweater. Rr.

It’s not even that cold outside yet and I’ve already worn a sweater like there was no tomorrow or no fall, like for a whole season. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and it has been quite a ride; it awakened my creativity each time I had to leave the house

When The Voice Meets The Face.

Alicia Keys got the keys. And myself from “Hello” which was her “Fallin’” which was her “rising”, actually. Into stardom. I have been watching her ever since and, just as she is not one of the flashy stars out there, I am not one desperate groupie. With Alicia is

Fall Fling

“I am doing this one more time, mom!” Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny…

The-Summer-Of-2016 Souvenir

A souvenir which, actually, wasn’t even made in 2016, but in 2012 and this is how fashion is not just about the nowadays trends or “musts”. As long as you feel a connection to it, go for it. Regardless of almost anything and by “almost” I mean you not being an asshole and you are an unicorn so

Yeah, Baby, Twist!

There are days when you have to leave in the morning and you have no idea when you’ll be back and you need an outfit that you know is going to make you feel like the rockstar that you are. Through the whole day. On the inside. Because yes, this is what clothes can do…

THE wedding drill. Or any drill, for that matter.

If you have been invited and are actually going to a wedding the next weekend and you want so much to not feel like a bridesmaid when, in fact, you aren’t one and get out of the “same ol’ same ol'” routine and do things just a little (or a lot, good for you!) different,…

Who run the world? Pineapples

And we need to celebrate this. Or better yet, become pineapples! What? Oh come on, we know the drill, we know our imagination, we know we like to talk metaphorically here. It’s us! Come on, go to your room/bathroom or magically do it on the spot. Let’s do it together, in fact.

What do YOU like?

It is very important, I have come to comprehend, that you like things. In general, not just clothes, since this is about fashion, but fashion in a different way. In a YOU way. So when you really enjoy something you eat, you enjoy something you eat. You would cry out of pleasure.

Escape into yourself and then, well, on the beach

Do you know the “Dixit” card game? I am so not a board games kinda gamer, I can literally fall asleep while waiting in line watching. The board! The same board. With Dixit, though, it’s different.  It triggers your imagination. This is what happened with the picture above, too. My mind just went from the peak of the…

It is always about the “Je ne sais quoi”…

Saluuut [səˈlut]! Only say it with the Hellooo tone, you know. “I’ve always wanted to learn French and drink wine before noon”, said Carrie Bradshaw and probably a whole quarter of our planet. Un quart de notre planète. “Et voilà!”, said I while looking at

Batgirl in Nikes and a shirt dress

May Batman be with you. Better yet, you be your own Batman. Do you shadow play? What? With your hands. You know how to make Batman? From hands’ shadow. What? It’s called shadowgraphy

Our little Prince

I was 10 or smth when my brother was pretty tipsy on his birthday and it was only after all the guests left that he lifted me up on his shoulders holding my ankles (you know the drill) and danced with me. Danced by himself with myself attached to him. “Purple rain” was the song he

Do You Like to Do It Yourself? #selfie

I really don’t see that much of a difference (in fact none) between taking the picture yourself prior to posting it and having someone taking the picture of yourself and then posting it. Wherever. If you are going public with it, then it really doesn’t matter. Debatable on “hashtag selfie”, though.

Go With the Flow or What

And I am writing this just now (as in not earlier) because of the flow. Mantras, you know? I was perfectly fine with one of mine until I bumped into another one. “Go with the flow” used to be the one I’ve been believing in.