Untold. I Will Tell You

Is the title I came up with for the weekend that had just ended. The titles I dragged, the morning after it, from my partner in hugging and friends that joined me through it were: S: Party. Road. Trip. Chaos. Adequate (?!). A: Boomerang. Rave. Jump. Chaos. Raspberry. M: Giving.

One outfit one very fine day

“Great expectations” are great and they usually come when unexpected which turn them from expectations into feelings and experiences and people you hadn’t even thought about thinking. Meeting. These are, to me, great expectations. The movie is great, tho’. You gotta take life as it is and

It is always about the “Je ne sais quoi”…

Saluuut [səˈlut]! Only say it with the Hellooo tone, you know. “I’ve always wanted to learn French and drink wine before noon”, said Carrie Bradshaw and probably a whole quarter of our planet. Un quart de notre planète. “Et voilà!”, said I while looking at

Go With the Flow or What

And I am writing this just now (as in not earlier) because of the flow. Mantras, you know? I was perfectly fine with one of mine until I bumped into another one. “Go with the flow” used to be the one I’ve been believing in.

Flying solo and drinking red wine on a Monday noon? Priceleeess

Unless sharing with the one, you know me. I’m taking pictures and that may seem lame. No, it’s not! Pictures are so fun! Even when alone, sitting next to a very hip stranger and his very loud music in his headphones. Oh, I can do better! He only has water. I am having wine and I am listening…