The SPOTLIGHTs of the Oscars 2016

February 29, 2016

Welcome to the 88th Academy Award!

And the winners are.

That was quick.

Best picture – “Spotlight” directed by Tom McCarthy

Best actor in leading role – Leonardo DiCaprio (the standing ovations and smiles were almost as   emotional (and cool) as Leo’s speech)



Best actress in leading role – Brie Larson

Best director –  Alejandro González Iñárritu for “The Revenant”

Best supporting actress – Alicia Vikander in “The Danish Girls”

Best supporting actor – Mark Rylance in “Bridge of spies”

Best original score – Ennio Morricone for “The hateful eight” (Finally!)

Best original song – Sam Smith, “Writing’s on the wall” for “Spectre”

Best documentary – “Amy” by Asif Kapadia

Best cinematography – Emmanuel Lubezki for “The Revenant”

Best writing adapted screenplay – Adam McKay for “The Big Short”

Best visual effects – Andrew Whitehurst, Paul Norris, Mark Ardington, Sara Bennett for “Ex Machina”


Here are the beauties and the beasts of the red carpet. Beasts? Neah, the badasses. The beauties remain the beauties.

Cate Blanchett. Few could have pulled this off. Rephrase. Only Blanchett could. Cate Blanchett.

Armani Privé

Now. I love (love!) Alicia Vikander, but. But. She has had so much better appearances here, here, here. Yet, the instant she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and gave a cute and emotional speech, suddenly, right then and there the dress and the bun on her head shined like there was no tomorrow. She was the belle of the ball.

Louis Vuitton

ozinparis Alicia Vikander

Olivia Wilde looked a lot like Alicia above just a month ago and looked gorgeous doing it.

Valentino Haute Couture

Charlize Theron. On the red carpet I saw the beauty of Charlize, but then when she presented the award for best writing, the necklace and dress helped her shine even more and then I got it.


ozinparis-getty images emily blunt charlize theron

Naomi Watts. Rocking it yet again.

Armani Privé

Julianne Moore wears Chanel and acts accordingly.

ozinparis-88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Chanel Haute Couture

Jennifer Lawrence. Loved the lots of skin and no jewellery effect.

Dior Couture

Rooney Mara. The dress in combination with these beauty details? Very cool.

ozinparis-88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Margot Robbie and that tassel!

Tom Ford
Tom Ford

Lady Gaga and the oldschool Hollywood glamour.

Brandon Maxwell

Brie Larson. She was the official winner. Of the Oscar. Bravo!

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Now roar.

Benicio Del Toro

Can you hear the drums?

Leonardo DiCaprio
attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.
J. K. Simmons
Christian Bale
Michael Keaton
Jacob Tremblay

For Tom Hardy it wasn’t enough. He not only brought the sunglasses with him and has himself on the phone case (?!?!? I refuse to believe that!), but he took a picture with Leo. Who! Is even more of a badass and didn’t even look in the camera for the picture Tom Hardy himself took, the picture that was going to take over the world.


“Writing’s on the wall” was gracefully performed by Sam Smith and later, eventually, won the Oscar. Neah, I’m kidding. I am not, but I was so sure Gaga was going to win, though thought The Weeknd’s “Earned it” earned it all along. Only for the “Fifty shades of grey” to erase its shameful shades (in fact, I haven’t even watched the film just because of the shame I read literally everywhere). Literally everywhere was “Earned it” anyway and we all have been loving The Weeknd ever since. Well, I have.

The Weeknd was high, but not as in his “High for this”, but as in high in his lungs while performing  at the Oscars. His smile while singing, tho’…

The goosebumps of the night came from Lady Gaga’s performance.

The directing of the show was great. There should be an Oscar for that, too. A Golden Globe would be more appropriate. But these were the Oscars of 2016 an it was fun!


“Thank you, Brooklyn!”, Chris Rock.

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New York Fashion Week FW2016

February 28, 2016

The shows. Both on the catwalks and on the streets.

I wonder what’s the heaviest nowadays. As in on a scale. What the models flaunted on the catwalks or what Lena Perminova (or alike) wore on the streets. You know what shoes to buy for the upcoming summeeeer! Mira Duma wore them. So you open the very cleverly made title of the magazine’s post that, obviously, won’t show you the shoes right there and then. Click and then you’ll know. So you click. And boom, you know. Now you know!

No judging, this is what Internet is all about. Clicking. Seeing. Dreaming. Wanting. Working for it.

I don’t know why I intentionally cut that.

About that “wanting”. Let me show you something. You will want. And work for. I feel you, ma’ friend. It’s about the shows and their drama. Or ours. In the good way, of course.

As humans are still going to get cold, when it will be cold out in about 8 months or so, they can check what the designers from New York Fashion Week suggest for them to wear in the (my) selection below. You can do it, too, if you are a human. Hello, human!

And for the fashion week cover up there must be the shows, the outfits of the designers (which is becoming a hit) and the street style, so ta-da. Let me explain.

The cool-girl mishmash stylings of Clare Waight Keller at See by Chloé mishmashed or just mished or just mashed with my mind, too. What? And I loved it.

ozinparis-10-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-12-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-04-see-by-chloe-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

Rosie Assoulin I would just wear anytime. All the time. Wouldn’t you? Yes, the entire Instagram community and us.

ozinparis-23-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-02-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-16-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-36-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-34-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear ozinparis-25-rosie-assoulin-fall-2016-ready-to-wear

The easiness of Creatures of Comfort may both give you the right kind of comfort and can make the right kind of creature out of you. Yu-hu.

ozinparis-creatures of confort ozinparis-creatures of confort 2

Proenza Schouler just launched this bag trend (or were just being protective of burglars lol) and did a heck out of a feminine layering.

ozinparis-proenza schouler 1 ozinparis-proenza schouler 2

Carolina Herrera‘s. Now these may look like very rich night gowns, but these are not. Still very rich, only day gowns. That is if a day gown is a ball gown to you.

ozinparis-carolina herrera 3 ozinparis-carolina herrera 1ozinparis-carolina herrera 2

Suno. Because beautiful, clean, twisted and so-oh feminine.

ozinparis_MON0158 ozinparis_MON0681 ozinparis_MON0090

Rodarte shooowed us sooome cuffs! And chokers.

ozinparis-rodarte 1 ozinparis-_ARC0388 ozinparis-rodarte 3

The Row had me at this picture.


But these were pretty cool, too. Very.

ozinparis-the row 1 ozinparis-the row2 ozinparis-the row 3

Victoria Beckham is very interesting to stalk. Especially at the end of her show where she wore a sweater and no bra.


Ralph Lauren who somehow outshines even the models of his shows.


Pictures via Vogue Runway.

Oh and Zimmermann‘s backstage Instagram picture had to be in your account if the dress is still not. I have the picture on mine. You may have the dress. What a deal!


NYFW Street style, everyone! Via Vogue.com.

04-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 03-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw16 02-street-style-phil-oh-day-2 nyfw-street-day-5-part-2-7 25-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 12-street-style-phil-oh-fw16 08-street-style-phil-oh-day-8-fw1603-street-style-phil-oh-fw16


Top NY fall/winter 2016 trends are: velvet, ruffles, high necks, luxurious details, rich cuffs, extra large everything, extra long sleeves, dusty pink, shades of tan, shiny fabrics, checks, turtlenecks under anything, dresses over pants, checks, pantsuits. It all tends to be extra. Extra this, extra that. You choose your extra. Be extra. Extra what you want. What do you want?

All from the above or just Diane von Furstenberg‘s words at the end of her NY show: “This season’s collection is full of love power. It’s about great clothes, fun clothes, layering, but it’s, more then ever, clothes that are the girls’ best friends.”


by Cristina Pavelescu

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The Haute In The Paris Couture Spring 2016

January 30, 2016


Your typical Saturday let’s-go-for-a-coffee attire. In your dreams. Unless you’re Lena Perminova or Giovana Battaglia. Then you can go for a coffee on a chill Saturday morning wearing haute couture.

You know when you’re dreaming and you are all dressed up, but then again you are just going to your local coffee shop and then you wonder how come were you wearing that? You must have gone to a ball (a party would always also do) the night before and these were the after hours already. Yes, yes, that’s it.

This is an amusing (do you sense the difference between amusing and funny?) introduction to a very serious content. The haute couture fashion content. Uu. It’s pronounced [ot kuˈtyʁ] in French and it actually means high not hot and it only takes place in Paris. Où d’autre? The “haute” and the “couture” (“dressmaking” translated from French, “fashion” translated into any language).

Haute couture is all about handmade, extreme attention to detail, expensive fabrics and often custom made for a client. It takes infinite hours of work and potentially (hopefully) lasts a lifetime, the antithesis of fast fashion’s notorious processes and disposability. If chosen well, they will look just as beautiful and “in-fashion” ten years from now.

You just have to choose from this week’s fashion shows, this week’s haute couture fashion shows in Paris. This is what I chose. À plus! 


Armani Privé by Giorgio Armani. The way it has always been done, it is supposed to be done. The couture is splendid and is there just to compliment the wearer. Never vice versa.

OZinPARIS Armani Prive5 OZinPARIS Armani Prive4 OZinPARIS Armani Prive3 OZinPARIS Armani Prive2 OZinPARIS Armani Prive1 OZinParis Armani Prive 6

Giambattista Valli by Giambattista Valli. The collection was inspired by the jardins du Paris. And I could tell you just anything now, but when you’ll see this dress you won’t listen. This dress:

OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 3 OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 2 OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 2OZinPARIS Giambattista Valli 4

Jean Paul Gaultier by Jean Paul Gaultier. From all the couture shows, this particular show embodies not only the dresses, but the girls. Man, their attitude! Fun! And pleasure! Gaultier’s couture (and show) was inspired by Paris. Yet again. By the nightclub LePalace, back in the days, where Grace Jones wrapped herself in a scarf handed by Yves Saint Laurent after once being stripped naked by fans just before performing on stage. Uh-la-la, intense…

OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 1 OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 2 OZinPARIS Jean Paul Gaultier 3

Maison Margiela by John Galliano. The perfect form of art when too much is perfect and all you ca do is just surrender, lay back and enjoy the show. Or get in it.

OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 2 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 4 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 3 OZinPARIS Maison Martin Margiela 1

Ulyanna Sergeenko by Ulyanna Sergeenko. It is reportedly said that each of these dresses took about five months to be made. To me,it could have been five hours. I would have loved them the same. The 80’s silhouettes are making a huge comeback. Bonjour!

OZinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko1 OZinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko 2 OzinPARIS Ulyana Sergeenko 3

Valentino by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. You would smell a Valentino dress from afar and uh, it smells… Noble.

OZinPARIS Valentino 1 OZinPARIS Valentino 2 OZinPARIS Valentino 3 OZinPARIS Valentino 4

Viktor & Rolf by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. I bet Lady Gaga has them on speed dial.

OZinPARIS Viktor&Rolf OZinPARIS Viktor&Rolf 3

Elie Saab by Elie Saab. “India is her backdrop and her inspiration for a new blend of formalism and ease, opulence and elementary lines.”, Saab. “Her” being an Englishwoman travelling to India. I would travel like this.

OZinPARIS Elie Saab 2 OZinPARIS Elie Saab 3 OZinPARIS Elie Saab 1

Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel is well… Chanel.

OZinPARIS Chanel 2 OZinPARIS Chanel 3 OZinPARIS Chanel 4 OZinPARIS Chanel 6 OZinPARIS Chanel

Aouadi by Yacine Aouadi. Yacine Aouadi said his dream would be to design for Chanel. Now that’s a big dream. He dreams big, but then again everyone is talking about dreaming big, so you never know. What I know is that the complexity of his looks is actually really light. Light as in not heavy. You know? Moreover, the attention this man is giving to the back of the outfit also is refreshing. So fresh, yet so couture. “Rrr”… In French.

OZinPARIS AouadiOZinPARIS Aouadi 1 OZinPARIS Aouadi 2 OZinPARIS Aouadi 3 OZinPARIS Aouadi 4

Photos via Vogue Runway.

I am putting my haute couture (to be read “jeans”) on and going to grab a coffee.


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How many is too many?

January 25, 2016

Times you can wear an outfit or that one item you can not go not noticed with on.

I love wearing black and not giving “a fack” just as much as I love to wear pyjamas (although to me it is kinda the same thing) and just as much as I love (more…)

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When in doubt, do it

January 05, 2016

Yet, better said, though it wouldn’t have sounded the same, would be: when in super cold, do it. Don’t even think about it. Do it! See? It shrinks the circle of the possible situations.

But then again, when in doubt of anything, do it.


I wish I would’ve written here that I did something outrageous, but you can already sense the upcoming “but”. Interesting choice of words.

And of layers. Since this is the hood from his jacket. The Spanish dancing emoji.

Because I not only stole the sweat from him, but he actually, eventually, when seeing me shaking my head and not in the dancing direction that I would usually do, while having the best coffee in town and not really succeeding in sticking my lips to the cup, gave me the hood of his jacket. Awm. I know.

And then I thought “Hey…”.


And this was that kind of morning when you don’t want to even think about what to cover your body with. You just put some of your favourites on and the day won’t be anything but beautiful. At heart. Since outside it is anything but… Beautiful. But beautiful is so subjective.

Bugs is beautiful.



I stole the sweat (Bugs made me do it), but the hood stole my heart. And my brain’s appreciation. The emojiis on the face below.



Brrrr see ya!


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Be You Or Be Them? Duh.

October 25, 2015
It is said that no one enters your life for no reason. The link might be so subtle that you wouldn’t even say there is one. And it always is one. The one.

What if it’s the same with clothes?



As in don’t struggle to find the white Adidas sneakers just to fit in the standards.


It is one of the fashion world’s statements for some time now. You just have to have them and everybody knows. That you’re from there. From the world. And this is when you kind of force it.


It’s the same with people – the statement we started from.

Yet again a statement, yes. “Do you wanna be the same as everybody else?”, a great friend asked me in my pursuit of a “famous” pair of sneakers. “F no!”, I responded obviously. And I got these babies. Randomly. And nothing is random, anyway.

The friend? The friendship happened so genuinely that this is the first time that I get to realise just how genuine it all has been. And supposed to be in life.

Instead of finding yourself and finding the clothes (and shoes) that will take you places, you let the clothes (and the shoes) to take you places. You let yourself be guided by them. Sort of. To fit in.

But why would you? Don’t. Have fun! Fun!

Great, now I’m never getting these.

Straight face emoji.


But maybe i’m getting these though, you know?


Though, I never actually liked these. Ok, maybe only when All Saints wore them. But I never liked bandage dresses either. No “Ok, maybe only when…” here.

But oh, when I like something! I stare.


Why get the “what everybody has” anyway? I guess it’s easier. It skips the starring part. But then where’s the fun?

Let your mind be free and let it be.






Written by Cristina Pavelescu

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Do you have riri days like this?

October 08, 2015


Days you just wish you could stay in bed and read. And drink black tea with honey. And watch movies. Or music videos. And order pizza. In bed! But you can not. Ewrrr. Yet you would do anything that’s close to it. I know I will.

I will wrap myself up in the most cosiest of the cosiest clothes, let my hair down in a messy (yet chic!) way, grab the best coffee and do my best at whateva’ I’m doing.

Like Rihanna did here when hopping off the plane at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris for the – oui! – #pfw.


Her allure screams (not the most suitable word here) cozy and cool. Even in black. Or most of all in black, in no-muss-no-fuss black. Sexy black. Don’t you find that sexy? I do. Sexy as hell. The cut of her baggy sweatpants and hoodie goes beyond her body, having the pants flowing on the ground (I agree, few people could do that no matter where they live on this planet) and the sleeves dangling. Chilling.

Don’t go and criticise now. Or do. Whatever. But! This is Vetements designing and having everyone in Paris, last week, talk about, applaud and crave for it! These are the new kids on the block, literally, and they know their s*it. So good, that the head of it, Demna Gvasalia was announced as the artistic director to replace Alexander Wang at Balenciaga.

Stay tuned as the hoodie is, yet again, back.

Oh, and by the way, just fyi, I am writing this from the top of my bed.

Should I say this is due to the terrible cold I have for weeks now? Neah, I’ll let you imagine I am just randomly doing this on a Thursday like a boss. Come on, dream with me!


Speaking of Rihanna and stuff one loves.

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The Gym Coordination

August 02, 2015


Should we hit the gym today?, he asked. Oh, gym. F*uck. And then the drill spins around in my head like crazy. Yes, today is a gym day!, I said to myself. Why?, you may ask yourself. Because it’s the doing my hair day. Now guys be like Dafaq? and girls be like I hear you, girl!.

So, it’s basically a pity not to go to the gym the day you do your hair. Unless you have the perfect hair and you can just wash it everyday with no styling whatsoever. What’s your name and how do you do it? Or you have the time and patience not just to wash it daily, but also to style it daily. Uh, that would mean gym daily. It’s the rule.


Imagine that! Your hair and your body perfect everyday.

Neah, who wants perfect? I do. No, really? Really! I am a foodie and a lover of the second-day hair. The laid-back-had-a-wonderful-night hair. And this is transforming into a hairy situation, when it all began with the gym situation. You see? This is how important hair is to us, girls. We have to coordinate the hair day with the gym day. Come ooon! Who just goes to sweat after blowout? And coconut embellishment. News anchors!

And I’m talking gym sweating. Not “hmhm” sweating. This one just makes the hair look better. Awesome!

The gym is not really my thing. I do it because I have to do it. And because I love food. And because, lately, I get to watch Ally McBeal while on the treadmill. Yes, just like laying on the couch and watching tv. Not.


Talking about coordination.

They say a coffee an hour prior to your routine will do magic. And it will. It’ll boost your energy. Your mood. Your inner sense. And pleasure! Pleasure? Yes! Yes, yes!

Now you know.

Going to gym is low key and time for yourself to be with yourself. But doesn’t clothing feel the same? Don’t you feel better when you’re wearing something you like? Not better. Awesome? Just put your favourite workout outfit on, if you have one. “Oh, c’mon, does it really have to be about outfits here, too?”. Of course not. It’s about joy.


Bring your bf or wear him. Or just a colour that brightens your eyes up. Or just black. Head-to-toe black. Leave me alone kinda black. It’s me, my music, my world for a whole hour. Hell yeah! Music is crucial. Don’t you hate that workout music? Jees. Whatever sets you on and gets your butt moving. Your dreams. Your crush. Your memories on your ipod, for God’s sake!

Don’t you feel like working out now? No? I hear you. Hit the club and dance tonight! Same thing. Best thing.

image1xxl-4 image4xxl image1xxl-5image1xxl-7image1xxl-6 image1xxl image2xxl image1xxl-2 image4xxl-1 image1xxl-3 image1xxl-1

Pictures via asos.com.

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This Is Not Just Street Style

July 25, 2015

Ok now, so this got out of control.

My desktop can’t do this anymore! I keep on telling myself it that I’m going to do the “foldering-into-folders-thing”. I love looking up for photos on the internet (duh) and, apparently, saving lots of them. And not do the foldering thing and keep on dragging and dropping pictures on the, that’s right, desktop. No, you don’t want to see the print screen.

I love watching, observing, staring. I just need a glimpse and a click and I know, so the process of looking at pictures is really fast and they always end up both on my retina and on my desktop. Yay.


It’s the best inspiration. And school. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean. Anything you do, you take up, you learn or whatever has to come second to your interest and devotion. Or passion. It is these kind of things that make you realise what you really like, then that make you really good at, then that shape you up as a pro, then that overfill your desktop, bed, car. With clothes, that is.

It’s the same with photography or any passion for that matter, I bet. Look at Adam Katz Sinding and his website, if you know what I mean. See the “ABOUT” section and you’ll know.

Oh, and the photos below via W.

AKS2073 AKS6637 AKS0814 AKS0792 AKS9415 AKS1331 AKS1425 AKS1699 AKS0946 AKS2759 AKS0642 AKS9333 AKS0744 AKS2667 AKS0796 AKS2282 AKS0165 AKS2430 AKS0824 AKS0968 AKS1863 AKS1712 AKS9452


The pictures just arrived safely to the “whole lotta inspiration” folder.

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Jump For The Jumpsuit

July 11, 2015
Because it is the coolest. When in doubt of what to wear, throw on a jumpsuit and you’re done. You’re not. You’ll feel like jumping. Actually you won’t, but your mind will for sure, since the dressing up problem will be so-o-oh solved. Jump into one and you’re done. Now this is the right order of words. Oh yea!

You can actually wear one from morning ’till dawn until you’re done. See my point? You had your whole day for working, walking, waking (lifting-shoulders-rising-arms emoji) in your jumpsuit, playing it cool, playing the je-m’en-fiche, just playing (since you’re in a jumpsuit!) and your trainers. Unlike myself; I am still looking for my perfect pair of traineeeers. My perfect white pair of traineeeers. With stars on the sides. Carelessly-whistling emoji.


Until then, since I haven’t found the much-wanted tassels around my neck, I will wear them around my feet. Approximately. Slipped into them, too. Uhu. The white trainers so could’ve worked it better. They will.


The straps are supposed to be tied around the neck. Instead I X-ed them, as X-ibit does. Why? Lotsa skin. And not so much time to pick up any necklaces from home. The straps did the trick. See above.

The hair? Don’t care!


You are trying not to look at your phone too much. But you can hear it ringiiing. Yup, your girlfriends are calling you out on the playground Remember the times?  and you so want to goooo. Done. Done. And done! Mess up your hair and you are ready to go, my friend! If only it would be that easy. It can be, you know? Still, I feel like heels. Tadaa! I have them with me.

I am either wearing these if it’s hot I almost take a shower in the streets.


Or these if it’s that lovy-dovy-windy-summerishy we all love that we almost kiss in the streets. We can still do this even when shower from above is involved. Uh!


Either way, I have my earrings on! Something to rhyme with on.


And my party mood on. On and on. There.

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Watch And Learn And Play

July 09, 2015


The long hours in front of your computer when all you should be (if not must be) doing is working, or reading, or sleeping. Doing what? Online window shopping? Yup! Actually they don’t even seem so long. No? You’re browsing and browsing, saying to yourself: Ok, one more page and that’s it, I’m closing this!. And you’re like by page 13 already, out of just the third category, out of just 30 categories. No biggy.

So! Just for your information, this could have actually helped you. Or made you cry when your basket was beyond any Santa’s expectations. I feel you. Don’t! Cry. Look at the bright side and feel good about yourself when imagining awesomeness in your closet since you learned a lot of things. Don’t! Laugh. And this is not a joke.

Browsing through all these online shopping websites that have good styling can actually teach you some really fun mixing, inform you on the up-to-date collections and make your imagination, next time you are going to shop for real, go wild.


Below is just a selection of today’s window shopping. They didn’t invent this phrase for nothing anyway! And again, below! each picture is a little something for you to notice. For when browsing this, but also for when almost falling asleep next time you keep on pushing the “Next” button all over again on your favourite online shopping website.

oz jumpsuit

So fresh and so clean, clean. Via net-a-porter

oz jumpsuit net

No muss, no fuss. Via net-a-porter

jumpsuit oz

Lotsa playing. Via net-a-porter


Uh! Plus the chocker and the slippers. Via net-a-porter


Nice and easy. And elegant. This word worked. Via net-a-porter


Aaa! Love it. The dress, the J-Crews and the twist of the jacket! Via net-a-porter


Marjela!!! (Should I say it’s a spelling joke or would it be too geeky? Well…) Via net-a-porter


I would so go for nudes with this cooleria! Via net-a-porter


Cool. Sexy. Cool. Sexy. Via net-a-porter


Love the slippers twist. Via net-a-porter


Via net-a-porter


Via net-a-porter


Navy and black, baby! Via net-a-porter


You got it! Via net-a-porter


Mnice. Via asos


Would use some black strappy sandals, instead. Via asos


Hip, hip. Via asos


Let’s go dance, yo! Via asos


The way this makes me feel.” Via asos


Loot at my culottes! Via asos


Slick. Via farfetch


Out of the ordinary combo. Via farfetch


White, silver, black. Via farfetch


Something, something. Via zara


A couple (or more) shades of grey is always welcome. Via zara


Macarons all over the place. Via zara


A little bit of everything never hurt nobody. Via zara


Only I would’ve used black sandals. Via zara.

You see? Now I can’t stop! …Can I cry now?

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to! Never got the message of this song. Why would I want to cry at my own party? Let’s parteeeeeeey!

And enjoy the show!

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Random Sequins

May 18, 2015

When nothing is random anyway. But we just have to believe it is random, sometimes. Like this time around, for instance. Randomly on purpose or not. I was packing my suitcase for Liverpool when I completely forgot about the heels. Nothing is random anyway, yes, yay.

As I transformed my outfit into exactly what I wanted from the start somehow. And, believe me, I love, love heels. And I love, love the ocean. No connection.

My point exactly.


The special event I came here for took place last night, at a castle. Yes, a castle! Leasowe Castle on the Moreton beach, in Liverpool, the Beatles city.

oz castle moreton

oz sequinned sweatpants 20

Yes. So. When in panic, just put on your favourite clothes because they are going to make you feel like roller coaster riding. The trick is not to end up wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Unless the sequins are attached to the sweatpants, the t-shirt is a butterfly (or any other kind of insect or animal) and the sneakers have dots on them. Or whatever is fun on your sneakers. Your kind of fun. You know, you?

oz sequinned sweatpants 1

oz sequinned sweatpants 2

oz sequinned sweatpants 5

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 6

oz sequinned sweatpants 9

oz sequinned sweatpants 10

oz sequinned sweatpants 11

This all took 45 seconds, a glass of wine, a big hug (plus a conga dance and a massage) for the photographer (thx, king Julian!) and a whole lotta fun!

oz sequinned sweatpants 12

For my 9 months old niece. I fly.

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