The Universe Has Its Style And Magic Ways

February 12, 2019

 What are you wearing this very instant? Look at yourself and ask yourself why you’re wearing what you’re wearing. The thought process alone will make you have fun (luckily) and (and!) the answers will get yourself to know yourself better. Which is always fun! Is even more fun than the previous will make you have fun. This is the first question I – now come to realise – ask the people I’m working with on finding their style and it is only in this very first instant that their minds starts to wonder.

🥁 About clothes. 🥁

…That I start to have fun. The work had begun from What are you wearing this very instant? and this is how work is fun. The love for what clothes do to us all had begun somewhere around the age of five when I used to watch my mom getting dressed for work, anniversaries, anything.

It was never about clothes only. It still isn’t. And this is how the love gets bigger. Harder. It’s also the energy, the intuition, the chemistry, the hair, the good heart, the touch, the fun. Exploration is part of the journey to get to know yourself better and, only in the meantime, to get to know your style. Style is a form of expression (and of hiding, as Lady Gaga herself says) and let’s say you already knew this or it is here and now that you first find out about this, still, a new question arises during the journey: Are you willing to ask yourself questions? Furthermore, are you willing to explore? And finally (not sure about this finally) keep on exploring. No question mark. Life throughout life.

When Alina, one of the two owners at Experiment Point (20, Puțul lui Zamfir Street, Bucharest), asked me to style the clothes I had created with different brands in her store, sparkles sparked. Not only because I’m happy for Alina and Mădălina celebrating their dream of doing their own thing for more than six years already, but also for myself chin-chining their passion for style. It only took me ten minutes to put it all together thanks to the never ending work – disguised as fun from the age of five – happening in a specific place in my mind I hadn’t even ever considered as work (or information, at least). It, to the day, amazes me how passion always felt too good to consider as work, yet it has become the only way I think of work anymore.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember? We were all children back when asked. Yet we all (really) do have to grow up in order to stick to that spark. Remember that? You’d better in order to grow up. The spark.

Designer was my answer back in the time when I don’t even know where I knew the word from. I guess I just loved words and clothes from a very early age. Or has it always been that spark I have been in love with all along? Work got me exploring a whole lot of things that I, today, put together in a specific place in my mind and let them then flow through me. Through continuous exploration of what has always felt so natural to me. A natural I have always considered as natural as breathing and, therefore, thought everyone has been feeling.

You haven’t (ksnajsb.aksnd,ahba,bk)?! was the question I rather asked myself than others. And that is when I started talking. And considered the spark as working.

A whole lot of questions. And most people think it’s just clothes. Clothes, I’m with you! In you, as a matter of fact. I still do watch my mom getting dressed on different occasions and now she watches myself, also, getting dressed on different occasions. Thumbs up to me. Thumbs up to you, clothes!

Designer can mean a lot of things and designer has been getting me to a whole lot of places and meeting new faces even at times when designer wasn’t even on my mind. One can design one’s own life. Style. When you love something, you let that something freely flow through you and it gives you a glow. A spark. To do things, to love people and love seeing people finding their spark. Style.

While letting mine taking myself places, meeting faces.

The Flower Power Blouse lights one’s face and lets one wear it with pretty much any high waisted trousers, flared, straight or skinny, heels or no heels, hair high or down. The light brown stripe (in the fine fabric Alysi trousers) that connects the light brown in the blouse to the light brown in the Things Paloma S sneakers is the touch not many may observe, but one that will make you smile for sure.

The Electric Blue Dots Blouse features a front zipper which not only makes it easy to put on and get off, but also adjust to almost any kind of trousers (or a super short skirt, hm!) (or a super short pair of shorts hm, hm!). The instant I saw the leather look Nude trousers, I felt the blouse falling for them (she even whispered something to my ear), so I put them on right away; they will come home with me (and The Blouse) any time soon. The bow sandals were there to witness the promise.

The Red Dress and the Tela9 jacket might, at first, seem unexpected to be seen together, but the combination makes it feel kind of traditional British and the brown heeled Chie Mihara boots are here only to make us feel like at some sort of celebration. The jacket is pretty roomy for the ruffled dress to comfortably nest in.

Traditional, family and so on…

The Sleeveless Electric Blue Dots dress is as versatile as the Twinset sparkling cardigan. Wear them both with heels and you’ve got yourself a new look; maybe the reason behind my enthusiastic smile right here. I could already visualise and high-five it. High-five to you, too! The clash of blue and brown is a classic combination and classic is always in style. The clash of prints and textures, though, bring the combo to today and, trust me, is here to stay.

Prints are a bi deal this 2019 Spring, yay!

Every piece of these four is strong on its own, yet even stronger when together. One particular song comes to mind when looking at this look: Crazy Town’s Butterfly. It just does. It’s the textures, colours, details, movement, volumes, possibilities. The jacket is Alysi, the sweater is Tela9, the trousers are OZ and the shoes are Nice Things Paloma S.

Not only did the Electric Blue Dots Blouse fall in love with the previous Nude black trousers, but she also found herself a friend in this red pair of Twinset trousers. They are warm, joyful and always carry flowers. The Blouse always carries bubbles. The kind of friendship that lasts forever and spreads love all over. The white sneakers confirmed.

The Black Dress and nothing else. You are enough.


What is the song that always makes you dance? This might be the final question.




The final was a joke, who knows what final means anyway?

Right now, mine is:

And since forever, is:

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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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Lady Gaga Had No Clue About What Media Had Turned Her Valentino Dress Into And That’s Magic!

January 07, 2019

Lady Gaga attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

That’s how it’s done!
Lady Gaga took the head-to-toe look to the level of what head-to-toe literally means. Lavender blue, crisp and wonderful custom Valentino Couture dress. Most probably blue shoes, but that’s no news. And blue hair! A look that might go into the Golden Globes’ history forever. Gaga is forever. A Star Is Born is forever. There was no doubt Lady Gaga wouldn’t have taken the whole thing to forever.
And that’s so Gaga. Bow down, bi***es, as Béyonce would sing. Bey and Jay’s daughter’s name is Blue.

Photo: Getty Images

Hailing from the AW18 Couture collection, Gaga’s billowing frock is a pastel blue version of the darker colourway from the catwalk, and an homage to Judy Garland’s 1954 A Star Is Born look. Bravo to stylists Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout, who added a Tiffany necklace and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. We love how she’s gone full throttle matchy-matchy with dyed blue tresses too!, The Daily Mail.
The best part? The gown is a dead-ringer for a style worn by Judy Garland—the OG star of A Star Is Born—in the 1954 version, as pointed out on Twitter below. Beautiful, thoughtful, and on-theme: the perfect trifecta., Vogue.
… Is what the media says. Lady Gaga’s reaction to the comparison, nevertheless, is both priceless and sweet. She had no idea whatsoever about the analogy the interviewer at Entertainment Tonight made on the spot on her iPad, but was thrilled with it. Is it possible that stylists Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout along with Pierpaolo Piccioli didn’t have Judy Garland’s 1954 look in mind when creating Gaga’s look and it all just happened?

That sounds like magic!

Magic, it’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
Magic, magic, magic, magic
Magic, ha ha ha ha it’s magic
Ha ha
Yeah, yeah
It’s a kind of magic

Are the lyrics of Queen’s A Kind Of Magic.

Bohemian Rhapsody won the Golden Globe for Best Drama and Best Actor (Rami Malek).

Watch from 10:50.

Lady Gaga is head-to-toe gaga, that’s a fact. Lady Gaga channeling Judy Garland’s look from back in ’54 – as an idea – might have been a beautiful idea Lady Gaga would have liked and gracefully embraced. For Lady Gaga, though, to be compared with Judy Garland by a mere coincidence is pretty blissful. So maybe the stylists and Valentino’s creative director did know and Gaga didn’t, but then it’s still so very cute the way Lady Gaga responded to the affirmation live on the red carpet.

A diva.

It is all over the Internet. Lady Gaga pays tribute to Judy Garland’s 1954 release A Star Is Born at the Golden Globes 2019.

Judy Garland, 1954. Photo: Alamy

A Star Is Born is an American musical romantic drama film produced and directed by Bradley Cooper (in his directorial debut) and written by Eric Roth, Cooper and Will Fetters. It marks the fourth remake of the original 1937 film (starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March), the 1954 musical (starring Judy Garland and James Mason), the 1976 rock musical (starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson) and the 2013 Bollywood film Aashiqui 2.
Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress, yet won the internet over with her gown and the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture.
She must have dropped the mic in her mind. She’s too graceful to do it at the Golden Globes while in Valentino, but she just might do it with her friends at home, in the living room.

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My Heart On These Removable Sleeves And Cuffs

December 04, 2018

So I guess it takes a little extra of what you really believe in to just do it and start connecting the dots. Making clothes is one of the dots that create the thread called this 🥁 space 🥁. That little extra is in the sleeves, in the cuffs – check it out, aw! – that makes a girl go Waw.

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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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What Are The Sneakers Dafaq To Wear These Days?

November 05, 2018

Only the ones you really, really like, hey! Faq the trend if the trend is not you because hey, only you can be you, youhoo! You get the dafaq in the What Are The Sneakers Dafaq To Wear These Days?. It’s this pressure of wearing a specific kind of sneakers these days, when, in fact, sneakers are all about fun and comfort. Please consider pressure in the previous phrase as a synonym for trend.

For comfort and fun sneakers were invented in the first place and only many years later reinvented by the global fashion scene. We have been throwing parties ever since. When a trend that’s really good for most of the planet becomes a fashion international trend, it’s a cause for celebration. And through celebration only should a trend become a trend. Chin-chin?

When it does some sort of good to the world also. Chin-chin!

Yet, instead of people actually taking the time and figuring out exactly what pair os sneakers defines them better, people – most of the times – just dive into what the whole majority of the rest of the people is wearing. Doing. Etc. Losing their sense of style or, moreover, individuality. Of course, life is not only about that. Not only, but it is, nevertheless, about it also.

Individuality – always a cause for celebration.

Trends are for a majority of people trying to kind of look the same. But why? Isn’t special what is actually special in each and every one of us special? Trends are cool and established as trends for a reason – hopefully. A reason higher than manipulation only. A reason for comfort and fun.

Maybe special isn’t what everyone wants and that’s fine, because everyone should be able to want and do whatever everyone wants, right? And everyone is definitely not one and one is definitely not everyone.

Still, what do you want?

These are the sneakers showcased by the big fashion houses for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019.

Our picks:

Off-White Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
JW Anderson Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

See whether your picks:

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Prada Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Burberry Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Gucci Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue
Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018/2019. Photo credits @vogue

Sneakers have replaced stilettos as the staple of off-the-runway chic also and #streetstyle during fashion weeks is the window to the future, to the upcoming season, to the next fashion trends. These are the sneakers worn during the fashion weeks this last September.

Our picks:

Credits @sandrasemburg
Credits @sandrasemburg
Credits @sandrasemburg

Some more of #fw2019 #streetstyle:

Credits @sandrasemburg
Credits @sandrasemburg
Credits @sandrasemburg

Sneakers straight off the runways of the Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks are below and the trend that combines them all into one… Well, there is none. #youdoyou

Our picks:

Gucci Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2019
Dior Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

Now you do you:

Off White x Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit. Photo credits @vogue
Vetements x Reebok Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
Comme Des Garçons x Nike Shox Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
Prada Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
JW Anderson x Converse Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue
Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2019. Photo credits @vogue

However, the sneakers the whole world seems to run around and while running around in, are even called the best ugly sneakers are:

Balenciaga. Photo credits @Pinterest
Balenciaga. Photo Credits @Pinterest

Why though? Are you the whole world? Is the whole world you? Are you you? Oh, you simply like these sneakers? Oh, ok, nothing wrong with that then. As long as you really, really like them. Do you really, really like them? Ok, ok, just making sure. As long as #youdoyou. Yooou (the Robert de Niro tone and look).

In the meantime, I’m walking down the streets with my Nikes on. You know the song?

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Batman On Holiday

October 31, 2018

Now this is quite a vision. Just imagine Batman sipping on his Piña Colada in the Caribbean or riding some rollercoaster in Port Aventura (Barcelona) or dancing in the club post dancing at home with friends by his own disco ball. The latter Batman is myself enjoying a bodysuit I wouldn’t normally wear on a Wednesday and dreaming about the first two.

But a bodysuit I would definitely wear for Halloween. 

In the role of the first two sipping and riding is Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. I dream about the part of sipping and riding, obviously, am in awe of the artistic action, yet wish for each of us to want to be Batman in his own kind of Gotham.

It is unanimously believed that kids enjoy costuming more than adults do, but could it possibly be true? I don’t think so. Kids enjoy everything anyway because that’s what kids do. Adults, on the other hand, can’t just randomly get out of the house dressed as unicorns or Dracula.

When thinking of disguising, Jerry Seinfeld’s bit on Superman comes to mind every single time.

When thinking of disguising, Jerry Seinfeld’s bit on Superman comes to mind every single time.

The idea of wearing Superman’s pyjama is quite a drill, though. I would anytime use any excuse to wear pjs, hence I have been infusing pjs vibes within my style for as long as I can remember. Super fit clothes to me, however, embody what Halloween costumes stand for.


So, it only made sense for me to wear JLo’s bodysuit. Wait, wait. Wait up! I bought myself – when picking up pumpkins with my 4 and 5 year old nieces – a black velvet cape just in case I needed a costume. Batman had already been on my mind since I randomly ran into some fun Batman glasses a while ago.

Yet what about the costume?

I went to a costume shop. A true male Batman costume would have definitely made me feel like kid Seinfeld did in Superman. Was that my chance to wear Batman’s pyjamas? Oh, maaan! Speaking of men, I didn’t necessarily intend on a superhero male Halloween costume, but those hip glasses have been screaming from my wardrobe for quite some time now. I have, nevertheless, only wore them at home, since I found a real Batgirl mask to wear. A Batgirl mask, yet not a Batgirl costume. Girl! And this is where JLo came in, did the trick with her bodysuit and made me forget about the cape. Oh, girl!

Who would have thought there is a JLo costume for rent after all? For any kind of character to get into the rental costume shop is not a small thing to achieve, I think. Anyway, I had to follow my Batman costume construction. Black leggings were too JLo-wy and Christopher Nolan’s Batman has too much mysterious elegance going on around him at all times for me to be butt naked as Batwoman or something.

So I wore my black flared jeans underneath. Flares always have some kind of… Something going on. A little mysterious party on their own. One party for each foot.

And Halloween is about partying more than it is about scaring or eating candy, right? When have grown ups forgotten to enjoy everything just like kids do? Ask them next time you see them.

A rollercoaster has just been mentioned above, these days I’m reading George Saunders’ The Braindead Megaphone, fun is always on my mind, I went to the Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai like ten years ago, so it only made sense to leave this passage here:

Then the Navy Guys notice the Glowering Muttering Arabs, and it gets weirdly tense there in line. Luckily, it’s my turn to awkwardly blop into a tube, and off I go.

This ride involves a series of tremendous water jets that blast you, on your tube, to the top of Wild Wadi, where your recently purchased swim trunks having been driven  up your rear by the jets, you pause, looking out over the entire city – the miles of stone-white villas, the Burj Al Arab (sail-shaped, iconic, the world’s only seven-star hotel) out in the green-blue bay – just before you fly down so fast that you momentarily fear the next morning’s headline will read “Middle-aged American Dies in Freak Waterslide Mishap; Bathing Suit Found Far Up Ass.”


Be that as it may, in my tube at Wild Wadi, I have a mini-epiphany: given enough time, I realize, statistically, despite what it may look like at any given moment, we will all be brothers. All differences will be bred out. There will be no pure Arab, no pure Jew, no pure American American. The old dividers – nation, race, religion – will be overpowered by crossbreeding and by our mass media, our world Culture o’Enjoyment. 

Look what just happened here: hatred and tension were defused by Sudden Fun.


We, the New People, desire Fun and the Good Things of Life, and through Fun, we will be saved.


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One Fine Day Is Just An Outfit Away

August 22, 2018


One fine day may very well be referred to as one fine life in terms of an outfit that one might wear not only one day, but throughout an entire lifetime. A single day that feels like a lifetime. A lifetime that feels like a day. An outfit that feels like a lifetime.

Like, for instance, the outfit in the 1996 film, One Fine Day.

Michelle Pfeiffer is a single mom of a boy. George Clooney is a single dad of a girl. They meet in the morning and, well, figure out a lot of stuff until the night. We figure out a lot of stuff, too, when paying attention to Michelle’s outfit in particular from the beginning until the end of the movie. The rest of the crew is just as strong, nevertheless, as they are all together part, in the end, of a style that completes the story of it all.

And form that synergy we all crave for in movies, art in general.

Or is it life?

So we see Michelle Pfeiffer, an architect, in the morning, in clothes that make up 🥁 style 🥁 and we know style is timeless. A beautifully tailored brown suit, an elegantly buttoned-up white shirt, sheer black tights, a perfectly hued beige oversized trench coat, shoes that could very easily pass for Céline, a smooth, paisley-printed, sweet vest and hair that would make French women cut their hair and dye it blonde.

The way she looks, smiles, talks, walks is obviously part of the attitude a style would not even be worth mentioning without. It’s Michelle Pfeiffer after all, hello.

Now this all is just right and when something is right, something most of the times feels right, but when something feels va-va-voom, that is when something is va-va-voom and isn’t the va-va-voom we all yearn for in life? It’s the cherry on the synergy. It’s the salted caramel we’re surprised to find in the middle of an already delicious ice-cream. It’s the fun lining we discover in an already special jacket. It’s one secret smile we discover in a person we’d already liked a lot. It’s the perfect twist we hear in a song we’d been already dancing on like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s the surprise element life always has us popping up champagne for.

The dinosaur t-shirt Michelle Pfeiffer – for some reason, saying Michelle solely instead of Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t seem to have the same effect, no? – wears upon her son spilling juice on that elegantly buttoned-up white shirt is the va-va-voom in the outfit from One Fine Day. Wearing it underneath that smooth, now dots-printed, sweet vest and that beautifully tailored brown suit to coffee is one thing, yet wearing it to a business meeting upon running through the city in it is a way cooler thing very few could get away with.

It all becomes a walking party the moment she wears the red, oversized coat that looks like future legacy.

And this is not only how one craves for cherries (or ice-cream for that matter), but also how a stylish outfit, firstly, becomes unique and, secondly, the souvenir of that one fine day that started the one fine life.

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Your Groove Is The Grooviest

April 03, 2018


In a Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg interview, Snoop tells Pharrell upon their work together: Everybody sounds the same, everybody got the same bounce, but we got a… ~ Snoop is groovy dancing in a sitting position on a chair, you know how Snoop would move on a chair, him tossing his fingers around and everything… ~ That’s a groove and when you find the groove, the groove… It remains longer than the bounce. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

So it not only makes the art authentic, soulful and free, but also timeless.

Bounce is the trend, the pretending. Groove is the style. And there’s nothing wrong with the bounce as long as it makes you feel happier about yourself  in the moment, yet somehow the groove is always much more fun than the bounce. Real. It keeps you up all night and surprising you throughout life. The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever. 

Watching my mom every morning – my whole childhood – getting ready for work in the bedroom, by the enormous (or so it seemed) mirrored closet, was a really good exercise for me, I now get to understand. Everything always seemed so light with her. Everything still does. Skincare, talks, hair, coffee, perfume, make-up, food, clothes, parties, us all. It’s a groove. I am now groovy dancing in my sitting position at the desk (on my comfy couch), tossing my fingers around and everything.

Lightness is so groovy. Exquisite.

In everything.

So it only made sense for me to take pictures of five of the combinations I have been wearing lately ~ in the bedroom. The pictures, not the clothes. It is very possible I, most often, relate to the mood in my parents’ beautifully lighted bedroom every morning. The most homelike feelings, now as grown ups, is something or someone taking us back to the intimacy of the childhood days. Something or someone to remind you of you.

And we all love the feeling of home. Similar to the feeling of finding our style no matter what that is. As long as it feels real, it is groovy.

Giving the world a sound of love, peace and harmony.

The exercise we could do today, though, as adults (or something) is constantly asking ourselves whether we like something or not. Whether it makes us dance even in a sitting position or not. Even without realising, on the inside ~ in meetings, in the car, at the cinema, in bed, in club, at the restaurant, wherever.

Tossing, tossing, tossing.

PS: all the shoes in ~ the shoot that only felt natural to be done by mom ~ had been previously cleaned. Always are.

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The Most Colorful Italian Fall Fashion Yet VS The World VS The Italian Food

March 02, 2018


Italians do it better. When better is equal to super colorful fashion, not to super juicy… Juicy pizza, pasta, formaggio or cannoli, ciao! When it’s juicy, it’s no longer better, it’s the best! Il migliore!

A colourful like no other Fall season ever or an era like no other before. And it’s not just the colors, it’s the madness as the form of expression and the passion for fashion – or so they say – that put Milan in a very precise point on the actual fashion global map. A very loud fashion Milan as opposed to the nonchalant gourmet Milan.

Or is it the holy new dimension mass marketing took? Something about this era that makes us ask ourselves and the world a lot of questions.


It seems like, nowadays, everyone puts everything on the table just to be in line with the whole hysteria going on in the world right now. It’s like boom this, boom that, boom boom boom! It’s like let’s not even stop to breathe because we might miss something or we wouldn’t be in line with everyone and everything happening. And we almost always hear them say yeah, man, this is the world we live in, we just have to adjust. A world of doubt and solitude rather than mystery, a world of pretending rather than actually living, a world where louder is better.

But not the best!

And what if we don’t really like the world we’re told we are supposedly living in? Well, we create our own and be the kind of different we feel like and choose to be. Genuinely. In terms of we can not really be told of how we’re supposed to be and the world is, ultimately, just the way we make it.

So we wear sandals with socks in the streets.

A world where individuality, character and truth triumph. Where art expresses truth. When it doesn’t – well – it must be someone else’s view on truth in a world someone else chooses to live in. But not us, we wear sandals with socks in the streets! It’s a matter of intuition and the left side of the brain at all times.

Gucci Fall 2018

Do the heads in the hands of the models mean the fact that people are so desperate to look like someone else that they get to have two heads? They will always come second to the original. Why not be the first? Why not be yourself? Or the fact that people are so desperate to look alike? To blend in more easily. Imagine a world full of that. Might this be what Alessando Michele imagined himself? Imagination is key, man!

This is the awesome part of being a popular designer with a team that helps you express greater than fashion things through fashion, but also through expression help fashion become the art that fashion once was. Obviously, without taking it too seriously, because fashion is only here to make our lives more beautiful. That’s what art does, ciao!

And art is about emotion of any kind. It must set up a mood, put some questions inside, make you open your mind with or without even realising, make you want to do stuff or make you want to look at the sky and think. Or feel.


When it comes to whatsoever form of art, I am totally down and eager to see what comes from the heart of the creative. However, there are always discussions of interest coming from marketing, since Gucci has become a brand that has markets to charm across the globe and it has to please everything and, obviously, sell everywhere. On Mars, even. But I do believe – want to believe – in Michele’s creative spirit going wild first and foremost ahead of anything else. I refuse to believe in him being the tool of this Cyborg society even if its name is Gucci.


Moschino Fall 2018

John F. Kennedy told Marilyn Monroe aliens were real. Jeremy Scott’s conspiracy theory is that Jackie Kennedy was an alien herself and responsible for both of their deaths. Now that is an interesting starting point.


Prada Fall 2018

When Sarah Mower of Vogue says going to Prada was kind of a mind fuck, firstly it makes it even more legit the use of the f word in the most fun way and secondly, it makes us all realise just how sick the Prada show was. The only fun way of talking about sick is when sick is fun. Is the below fun?

Marni Fall 2018

It was all about ethical creativity through compressed, recycled textiles and Yves Klein-blue mixed with electric colours. Does anyone else miss Consuelo Castiglioni’s intuition, also?

And then there’s Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2018

Warm up your eyes for this. Do a push-up or two. Say a prayer or read a marketing book.


What I find pretty interesting and smart (could something be interesting without it being smart?) is Moncler’s collaborations. Is it marketing or intuition? Maybe both.

Moncler Fall 2018

Remo Ruffini staged the relaunch of his Moncler brand with something he’s boldly named the Genius Group with a designer circle that includes Pierpaolo Piccioli, Simone Rocha, and Craig Green, among others.

Moncler 1 Pierpaolo Piccioli. Ciaaao!

Moncler 4 Simone Rocha


Interesting? Smart? Intuitive? Fun? Genuine? Passionate? Mad? Desperate? Alone? Happy?


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February 14, 2018


Each time I wore cat ears, I literally felt like a cat I would like. And this might not be important because the important part here is that a – let’s say – “fashion” accessory can make you feel stuff if you just pay attention. Can make you feel like a cat. Like Mickey Mouse.

And why is that important?

To notice if you pay attention. To your imagination or the stuff you dress your body in. An imagination that tells you things about yourself, your dreams, your wishes and then makes you smile. A body you must very well know, a body that would love the things you dress it in and then make you want to dance.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

Albert Einstein

The ears not only made me smile or dance, they made me smile like a cat, dance like a cat (that is if I ever were to see a cat dancing). A cat I would like, because cats are not always nice, nice like most dogs usually are.

Everything connects sometimes or is it always? Or is it only a rule?

Rules… They definitely don’t work for everyone the same way (that is if they ever work in any way). Or is it more about the rules that are not that cool all the time? Rules are cool when rules are cool.


In life and fashion. The earlier ***the most important part here is that*** is because it is the passion for style rather than fashion that got me started this, started this and here we are – myself writing, yourself reading.

In fact, the most important thing ***outside fashion and everything*** is you paying attention. Man, it feels nice! It makes you feel stuff, you feel like playing, you enjoy life, you look at the sky, you like to kiss, you like what you do, you bump into who you like and then you like to be free together.


You know what I meant when I said passion for style rather than fashion and here’s a connection. Style means going deeper and going deeper means paying attention and attention almost always means love. Even for fashion, yes. Saying it is shallow means you are not paying attention and have never worn a pair of cat ears. Or is it just me? I don’t know, but I like it and if you like it, too, we should meet.

Until then, I will continue to write and you will, hopefully, continue to read, meow!

Next time you wear anything, just pay attention, look at the sky, lose it with the ***who you like*** and then the world will become a clearer place. We’ll know it’s love when it feels true, true as very few cats are.

Mickey Mouse refuses to be the stereotype of a mouse. Jerry refuses to be the stereotype of a mouse. They are the mice they enjoy being. We all are who we enjoy being.

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Hey, this is me (Cristina Pavelescu) wearing a music cassette sweater, writing from Bucharest, Romania (and, luckily, from wherever elsewhere), yet always living in the world of OZ. A world I create, choose to move around in and invite you into. To truly smile in front of our computers, put any kind of questions, answer in writing or imagination, marvel at fashion.


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Wear A Dress Or Stay Naked. Same

February 01, 2018


Wearing a dress, you gentlemen reading this, is something that most women rather than men get. But, man, you like a dress on a lady, I bet! The truth is us, ladies, love a dress on us ladies, just as much.

If you’re a man and you like dresses on yourself, also – man! – I feel you.

I have always been kinda boyish and let my hair do the girlish, yet sometimes a dress brings out the best in me. Just like love does. A dress could at times be the lover you have always dreamt of and fit you better than your favourite sweater. It is a words game and no piece of clothing is ever going to replace the lover, but a little bit of fun never hurt nobody and one has to wear something anyway.

Why not a dress today?

I love lovers and I love sweaters. But a dress sometimes… A dress that will stick with you through the whole day might be a reminder of the lover you want to have around with you. Obviously, it has to make you feel good just like any clothes or lovers ever have, it has to make you forget about everything else and make you want to dance.

At least on the inside.

That is why finding a dress that goes with one’s personality is so hard we almost always choose pants. I feel you, men! And, man, we do love pants, too! Holding us throughout the day, taking us places, facilitating stretching.

Dancer pose, hello.

And when the dress and the pants share chemistry and one wears them at the same time, I’m telling you, there’s something so fun in that chemistry that one feels like why dafaq did someone invent the word “impossible” anyway.

Impossible, you’re cool, you’re here to always remind us of the possibility of possible. Furthermore, not take for granted the possible in the impossible. I’m with you, but I stick with possible.

Moreover, the corduroy dark blue dress met the corduroy dark blue flares, but then they met the dark blue suede Nikes and they all together cuddled under the velvet dark blue sweatshirt that introduced them to the dark blue furry vest which pulled the millennial pink furry bag and we were all out. And about. Sounds like a cool you-not-only-want-to-touch gang, but a you-want-to-be-in kinda gang. It is and you would wanna, trust me.

I have told you before, dressing can be so fun! It will not make you a better person (though it might help, now that I think about it), but it just might be there with you when you feel like the best version of yourself. Metabolize that and then, oh well, get naked.

Huh!, said the pants underneath.


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We Are So Dependent On The Weather In Our Sweater

November 16, 2017


It only makes sense to write something on pieces of clothes we are dying not not to wear in cold weather. Yes. The weather. Cold, warm, everybody talks about it all the time. Borrring, as my older niece would lazily say while successfully imitating the rolling eyes emoji.

The 🙄 emoji, in fact. 👋🏻🙄

Now this is something you haven’t thought about before? Well, think of the t-shirt you’re wearing underneath your sweater today hoping for it to see the sunlight. Hoping for your eyes to see the sun and then for the sun to let your sweater come off. So maybe the t-shirt is going to stuck on you regardless of the weather. Yes.

But then there’s a pastel blue jacket (below) or a floral flowing dress (above) or a sort of a combination (all throughout) that you definitely can not wear in winter and are desperately trying not to let go of.

Or is it just me?

When you feel like Argh, I didn’t get the chance to wear this the whole summer! Or is it just me?

Who cares, the sun is going to shine anyway one day and everybody is going to do whatever it is everybody wants to. Wow, I know. The truth is we all have all sort of weird little things going on in our heads and sometimes letting it just go feels better than not even thinking about it. Now this would be borrring, Natasha. The little things make our everyday life.

The line between the little and the great things is so thin that it is almost invisible sometimes.

One heaven of a line. Just as the line between the warm and the cold weather. The weather again, Natasha!

The line between a complete stranger and anything but a stranger. Don’t what me. Or yourself.

And wear that dress. That shirt. You could stop wearing those shorts, nevertheless. Or wear them. Be a fucking Frankenstein if you feel like it. Just embrace it. Sink in it. Whatever it is, just sink in it.

A very good friend once told me on being sad to just sink in it completely and then you’ll know you went all the way. And then the sun comes out. It always does. And then you can totally sink in it, too.

It always rains before the sun comes out, Natasha.


Rain can be nice, though, Natasha.


To be honest, I keep beach dresses among sweaters just in case. Don’t you?

PS: And we haven’t even started on the umbrella ella ella.

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Everybody Is At Least A Little Into Fashion #ss18

October 11, 2017


The things that first come to my mind when thinking of this fall’s fashion weeks for spring/summer 2018 might be the things you might want – hopefully – to have in your mind when talking over dinner tonight about the world, fate, work, passion, movies, books, style or fashion – hopefully – without the burden of ever being a fashion victim.

The more we know, the more we realise how much more there is to know is what they say, right?

Sometimes enjoying fashion feels wrong, yet at other times playing with it feels necessary just for the sake of playing and our brains. There is no prescription for how we’re supposed to act, think or do, so each of us can simply rely on what each of us feels based on intuition and knowledge.

So tonight, you and your friends. Dinner. Maybe some of them know, maybe some of them don’t, but you here reading this are about to find out. Because you are special, we all are and – hopefully – the friends you hang out with get you and are on the same page with you, unlike the lady who interviewed Jim Carrey during New York fashion week. The shock might have scared her and that’s why all the ***faces*** while Jim Carrey was just being himself and expressing in his own way what he felt like ***no faces***. Ultimately, we all kind of get what he sais, each of us just chooses whatever it is each of us wants to see or believe in.

So. Hello!

Pierpaolo Piccioli proved at Valentino once again that if you stay true to who you are and, therefore, do exactly what you feel like, in spite of trends, trending models or multi-million-followers Instagram accounts, you can reinvent the ordinary to make it extraordinary. Sort of the little things which are never little. Or simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

That you can actually make love that can be shared with the world.

Renaissance princesses with a twist. Translucent and sparkling dresses. Sportswear with pumps. Sequins. Fireworks! Millennial pink which slowly but surely turns into the timeless black. Or red, or white. Or the ’80s – always in for those embracing the disco ease, the dancing, the spirit – I wanted to get back something of the glamour of the eighties that Mr. Valentino did so well, Pierpaolo said.

Grace Jone’s soundtrack is as strong as Piccioli’s creations.

Furthermore, his walk at the end of the show was just as elegant as the collection. He simply, smilingly and nonchalantly walked into the airy Parisian courtyard through the first rows, hugged Mr. Valentino and climbed up the leader as if preparing for the lift off. The Spring Summer 2018 collection had been partly inspired by the perspective of the Apollo moon landing, in which the earth was photographed from space and revealed in all its natural wonder, as Piccioli said according to vogue.com.

Emmanuelle Alt throws the most disco parties of them all. She is who we have always believed she has been. A fun, loving life, party girl. 

Mica Argañaraz looks cool in anything she wears, depending on the show. She’s got a talent to be in any character she wants to without making a fuss out of it and lucky for it to be mastered by the coolest designers around. Check it out:

The frenzy over Thom Browne. Everybody’s stories and instastories.

Where some designers submerge themselves in the real world, Browne has always posited fashion as fantasy, dreaming bigger, pushing the eye to places it didn’t know existed. At a time when the world feels like a pretty bleak place indeed, his brand of escapism is more appealing than ever. It only makes sense then, that Browne should close his show with a life-size unicorn puppet instead of a bride – the mythical creature is surely his spirit animal. The fashion world could use more of his kind. Chioma Nnadi at vogue.com.

The trend that seems to have transitioned from the streets of #fashionweeks to our telephones and desktops is the trousers suits. The bigger and bolder the better.

Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga continues to mock the fashion victims who would wear absolutely anything at any cost (literally) as long as it’s right from the catwalks and would not think it through. Maybe they just feel and that is all right as long as they are happy. Anyway, Gvasalia’s incisive, yet chic sort of sense of humour was all over the collection.

The coolest things at the show, though: 1. the models and 2. the fact that They [items] are joined, so you can wear them one way or the other as you will (Demna Gvasalia).

Céline is céline as always.

Calvin Klein for having Kaia Gerber on the lips of the whole planet.

Prada‘s new shape of sunglasses for Spring Summer 2018.

The colours at Stella McCartney and Stella McCartney.

The jumpsuits at Emanuel Ungaro.

The Vera Wang SS18 pictures that very mysteriously walked through the feed of my Instagram.

Old school cool at Isabel Marant.

Louis Vuitton for having Alicia Vikander as their icon and as of the #pfw Emma Stone also. A Vogue editor summed up the SS collection though as “Hamilton goes jogging”. The truth is that the robes and the bags were striking.

The neon socks at Miu Miu.

👇🏻 at Marni.

And yes, Donatella Versace‘s blow up of Instagram. Phshhh!

Have a good Fall WInter 2017, everybody!

And a fun night all right! Wink.

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