“It” Bags Don’t Have To Be Alone

I am often told “Oh, yeah, and I would totally wear this [look] with a va-va-voom bag!” (not necessarily in these words, but you get my point) as if the bag is supposed to bring that special sprinkle most of us wish for in our outfits

Need An Energy Boost?

When at home and needing it, I start playing with clothes. Needing it -> energy. Playing with clothes -> mixing items and dance. Like today, for instance. Saturday, let’s say.

Wearing A Jumpsuit Is Always Fun

A jumpsuit will not only hug you all day long, but will also keep you warm and help you spend less time in front of your wardrobe and more time in the (any) bathroom. There’s no one funnier than the one with human needs when wearing a jumpsuit.

Time To Get Hot & Heavy About Coats & Jackets.

Long, short, puffy, belted, wooly, ruffled, tweedy, bouclé-tweedy, shearling-trimmed, double-breasted, single-breasted, padded, maxi, mini, prints, no prints. Everything is in when talking about outwear as long as you find the one that hugs you best.

And It Was Called “Yellow”

Spicy mustard, as a matter of fact. One of the Pantone colours of fall 2016, in case people ask you what’s trending right now. Mustard is. It’s not an easy colour to wear, starting from your skin tone and ending up with the character you feel like being this fall.

4 Ways To Wear A Sweater. Rr.

It’s not even that cold outside yet and I’ve already worn a sweater like there was no tomorrow or no fall, like for a whole season. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and it has been quite a ride; it awakened my creativity each time I had to leave the house

Fall Fling

“I am doing this one more time, mom!” Dressing up like “This is it!“, this is the last chance to wear summer in autumn and, then, I am switching to fall, sticking to it even. Only summer is so hard to let go. No? The thing is you never know when is the last sunny…

This Was Supposed To Be About Pure Street Style, But!

– And “pure” is above for a reason. – There is this debate that started on vogue.com (and amongst people, generally anywhere, for some time now) with bloggers and editors and how some are better than others. Honestly, nowadays, I, personally, give the same credit to both of the “professions”.