Bohemian lemonade

The premiere of Game of Thrones got all of our attention this past weekend. It didn’t?! Jk. Of course it did not. Not as long as Beyoncé is, you know, Beyoncé and masters a Saturday like no other by launching not only a video, but all the videos from her sixth solo album, not only an album

Our little Prince

I was 10 or smth when my brother was pretty tipsy on his birthday and it was only after all the guests left that he lifted me up on his shoulders holding my ankles (you know the drill) and danced with me. Danced by himself with myself attached to him. “Purple rain” was the song he

“Game of thrones” is something, something. Something else

It started slowly, very slowly to get under my skin. So slowly that it almost hadn’t had. That it almost stopped right before I even plunged into it. Right there, yup, on the edge. So slowly that I barely memorised the name of it while into the 2nd episode. I was still not convinced

Never ever turned into forever

They tell you about the style evolution of Victoria Beckham, of Rihanna or of the boy bands. Now and then. But they couldn’t have told you about the style evolution of All Saints and by that I mean “All Saints”. Not the British fashion retailer, but the British-Canadian girl pop quartet founded in 1995.

Visually Lush

There are moments in life when things just happen. Without any plans or expectations, you find yourself caught with a feeling of pure joy and you inhale, exhale and smile. Last night was one of these moments. The nice afternoon run was followed by a light dinner indoors (a pizza delivery light) and a good movie on HBO. The…