White Thing

November 22, 2016

American Music Awards just happened and the thing that stroke us most was Chrissy Teigen’s dress. Not for its design or for the smashing host of it. But for my brain having to twist left and right as to understand why would anyone wear it? It is fab, don’t get me wrong! But it comes with baggage. Or none, to be precise.

As in going commando the Joey Tribbiani way.

Is it the marketing of promoting Yousef Akbar, the designer? Could be. Is it Chrissy’s purpose to flaunt her incredible post pregnancy body? We knew she got it from her momma. Or is it a game she’s playing with husband John Legend in public? This would be cool. Haha.


As she herself named her “hooha” on her IG. The Chrissy Teigen way all the way. We all laughed at it and even loved her a little bit more.


This came just in time after we all goggled our eyes and print screened her dazzling last week’s attendance at Glamour’s 10 years anniversary party. Then stalked her other red carpet appearances and found out she’s the queen of white ensembles she not only prefers (apparently), but also succeeds in making the most of them. Check it out.


The view could be pretty “more” (from the “less is more”), but then her smile, make-up and coat did the trick to make it all look glam. Jam.

“All white” is a big thing right now. It has always been, in fact, and for good reasons. It has a lot of  the “je ne sais quoi” flowing all over, but can be rather risky if not well accessorised and fitted. Chrissy here does some great white outfits we can all learn something from.

That is if we prefer the safe side and by “safe” we mean the outfit below. A total understatement when it comes to Teigen, though. Rrrr.


Maybe just loose the purse. John has some room in his pockets for her phone and lipstick for sure.


Gorgeous. But safe. But gorgeous.


Ready to dance. You go, girl! Hopefully the dress has pockets. It would give the fun twist to the outfit when loosing the purse. Again. A girl has to dance.


Put together. Safe. Good. The smile and wave did the trick here.


There’s something about shorts and long sleeves. Something really good.


The lack of accessories here rules like never before.


Very, very cool.


Elegant. These sandals… Man! Every gal should own a pair of these. Great with almost anything in this world.



The clutch is too matchy, matchy, but the tan and hair not only save the day, but fit this dress very nicely.


Body and smile rocking.


Absolute favourite! 

Oh, hey John, hey Luna!

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Wearing A Jumpsuit Is Always Fun

November 21, 2016


A jumpsuit will not only hug you all day long, but will also keep you warm and help you spend less time in front of your wardrobe and more time in the bathroom. There’s no one funnier than one wanting to pee-pee (as my 4 year old niece would say) whilst in a jumpsuit.

I wore the one below on a Saturday noon to my favourite coffee shop and I’d been drinking / I’d been drinking coffee and water. The cardigan and the faux fur vest layering the jumpsuit turned a typical way to the ladies room into a What-are-you-doing?-a-friend-drinking-coffee-also-asks way. I’d started to unbutton everything from the moment I got up and when the question popped out, the eyes popped out also and the answer was immediate: I have to pee! and there wasn’t anything truer on the planet at the time.

From the moment I’d shut the bathroom door, Cream could have started and by the time the song was done, I was the nakedest one can get while one alone in a bathroom without any thoughts of bubble baths whatsoever.

Aside from the experience one can only live with this particular piece of clothing, the jumpsuit is as versatile as the pajamas we all love are and we could wear one from dusk till dawn and not only get away feeling comfy in it, but also be super hip for anything.

And excited! Girls, am I right or am I right? There is something about jumpsuits and they know that we know and we know that they know. No?


1. Layering one with a cardigan and vest makes a whole rollercoaster ride out of the jumpsuit on its own in the ladies room. Jees, the multitude of stories one can use a jumpsuit in! I wonder what the next one will be like.

Sneakers are here to make it all more comfortable while stripping down.




2. It’s all much easier when wearing a double-breasted jacket and glossed-leather brogues on. For some reason, it will make you want to look only to the right. Never to the left, to the left.





3. And to the right we went. This time around with heels, socks, denim jacket and the vest. All pulled together by a waist belt. If you can’t find one (though you know you have one somewhere in your house), wear a strong string of something. This one here is a leather one I can’t remember where I got from, but it’s just perfect when nothing else around.

I think it’s from a bag or smth. Or someone’s huge shoes who lost some really big leather shoelaces.




4. Ta-da!ozinparis-jumpsuit-fall-winter-outfits-2016-12

We have been stripping while Dave Gahan was singing.



5. But then cuddled up in everything we’ve got. Ugg style.



Now let me see you stripped down to the bone.


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Just Do It!

November 15, 2016


It is said that if you are thinking of beginning to exercise at home on a daily routine, you could start by putting the athletic apparel on and you are guaranteed to have better chances in actually working out. To some point, at least. Versus thinking about it and lounging like never before in your pajamas.

We all know just how much we all crave for the feeling.

But also the one we have after a workout of any kind. Like, for instance, at the time of writing this, it is super early in the morning and along with the writing here, my mind is warming up in parallel just near me, hoping for me to put my running shoes on, get out the door and run.

Like Forrest.

Or like Anna Dello Russo here.


Because track pants and sportif stripes never felt cooler. Obviously, we are not talking about the real pants and hoodies we take out running, though this would be even cooler. Taking your real workout apparel – which you’d just mixed up in not only the comfiest outfit, but the truest also – to town sometimes feels like taking your whole home with you.


This is about one of this fall’s and winter’s trends some of us really appreciate. Athletic inspired clothing. Not the best time to display the ring above our heads, since we have already been not only embracing, but marrying the whole wearing-sneakers-all-over-the-world concept and living happily ever after, it seems.

– sky high heels and the silkiest of the silk shirt along with some wooly blended pants (or the Adidas Originals I am sure you own from back in the years) that make your legs look longer and slimmer thanks to these stripes that stretch from thighs to ankles

– a hoodie or t-shirt you wear over your sequinned or pleated skirt and heels (or sneakers)

– your Adidas Originals or Nike (or whatever sportswear) tee with just about anything

– your Adidas Originals track jacket over a super fancy dress and sneakers (or what you feel like walking in)

– a blouse or pants you have recently purchased and haven’t even noticed the stripes inspired by athletic apparel: near the zippers, cuffs or hemlines

– socks you can wear with cropped flared pants or dresses, or skirts that have those horizontal, sporty stripes (like Vetements do at a ridiculous price) or the Nike logo


I’m in my pj’s still. It’s 7 a.m. and my fingers have just crossed by themselves and look like grinning emojis here “:D”.

Ok, so there’s no time for getting out to run now, although having written about it already felt like closer to “the act”. My feet are already putting the leggings on, though, and taking my body and mind to yoga in the living room now.

See ya!











Someone must have done the exercising! 😀


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Time To Get Hot & Heavy About Coats & Jackets.

November 14, 2016


Long, short, puffy, belted, wooly, ruffled, tweedy, bouclé-tweedy, shearling-trimmed, double-breasted, single-breasted, padded, maxi, mini, prints, no prints. Everything is in when talking about outwear as long as you find the one that hugs you best.

Or the one that hangs on you best – thanks to Acne Studios – who do bring the news in the newsflash this fall and turn the jacket into the cherry on top. Literally. As we dress up and precisely before getting out, we throw the jacket on top just like we would with a cherry on a cake. Careful with the layers, the slippery chocolate mousse under the meringue, the vanilla flowing from the core. The mise en place!

So I refused to wear a coat or jacket for almost the whole fall so far, but since the wind the other days nearly took me to Wizard’s realm (it actually did hello!), I started to take wearing one into consideration. So I got them all out and had a look at. I don’t need a new one – pfew! – though you know how it is… You always have your eyes on one. For when it boils down to the that ridiculous price you are dreaming about.

Anyway, are you wearing a jacket? If so, don’t you sometimes find it way more complicated to throw it on yourself than to just lay a cherry on top of the cake? You finally know what to wear, what shoes to put on and then cold shows up and – boom! – you’re screwed, you have to stay at home.

Jk, of course. Go out and don’t wear one. Live a little.

Jk. There’s so many ways to find your inspiration from. I prefer playing with my (or anyone’s in the proximate vicinity) clothes and discover outfits to feel good and have fun in. Instagram. Street style. Or the designer fashion online. Not only you can find energising styling, but also the coat to drool over and stalk daily after safely putting on wishlist.

This is what I’ve learned about this fall/winter from rolling my eyes on net-a-porter + farfetch = the most fun combos, topshop and zara.

– we all say that white sneakers are out for the moment, but they are just so fucking perfect with everything (as seen on the aforementioned websites) that sometimes the freedom of getting out the door by just putting them on is well, you know it, f r e e d o m.

– cropped flared jeans are everywhere, which is great! The shoes won’t get dirty from the “flare” that tends to collect everything in the streets, the socks get to see the light and a radiator won’t be needed every time when trying to dry the wet long flared pants.

– obviously, dark colours rule as in they rule the dance floor since they are so many, yet we know which really do the dancing in a much smaller number. Wink.

– a trick when wearing a dark coloured coat is to have white – yup! – pants.

– a well cut and pretty loose pair of white pants are so cool in any weather.

– wide-leg pants in winter keep the flirty air from summertime.

– a monochromatic look under a coat looks not only put together, but also centred. Moreover, it elongates the figure.

Styling is very much like fine dining cuisine.
















































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"Fighting For What’s Right Is Worth It."

November 09, 2016

Now I love magic and it is said that magic is represented by purple. So that’s why I like purple, though few purple things could be found in my closet. Or home. Or anything. Do you have any?

Anyway. Interesting. So when you see someone wearing it, it shakes things a bit.

It is also the colour of spirituality, power, nobility, but also of mourning. The last one is, most probably, the reason behind Hillary and Bill Clinton’s use of the colour. Or maybe it’s the power. On a day in which fashion is the least to think about – I bet – we can not but smile admiringly in front of our screens when watching the beautiful, warm concession speech this tremendous fighter gave.

She has been doing this for two years now and she did it one more time here. Wore a pantsuit by Ralph Lauren. She wore head to toe red, blue, white, navy, but this is the first time she does purple. Accents of. Purple is, however, the combination between blue and red, Democrats and Republicans.

You see how fashion is not just about covering the body sometimes? It is about so much more.

If only she would have spoken this warm all along and showed this pure emotions, maybe, just maybe today would have been different. But! But everything happens for a reason we will probably figure out later.

Anyway, this was noble as the the colour we began with.

Keep on spreading the love!

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And It Was Called "Yellow"

November 08, 2016

Spicy mustard, as a matter of fact. One of the Pantone colours of fall 2016, in case people ask you what’s trending right now. Mustard is. It’s not an easy colour to wear, starting from your skin tone and ending up with the character you feel like being this fall. (more…)

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This Is for the Men Who Care About Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Trends. And For Those Who Don’t.

November 02, 2016

It’s so funny how women always muss and fuss about fashion. We get instantly excited about any possibility of any vicinity of a talk about fashion (or hair, or any – any! – beauty routine one of us could share).

Visualise this:

If you’re a gal, I am sure you are already smiling (more…)

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The Muss, The Fuss

November 01, 2016

Of finding solutions to not get into the coat or jacket forever (because this is what sometimes winter feels like, right?). Still.


Why are we so reluctant to wear a jacket when we really must wear one? When cold weather knocks on our doors literally. It’d grown hands especially for the occasion. It “whooo-whooos” at it every night. Pay attention to the mutter tonight.


It is about us not letting warm weather go and along with it the freedom that comes with it, of just dressing in whatever and not carrying about the weather. However! There is also a bright side to it, to fall, in which we can dress in whatever and then nonchalantly throw a big jacket on.

It’s like escaping from a scene in a movie where you were imprisoned to stay in pajamas all day (the torture!) – I don’t know what kind of movie can this be like, but anyway – and, all of a sudden, you find a way to get out of it. Of the pajamas prison. Still, you don’t mind wearing it forwards. Magically, a coat comes out out of nowhere and covers you and the ones imprisoning you (in the movie) are, in fact, dwarfs from the fairytale. Only you’re not Snow White. You’re Sleeping Beauty. Hey, it’s my movie.

You are in the real world now and are dance-steps walking.

The intermediate step, though, between not wearing a jacket and wearing one is a plastic jacket. Not only is plastic protecting you from the rain, but it is also a thing this fall. And when it comes in transparent, it becomes a thing to you, the one who refuses to cover it all. Or whose sense of creativity does not want to be put to bed?

We are so vaaain.

These transparent trench coats were on the trends list in 2012-2013 and I don’t know whether it’s my latest tricks list of fooling around with fall, my belief of the classic power this PVC can get or the research I am doing on the style icon Véronique Tristam.

via New York Mag in 2015






Coming back to present though, PVC is very much present. Below, at Wanda Nylon.

Fall 2016.


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017

And during Paris Fashion Week SS17, Natasha Goldenberg:


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4 Ways To Wear A Sweater. Rr.

October 31, 2016

It’s not even that cold outside yet and I’ve already worn a sweater like there was no tomorrow or no fall, like for a whole season. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and it has been quite a ride; it awakened my creativity each time I had to leave the house (more…)

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Singing In The Car Is Gaga!

October 27, 2016

What would be the odds if you were actually in the car right now, reading this? You might wanna finish it and then see what.

They say that nothing on tv right now is real anymore. We are talking shows here. That all the dialogs and singing and everything that seems so spontaneous, in fact, it is not. Unpremeditated or not, there are shows that totally rock and others that not, so no matter the circumstances… F*ck that! Wether something is previously directed or not, who cares? As long as the result makes you feel something cool. Here.

Singing and, better yet, interpreting like that, with a brief list of people in the car is one of the best feelings. Ever! It takes just a ride, sometimes, to get one’s spirit high. A ride and some good music.

Improvising conversations on the spot with a even briefer list of people does not only get you high, but also on a boat which takes you far away into whatever you want to imagine.

Even during meetings. And this is the emotion this specific “Carpool Karaoke” triggered in me. Only to be tried if still able to be focused on meetings duh. Both of us laying on a blanket, forgetting about the world (with the world, basically, in front of us) on a side of a lake or having a cocktail we choose to share on a side of a pool, swinging legs very slowly – both in imagination and reality. We are in our own world then.

The s*it!

This is what Gaga and James did. They did their thing. Only in a car, alone, with just a couple of millions people watching. But who cares and who’s counting? There’s only one Gaga – that’s fo sho! – who can pull those “fashion fails” off and turn them into statements.

There’s only one you.

And one other thing trigging in me right now is looking forward to getting in the car and sing!

P.S.: it’s the brief list of people that has to be real af.

It’s hard to feel the ruuuuush, to brush the dangeroooooous
I’m gonna run right to, to the eeeeeedge with you
Where we can both fall faaaaar in love

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Granny Hair Don’t Care

October 26, 2016

Because, apparently, this hashtag exists and it is almost for sure to say that it will become a hit.


To find the perfect shade of blonde is one thing, but to actually manage to make natural, grey hair look so cool (more…)

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Consuelo Castiglioni Leaves Marni

October 24, 2016

Oh no! But who knows, we might be in for an interesting surprise. Francesco Risso is appointed as her replacement, so therefore the first man as creative director at Marni, a brand “so female based” as Lucinda Chambers, fashion director of Vogue UK, said herself. (more…)

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