A Denim Skirt A Girl

January 06, 2017

A denim skirt gets me straight to primary school. That is when I made an obsession for it, obsession that has been securely locked up somewhere in a box together with the books and essays of the time, box I didn’t think of opening anytime soon. Not sooner than when in need of solving homework for little fellas.


Demna Gvasalia, though, felt that there could be something priceless to exploit there – in the coffers of all the girls born in the ’80s – and he put a price on it that invented the word “priceless“. These price tags.

Of what? The denim skirt.

The price tag? 812$. “Item sold out”. I say let’s grab our “boxes”, girls, and aside from the fact that we are going to wear the original skirt, with no Vetements label – it’s true – we get to keep our 812$ in our wallets. After wall, the memories an item like this carries are priceless. There was a commercial that used to state this.

Anyway, I’m back from the basement full of coffers and I couldn’t find any skirt. Has Demna found mine, too?

It’s possible.

If you do, however, find an authentic A-lined blue jeans Levi’s carrying a love letter (there must be one lost inside of a pocket) with butterflies coming out from (not literally I hope), please contact me. Until then, I am looking through more boxes, but also for some denim skirts online.

Vetements got nothing on us!

Buttoned-up the front or featuring a subtle slit, mini, above or beneath the knees, tight or A-lined, all that matters is for you to feel good in it. The most versatile and en-vogue one, though, is the authentic blue jeans one.

And as jeans has become neutral, we can totally get advantage of it – through our skirt – and let our imagination build outfits we didn’t think of back in the primary.

The rest is just memories waiting to be created.




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