Once in a while try doing something you’ve never done before. I am writing this while on the tube. This is my first time alone on the London underground. Usually, I have been accompanied and, usually, I either talk or stare. At people. One couldn’t tell, but my eyes are scanning casually everything. When everything is interesting.


And not at maps. Me staring. Not at maps.

I am meeting my very dear friend, Ioana, at Covent Garden (I told her to take me to her favourite place in London, keep you posted).

Everyone says it’s like riding the bike, but remember that? I do!

Yes, you have to only take the trains, yet it’s not like watching a movie, you know? You have to stay alert, you have to take the Piccadilly line, not the metropolitan line, the Terminal 5 line, not the 4 one and so on. It’s like being in a maze game, literally.

“Oh come on, it’s just a ride!”, you’d say. But, hey! Next time you realise you do something for the first time (at least in a while), just seize the moment and enjoy it and don’t lose it. Jk. It can be tasting a new wine, going to a museum you’ve never been to before, reading on a blanket in the park, go out and dance all night, travel to a new place, kiss the same person, but just feel each touch of it as if it was your first.

Have to go now. Covent Garden is next.

What’s yours?