Great expectations” are great and they usually come when unexpected which turn them from expectations into feelings and experiences and people you hadn’t even thought about thinking. Meeting. These are, to me, great expectations.

The movie is great, tho’.

You gotta take life as it is and embrace it by loving every aspect of it, because love is the answer and “yes” was the answer of the bride to the asking groom of the wedding we attended this past weekend. The trip I packed so well for 4 days ago.

It was heaven. The light luggage and the trip.

And the “expectations” (which were none). The “great” was great, tho’!

One of the best weddings I have ever attended and one of the most memorable weekends ever. Nothing extraordinary, just life as it happens and us observing it and life is beautiful. Cool, cool.

Man, I like intros, no?

As I packed only 4 outfits for 4 days, I had plenty of time for everything else: Snapchatting (cool, cool), road lipsyncing and even sunbathing on the balcony of the most fancy central hotel in Budapest. What? Yup! And after a 10 hours drive, it was everything I could have asked for. I love sun and I love champagne. There is a connection, yup!

And pizza! But more than pizza (is that even possible? Yup!) I love nights that I was so eager to spend sleeping and then – boom! – one of the funniest summer nights this summer so far happened. Budapest and a lot of fun with very beautiful people happened.

Hey, this is about you all and I am sure you know who you are. Wink.

Oh, and one of the best pizzas ever happened. At midnight. In Budapest. You following me? This was not even Italy or something.

Budapest felt like fireworks to my eyes when, getting out of the Corinthia Hotel, we were fronted by the already-having-fun crowd and we hadn’t even gotten to our crowd, which made us all together a having-more-fun crowd.

#squadgoals #triptips #outfit #below

1st day: walk through Budapest (Friday afternoon until late at night is just right), start it up with some tapas at Innio, have some drinks and party in District VII, at Szimpla Kert, and then, only then eat the best pizza at IGEN.

You can get high on these from above, regarding everything else, tho’:



And high we were. On love. Spending a great day in a great (in one’s opinion) outfit:
















People waiting to get in da club. This guy on the left is pretty big, no?

People waiting to get in da club. This guy on the left is pretty big, no?

In another train of thought: